22 thoughts on “What “spring” looks like here”

  1. I am waiting for Spring, too. Yesterday was a gorgeous 51 degrees and sunny, but I never got to make it outside. And today it is cloudy and rainy. Snow forecasted for Sunday. And today our construction begins in basement.

    1. It was a pretty day yesterday, but I had to work. This weekend is supposed to be dreary, but I don’t think we are having snow. I hope not, anyway!

      Good luck on that basement! I hope it all works!

      1. The second half of yesterday turned out to be beautiful and 61!! The gods are keeping the rain away! Yay! Today is colder with the temps being 38 right now. I hope the sun is shining where you are and you are able to get out and enjoy some of it. The basement stuff went well yesterday. They hauled out the last 4 pieces of furniture that hubby and I couldn’t do and they had the basement down to concrete walls and floor in 4 hours. With 5 guys working, it went quick. Now for the next phase on Monday.

    1. It is definitely mud season! And you are right about spring being next. By this time next month, I think the cherries will have already bloomed.

  2. Its going going gone! We have snow in the forecast for the weekend, but the little kind. The little , hey Don’t forget i can come around whenever I want, kind. BUT I saw a green shoot coming out of the ground yesterday by our front door

  3. It’s only March. Ice out isn’t until May. How could you want to avoid the season of mud that spring is in Maine? We have no snow but the ground is partially soggy. The birds are singing and doing their thing, but most days are cloudy. We lost a number of perennials to the extra low temperatures of winter. One is a favorite. Without snow cover to insulate them the plants can’t withstand the low temperatures.

    1. I am sorry about the plants! It is so true, they need the snow. Ice is out in some places already! But still feet of snow on the ground up north and in the mountains. Mud is reality for several weeks. 🤪

  4. Bless your hearts. I hope a warm wind blows your way and all that stubborn snow will melt and let the greens of Spring blanket the region once again.

    1. I hope so, too! After a warm few days, complete with rain, we got snow today. 🥴 just a few wet inches, but enough to remind us it ain’t over yet!

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