I blithely popped onto WordPress to read posts last night.

And had my mind blown up.

I awoke early this morning and followed up by going to instagram to see what more I could learn.

The fragments of my mind are swamped.

I am a white American woman.

I know I was raised to be biased against anyone not a WASP.

I know I have NO idea what it is like to not be raised as this person this way.

I try very hard to overcome this, and I am sure I often fail. I am more sure of this than ever.

I will try harder.

17 thoughts on “Guilty”

    1. It is and it isn’t. A huge conversation has opened up about racism and bias among the knitters and makers on instagram. If you want to learn more, start with a post on the Fringe Supply blog, then follow the comments and links to instagram. It is powerful and eye opening conversation.

    1. Start with Fringe Supply’s blog, and her post about going to India, read the comments, follow the thought over to Instagram. And be as open as you can be when you do it. It is hard, but as hard as it is for us, it is 1,000,000 times harder for the people of color who are speaking out.

    1. No, not bad mouthing. Speaking up and educating. And not me, all of humanity. But especially white Americans. It is worth reading it and thinking about it, working to listen and not get defensive. We can all learn and grow.

  1. I woke up, on Saturday morning, and went to IG and started seeing all these posts. I applaud you and everyone in our community, who have stopped and listened to what their BIPOC women are saying. I spent most of yesterday morning reading the posts and I still have more to go. I agree with you, that it is much harder for them to stand up and speak out.

    1. It makes me sad in so many ways. I truly thought our knitting community was open and accepting, and it hurts to know it isn’t as it appears. BUT I do see hope in what seems to be a willingness to change. We all need to speak up and remain vigilant.

      1. I thought the same. It is sad. The only question I ask myself in evaluating another human is “Are they a good person?” The rest is irrelevant. My life is so rich because of all of the wonderfully diverse people I call friends. Even with this mindset, I feel like there is always something to learn about people’s feelings and their experiences.

        1. The rest IS irrelevant in choosing who we spend time with, but I think we have to pay attention to ourselves more than we might be used to, to avoid hurting the listener. I read that Fringe Supply post when it came out and I totally understood it, did not think it harmful. It wasn’t until I read the many many comments there and on IG that I saw how the way she expressed her awe and joy and growth could be seen as putting another culture down. I know she did not intend to, and certainly wishes she could rewind and reword her post. But I also know that she could be me. She will work on herself and I will work on me. And we will try and sometimes fail to not do anything like this. I hope it comes from ignorance of the cultures, not a willful disregard of the culture. So we have to, as has been said, listen and learn.

          1. I read the post, too. I felt Karen’s excitement and joy. I caught the Mars comparison, but, I agree with you, there were many points that were brought up that I completely missed. It made me disappointed with myself to know that my ignorance hurt another person. I, like you, fully intend to work on myself. I hope that our community keeps on listening and learning. These women took so much time out of their lives to educate all of us.

  2. This all sounds powerful! I’m not on IG and I can’t afford to spend my whole day catching up but it sounds like some important, eye-opening discussions are being had!

    1. KerryCan, they really are. Karen Templer wrote a post about her own journey through life, and her up coming trip to India, about which she is very excited. As a way to demonstrate how out of reach and unattainable the trip once was to her, she referenced colonizing Mars. This sparked a HUGE debate in her comments and then on Instagram, and it is a powerful one. Someday when you DO have time, check it out. You will find references to it throughout the knitting community on instagram. But it started on the Fringe Association blog here on WordPress.

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