My least favorite weekend is over


WHY do we keep changing time?  It accomplishes nothing and creates havoc with mind and spirit.

I hate this weekend, the shortest of the year.  It was made shorter still by a complete change to my regular schedule – I missed knitting group on Saturday, because as yet I haven’t been able to figure out how to be in more than one place at a time.  There were three places I should have been on Saturday at 3.  I decided (and thankfully my boss agreed) that the most important one was at a memorial “reception” for one of my wonderful tax volunteers.  He had been sick a long time, and finally passed away in February.  His personality was SO big and kind and funny that it feels like an empty world without him in it.  The place was packed with people eating and drinking and telling stories, which is just exactly how he would have liked it.  He loved food and people and stories, and he dedicated his life to service in one form or another.

And I will admit that going to that event got me out of one of my least favorite things, attending a town meeting to ask for money.  Technically, I ask for lots of money from towns, it is my job, but that final appearance at the meeting, not knowing WHAT is going to be asked is the toughest part. There were two meetings on Saturday at three that needed coverage, and my boss kindly took one, and recruited someone else to take the other so I could be free to attend the reception.

In other words, no matter what, there was no way I would have been able to go to knitting on Saturday.

So instead, I spent the morning doing a few chores around the house, and I also managed to get my hair cut.  What a chore!  My normal place shut down unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago and me over due for a cut!  I knew there was another shop in town, so I headed there a week ago.  It was mobbed, and I had a time crunch.  He said he was open until 6 Monday and Thursday, so I did other things, and went there Monday.

He was closed. Something about a snow storm?  I don’t blame him but I was still disappointed.

I went there Thursday after work.  He was full up and not taking any more clients that day.

I was there by 8:45 on Saturday, and I was the first one in the door.  He cut my hair.  I realized it has been close to 15 years since I had to tell someone how I like to wear my hair.  By the time I sat in that chair, it was so shaggy that there was no way he could tell by looking. Together we worked it out, and though it is quite a bit shorter than I prefer, I know it will grow, and it is a very good haircut.  There was some sticker shock, though.  No more $8 haircuts, I guess.

While I was waiting for him I discovered that there is a salon down the hall from him.  She doesn’t take walk ins, but I got her card.  I think my next haircut will be an appointment with her.  She said it would be a little bit cheaper than what he will charge.  That is great, especially if she is good.

That event over with, I went home and did some spinning and watched Victoria.  Do you watch it? No spoilers from me, but I have been waiting for the event that happened at the end to happen, knowing it was coming eventually.  Now what will the show be like?  I can’t wait for next season! 🙂

Sunday morning saw us up at a fairly late hour, thanks to the above mentioned stupid time change, and I headed off to the grocery store before the predicted snow storm started.  See?  Messed up schedule – the groceries are fetched on the way home from knitting.  Always.  I don’t go to knitting, there is no food in the house.  Actually, the store was nice and quiet – if I didn’t hate leaving home so much, I might shift my regular shopping day to Sunday.

When I got home, A was almost done doing the last of the laundry, and we both headed upstairs – she to work in her office and me to work in the craft room.  I finally finished untangling the threads and warping the loom. A helped me wind the warp onto the loom, and I actually got settled in and did some weaving!  At this point, it is all experimental, I am not sure if this will work out as planned, but I think I am weaving placemats and perhaps napkins, too.  They might be plaid.  They definitely are royal blue, white, periwinkle, and teal cotton.

After having such a nightmare with the warp this time, I decided not to do anything fancy with my pickup sticks.  I will practice with those on a smaller project. I am not enjoying being a novice at this, but know I have to put in my time to get the results I dream of.

When I had done all that my back could stand, I worked on a jigsaw puzzle until supper time.  Which seemed to come in mid-afternoon!  Have I mentioned I hate the time change?

Bed time arrived too early as well, and so did the alarm this morning.  I am so glad that this weekend is behind us.

And yes, it snowed, it did not rain as originally predicted, though it might have rained on top of the snow.  Certainly, it is a heavy wet snow.  And we got enough that the driveway got plowed. Again.  Just a few more weeks…

24 thoughts on “My least favorite weekend is over”

    1. thank you!

      You know, I mostly AM happy, but I really hate turning the clocks back and forth, it affects me even more than all the gray days we have had this year. I just don’t love change, I guess. 🙂 But it happens anyway.

  1. What a full weekend and you were cheated out of an hour of it!
    The time thing doesn’t work for me. I hate waking up in the dark. By the end of the week I’ll be happy to have the extra light in the evening but I’ll miss that hour until fall.
    My favorite hair stylist ever passed away about 20 years ago. I haven’t had a good haircut since. Just to horrify you the average salon here charges $35-40 for a simple haircut. Even the good barber charges $20 for my husband and he’s missing a fair amount of hair on top!

    1. I don’t care which time zone they pick, but they should pick one and stick with it. Every year the legislature debates changing to Atlantic time, and eliminating daylight savings time. And each year they do nothing. Sigh.

      Haircuts – ugh! Yes, my visit to the barber was $20 plus tip. The hairdresser down the hall said she would do it for 15. I will give it a shot in a month or so. I miss my old barber. She ran a unisex shop, I never felt uncomfortable there. But this barber shop was definitely targeted at a male population.

          1. Exactly! I read it was brought in a hundred years ago for energy savings. I don’t think it’s saving us any energy!

          2. Yes, I think it was made official back in WW I, but I could be wrong. In WW II there was even a further hour of change, called War Time. Somehow it has been decreed that we use more electricity when we get up in the dark than when we get home in the dark. I don’t get it, and I am not sure it is true anymore. During the energy crisis in the 70’s they mucked about with the time changes, I can;t remember which way they went, but as a high school student, I didn’t get it. The one argument I DO get is kids waiting at the bus stop in the morning are safer in the light than in the dark. So put us on a time zone that minimizes dark mornings in the school year and leave us there! (Apparently those same kids are OK getting off the bus in the dark.)

  2. Sooo with you on the clock moving. Ours is at the end of March, so I’ll be having my moan then. I think our hair bothers us all far more than it should. Hope you find someone you’re happy with soon.

  3. I am totally with you – I hate the time change too! My head is foggy and nothing is going right. UGH. I’m glad you got to attend the send-off for your volunteer, and hope today is a better day!

  4. It’s funny how seemingly little things, an hour time change or a new hair stylist, can throw everything out of whack! I’m curious about your weaving–will we get to see photos someday??

    1. Isn’t it? I am such a creature of habit! You will get to see the weaving, for sure. But it isn’t very good, I can tell you that right now. 🙂

      1. Early weaving projects aren’t expected to be good! There’s a steep learning curve for weaving, I think. Still, doesn’t it seem like magic, that you start with string and end up with fabric??

  5. I join the chorus of those who hate the time change. I am always running behind schedule for at least a week or two until I internally make the change. Hair cuts at $20 or $30 dollars is a luxury we don’t have here. Hair cuts start at $75 on up. Men pay around $40. Then add the tip and your up to $100 for a female hair cut. Do show pics of the weaving. Did you spin your own yarn for it?

    1. Wha-a-t? $100 for a hair cut? I would have very long hair. I can;t afford that each month, how would I buy yarn?

      I will share the weaving when it gets farther along, and hopefully, better looking. This piece is all cotton, so no spinning being used here. I expect I will be spinning for weaving, or using handspun I already have, eventually.

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