Odds and ends

Nothing much exciting happening here. This week is tax training, so the days are long and the off hours are short. But no chance of being bored! So many changes! Yikes. Plenty of jokes about the “postcard” which has a bzillion new pages attached to it.

I have been keeping up with spinning 15 minutes a day, which is good for that spin I started in October and only half finished by the end of the year!! It’s being plied now, should be done this week.

Knitting has been slower. Finished a sock in class Monday, started the second sock, but nothing else has budged much this week. I finished the knitting on the cowl for my sister, but haven’t grafted it together yet.

And nothing else has moved enough to warrant a photo.

That’s all the news from here – hoping that tomorrow’s storm closes Bangor Public Schools, our training follows the school closures… my brain needs a break!

29 thoughts on “Odds and ends”

  1. Just started back to work, and I’d love a snow day as well. Unfortunately, snow seems to be in short supply here (Canada). Hmph! Love the shot of the spinning with the wood stove in the background. Cozy!

    1. It’s not in short supply here, but it’s coming in little bits. A couple inches, maybe 6, then rain cleans it all up. Great on the shoveling, but not good for travel or getting a day off! I hope you get a snow day soon!

  2. love the green yarn!
    we’ve got snow flurries today and lots of below freezing temps in store. Looks like winter has arrived.

  3. forgot to add . . . your card and lovely fluffy snowflake arrived in the post today. Thank you! Maybe that’s why it’s suddenly started snowing?

    1. Thank you!

      You will crack up when you see the form. 1040 is two half sheets of paper, could fit on a postcard, front and back. Then there are a bunch of added schedules to cover all the details. Could be 4 or 5 for a regular old tax return!

  4. Lovely spun yarn. The cowl looks wonderful. We have no snow here. It just keep raining and the ground is so saturated that I am sure I am going to lose most of the bulbs I planted in the fall to rot. I hope you get your snow storm and a day of rest. Some how I find it oddly insulting that we should have to pay taxes on time while the government is in shut down. The taxpayers should go into shutdown just to give the government a taste of what it is like.

    1. Oh, I hope your ground freezes soon!!!

      We have had that conversation, believe me! But so much is automated, including the interest and penalties. So the boycott would be expensive. 😤

  5. Can’t imagine much that’s less fun than tax training – UGH! I love the cowl and applaud the spinning – your commitment to 15 minutes a day is such a great way to move forward, and so easy to accomplish. Stay warm!

  6. 15 minutes of spinning a day sound like an excellent regiment to follow, I think I’ll add that to my list and I won’t be at all disappointed if the 15 minutes run over to 30 or 40 minutes, perfect! I have been thinking about the words shared through our posts- about sneaking away to an ‘outer most’ house for solitude and indulging in the activities that our souls so need…long bouts of reading, knitting, spinning, making bread, reflecting. Now I am trying to find the perfect ‘get-away’ to spend a day or two doing just these things. Amazing that I would be searching for a place of solitude living as I do in a pretty quiet and woodsy landscape, but it is the time without distraction I am after. I’ll keep you posted. Also, do you know of a good mitten pattern using fingering weight yarn, perhaps a bit of colorway but not too busy? Finishing up socks and a sweater for baby Violet then on to mittens for wearing under my leather chopper mitts. Don’t want them too bulky ( worsted weight).
    Best to you and be sure to step away from the tax table for some therapeutic fiber craft!

    1. That’s how I feel about the daily spinning. This has been a long week, and some evenings I just keep going. Knitting is suffering, but spinning is benefitting.

      Before I was married I used to go to Bar Harbor for Martin Luther King birthday weekend. It was perfect – no chores, close to home, lots of pretty quietude. Now we have other demands on time and money, but I still long for those days free of noise. And I too live off in the woods, others come to me for peace and quiet breaks, lol!

    2. Ps take a look at trondheim mittens on ravelry. Fingering weight beauties! If those are more complex than you want, then I recommend AnnBudd’s Basic Knitting Pattern book. She has done all the math for all the gauges and sizes. P M me if you need more info on that one!

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