Merry Christmas Eve!

Sorry to be so quiet lately, we have been BUSY!

A is doing fine, physically almost back to normal. She is still being careful about what she eats, learning how things go, but so far so good.

We started the holiday visiting with a quick trip to Portland Friday afternoon. A’s nephew and his family rented an air bnb house for the weekend to visit his in-laws and we all drove down for a yankee swap and some games. We only see them a couple of times a year, so it was fun. Their kids are quite grown, there even was a girlfriend along. How time flies!

Saturday was busy, too. I ran to Belfast to do the last of the Christmas shopping. It was not terribly crowded, but this still happened

Yup. Someone parked his car behind a row of parked cars (including mine) and went shopping. I waited a while, then went into the closest shop looking for the owner. He was checking out, and wouldn’t come move his car until he finished. I was quite close to calling the police when he finally came out. For the record, there was plenty of parking on the street, just not directly in front of that store.

Once I could get going, I headed over to Whorls and Purls for a relaxing afternoon of knitting. 😊

Sunday I did nothing but weaving and knitting and making some ornaments, and as a result, I am in pretty good shape for tomorrow. One thing will be delivered as a WIP but that’s pretty good!

Today I had some sewing for A’s present and one thumb to knit on her mittens. The sewing is done but not the thumb. Day’s not over yet!

She and I completely disagree on prints for the bed linen so we have only plain sheets. Our compromise comes on pillowcases. She like creatures and cute prints, I like florals. So I made her a couple of pillow cases. Pretty exciting stuff!

Then I will wrap them and be done.

How are you doing today? All prepared for tomorrow?

28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!”

  1. Glad A is doing well and almost 100%.
    As for the parking, some people feel so entitled! I parked and went in a store and came out to find someone had squeezed in so close to me that I couldnt even open the door. My 92 yr old mom was in the passenger seat. I went in and found the culprit and she said,”Oh when that happens to me, I just crawl in through the passenger side.” I said, well I’m not! I guess I was supposed to crawl over my mother!

      1. I don’t get it either! I always try to be cognizant of other people and treat them as I wish to be treated. The Golden Rule!

  2. I am trying not to make a snide comment about the state the car owner resides in, as there are jerks everywhere, but it’s tough. It’s really tough! Anyhow, if that’s the biggest annoyance of the holiday, we are all doing pretty well. Merry Christmas!

    1. I totally get it! I thought about blocking that out, but then I decided if it brings him some shame, that is OK. He was really nonchalant about the whole thing, not sorry at all.

      1. Sorta like the cable guy who parked his van in my driveway, completely blocking my access, for a job not even being done on my home. When I got home and asked him to move his van he said “oh just drive around the block a few times and then I’ll be done.”

          1. In this case it was at the old place with a one car driveway and garage. I just don’t get the sense of entitlement. If I even imagine I am inconveniencing someone it makes me so anxious!

          2. Oh, that was really bad! I don’t get all the entitlement going around, either. If it were me, I would have been embarrassed and scrambling to get out of your way.

  3. Entitled people in nice cars – AAARRRGGGHHH! A similar thing happened to us at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. This jerk ‘created’ a parking spot, smack dab in the middle of the only lane out, so we were all sharing with the incoming lane, and the person’s car was right where we would back out. I was reminded (and tempted) of Fried Green Tomatoes. Wouldn’t I just have loved to ram the car and say, “I’m older and have more insurance!” 😜 Love the pillow cases – cute and SO thoughtful. Hugs to both you and A!

  4. What’s the surprise about the guy with the car? Catch his license plate? Massachusetts. Enough said. By the way Merry Christmas to you and A. A happy and healthy New Year.

  5. What a jerk that guy was! Still, it’s better to focus on the positive–those pillowcases are fab! I really like the cat one. It sounds like you planned the whole holiday well!

    1. Much better to let it go, I agree! I love the fabric that my favorite fabric store has. Lovely prints and good quality, and a separate room of fabrics for dressmaking.

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