A bit of an update

I haven’t written in a while, I see. I was busy reading and commenting and deleting old or redundant photos. So I have room for a few more.

First news, Mom loved the sweater and it fit as is – yea! No photos as it still needs buttons, etc. I will try to get one someday.

Last weekend was spent with Mom and her two sisters and all of their daughters. That made 8 of us. My aunt found an air bnb that was midway between her house and mine, so it was way down in southern Maine, in Biddeford Pool. The house was perfect for what we wanted, enough beds and bathrooms, good gathering space, and a great kitchen. And near the beach, so we went for walks, and sat around gabbing and knitting a lot, too. And eating. There was plenty of food on hand, I will be eating leftovers for a month!

I started my Alaska hat as a reward for finishing big brown. 😉

And I finished a pair of socks

So it was a very good weekend!

Seriously though, it was nice to spend enough time with my family to get to talk to people and hear how they are. It’s been ages since we had time like that.

What did you do last weekend?

30 thoughts on “A bit of an update”

          1. Dang it!!! I could have lived with no yarn stores (maybe), but stairs too? We’ll just have to find another great place!

  1. Sounds heavenly. Being at the beach visiting with loved ones and enjoying the great outdoors, sounds heavenly.
    Your Alaskan hat is going to be pretty. Those socks looks comfy and warm.

  2. Oh, what a nice time you must’ve had–I love being near the ocean when the weather is a little wild. It’s good to know all is well with you and I love the colors in your next hat!

    1. I love the ocean, and we had one wild and windy day and one calm day. Who could ask for more? Wait until you see the hat – the lighter color is a gradient, so it might look like the sky at sunset when I am done. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive time. Love the projects. My favorite kind of ocean is a winter ocean and you captured the essence of it perfectly.

    1. It was fun AND productive – also because i was a passenger for most of the trip down and back – 4 hours of car knitting time! I also love the winter ocean, so much more character than a flat calm August blue sea.

  4. How lovely to get the whole family together. What a lot of you there are – no wonder it’s hard to get you all in the same space at once.
    So glad your mum likes the cardigan – I knew she would 🙂
    Love the frilly top on the socks and that hat’s going to be fab.

    1. And that wasn’t any of the boys! Each of the three mothers has at least one son, so there would have been 4 more people if we really tried to get all the cousins there. And adding in spouses and grandchildren would have been too crazy. We gather as much of the clan as we can each Christmas season for caroling, but a whole weekend would have been more chaos than the band of introverts could have stood. This size was perfect.

      Thanks on the socks! The ruffle isn’t really one, on a leg it is just a stretchy bind off. I wore them the other day and really liked them. 😉

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