EEEK! I used up all the free space

WordPress has told me I can’t upload any more photos.  I am sad.


I need to figure out the best route here – do I go through all the old photos and posts and make the pictures smaller?

Do I upgrade to a paid for version that lets me have oodles more space?

Do I go back and delete old posts?  I hate the thought of that a little bit more than I hate revisiting them all to make the photos smaller…

Decisions, decisions.

What do you all do?  Paid for or free?

How do you size photos from the phone so they aren’t huge, sucking up all the free space?

29 thoughts on “EEEK! I used up all the free space”

  1. Initially, I went back through and removed some old photos that I didn’t feel were relevant any longer. I have been blogging since 2006 I think? So I mean, that worked. But it prolonged the inevitable, so I just pay for my account now. Still, freeing space before paying for an account was a good idea, as it did get me more space to work with.

  2. i size my photos by the pixels so they take up less space. i have been here 7 years and not used up even half of the 3gigs of space and i blog free. you can edit your pics when you upload in the wp media section or edit them before you upload with whatever editing program you use. i usually edit the photos to a 600×600 pixel or whatever is nearest. sometime im at 500 or 400 depending on the size.

    i have not gone back and deleted any posts/photos. i have known others that have opened up an other free site and called it “site name 2” using their original site name and just added a number to show it is a new site and just notify followers of the change

    1. Buddy71, thank you! For phone photos I don’t do any editing…I will look for the edit feature in WP. Stay tuned to see if it works!

      1. in wp, if you click on your photo, there is an edit button at bottom, click and it takes you to the edit page. on the right it says “scale image” new dimensions has 2 boxes. those show your current photo size. if you put new numbers in the first box like 600, the other box will change automatically. then click the blue box “scale” your photo size has been changed. i usually “scale” all my photos much lower than their original size. im sorry as i use the best system, android. so dont know about iphone. lol 😉

  3. wait. What? can’t you go back to the media page where you download a photo and clear some out without it changing your post/ ?I have to go look a t this. I want my site for free too …always!

  4. I delete old posts, but I know I should be just making photos smaller before I post them, but life feels too short. I suspect I’ll end up paying for an upgrade when I can’t bear to delete any more.

  5. I’ve been dealing with this for a while now. I first went through and made them all smaller, but then have ended up going into old posts and just getting rid of photos that I thought were unnecessary. I’m really trying to avoid having to pay for my blog.

      1. I went into the posts and clicked on the picture and then click edit.
        I also now limit myself to one picture per post

  6. To size photos in the iPhone app you insert the photo and then touch it and it gives you an edit option. I edit mine to medium. I’m sure I’ll be right where you are soon. I’ll be interested to see what you decide to do.

  7. Some years ago, I upgraded to a paid premium account. I originally signed up so that readers wouldn’t be hit by advertising (after watching someone load up my blog on her computer and get some totally obnoxious ad on it). But it has paid off big time with respect to the photos – I would have passed my limits long ago. It is an investment, however, and if your blog does not support a business (like yours and mine) then you should consider what you want from the blogging experience. I am happy with the switch.

    1. Thank you! So true, that this blog doesn’t support a business. So paying for it means disposable income is reallocated from fiber and yarn! Have to think about that.

      It is good to hear from someone who has gone your route, I will definitely add the info to the mix.

  8. I went back and deleted photos that were old and no longer relevant. I did it from the media page. Deleting the photos didn’t delete the posts. Phone photos suck up a lot of space. I’ve gone back to using my camera. I have a photo editor and can ease up on the amount of space a photo takes. But I am going to try to resize some of my phone photos like buddy71 suggested.

    1. I should go back to the camera, but the phone is so easy! I did delete a few photos from media, still haven’t been able to edit size as buddy described, but I haven’t had uninterrupted time to play with it, either. Maybe this weekend?

      1. Yes. I took a look at mine and cleared some old pictures but didn’t find the button to resize to pixels. I know I can do the resize in my photo editor and I guess that is where it will have to be done from now on.

  9. I use the free version of WordPress.
    I try to keep my photos under 200kbs. I use PhotoScape for simple sizing and a bit of simple editing. PhotoScape is a free program.
    Whatever choice you make, I look forward to seeing your blog back up and running.

    1. Thank you! I dread the thought of all that editing, but it will happen, I guess. I deleted a lot of old photos, so I can post a bit more. 😉

  10. I was interested in this scaling option as I had not seen it before or even thought about the image sizes. I couldn’t see it anywhere but then I use my iPad most of the time. Today I went on to WordPress on my laptop and found the scaling option when I select and image then Edit. Seems it is only available when on a laptop/PC and not in the app or iPad online through safari or chrome. I might have a go at reducing some image sizes this weeend, now I know how to get to the scaling on my laptop.

  11. I hadn’t run out of space when hubby went and paid for my site. I will definitely have to pay attention to photo sizes from now on. Know that my camera files are huge, so will have to remember to edit them before posting. Thanks for all the great info here. Salpal1, I do hope you can get it all figured out.

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