27 thoughts on “I’m an idiot”

  1. NO!!! That’s for both a “how crappy comment” and “no” you’re not an idiot. Surely is aggravating. though, and I’m so sorry. Is the button band added on with picked up stitches, or knitted in? If knitted in, may be time to practice your steeking skills rather than reknit. Even so, the sweater is looking great! I know you hate the brown, but it surely is pretty from where I’m sitting.

    1. Thanks. I was so close to done. Sigh. I knitted it on at the end, so can unravel it. And I only have to undo one side. She can sew the wrong buttonholes closed when she puts the buttons on. But that’s 138 fussy little rows I have to redo. I was hoping she would say leave it. And she might, but not sure I will, either way. I am already reknitting the cuffs because I don’t like them. I will just keep reknitting this until Friday, I guess. 🥴

      1. Yes, she has to like it, but I know you want to be happy with it too. If it REALLY bothers you, you’ll be annoyed every time you see her wear it. If it doesn’t REALLY bother you, stop worrying over it.

  2. Have you seen Elizabeth Zimmermann’s afterthought buttonholes? She says if you’re using wool the yarn should be sticky enough to snip a stitch and catch the rest on needles. Then bind them off and neaten up the edges if necessary with a bit of yarn. Then the buttons can be sewn over the other holes. Not at all a problem. This is an opportunity to stretch your skills!

    1. Eek! It is good sticky wool, but not sure I am as brave as EZ! I already did think of lining them up perfectly with the other side so I only need to reknit one side. Whew!

  3. If this sort of mistake makes you an idiot then we are all idiots at some point! Such an easy mistake to make. I’d leave it, personally, because your mom is okay with it and, every time she buttons the sweater, she’ll think of you and love that it’s handmade by you.

  4. You’re not an idiot. The fact that buttons still go on different sides depending on gender is idiotic and has long outlived it’s reason. The sweater looks great and since your mom doesn’t mind let it go. I mean how many people walk around checking out whether buttons are on the “proper” side or not? There are no button police.

      1. I don’t know, but I am going to start a search on it to find out. It’s a “rule” that I always tend to break.

  5. Sorry to disagree with you, but you’re not an idiot. The sweater is beautiful. Your mother said she doesn’t care about which side her buttons are on. Plus it’s good to train our minds to do things differently. As slippedstitches said, there are no button police. Onward!

    1. Lol thank you! It’s a plain pattern I have knit a dozen of, but it is a very wearable sweater that she loves. Buttons not withstanding!

  6. You’re not an idiot. As far as the buttonhole band side not being on the side you wanted, I think it gives the sweater character. The sweater will be a warm hug from you for your Mother each time she wears it.

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