She’s fine!

A little sore and tired, but all went well. She even drove me around to do the errands yesterday, and came in the grocery store with me. Though, that might have been too much, she was pretty tired when we got home.

I skipped knitting group yesterday to do the chores, but still found plenty of time to sit and knit. Nothing I have pictures of, but A’s Christmas mittens just need thumbs. They feel a little snug on me, I am worried they will shrink too much. I did them two at a time and I know that fighting all those needles and yarn ends affected gauge. So, I am prepared to redo them if necessary after Christmas.

I worked on mom’s sweater, too. Almost to the sleeve divide. Won’t finish it by Christmas, but she won’t mind opening a wip on Christmas morning.

And I worked on the rhinebeck hat. I’ll get pictures of that today if I can. I am about 1/3 done on that. It’s going much better now that I drew vertical lines on the chart to help me count.

And a few little presents got finished today as well. Still more to do but I am getting there!

Today I have to clean the pellet stove, then hit the craft room. I have some Christmas sewing to do, and I want to do some more weaving. Haven’t done any of that all week, with all the commotion. Nor have I spun! I’d like to find time for both of those things.

So a busy day, but with fun things. Once I clean that stove, that is!


16 thoughts on “She’s fine!”

    1. 😉 stove is done! It’s not a hard job, but it is a dirty one. Best done before a shower. Been knitting all morning. Haven’t made it up to the craft room yet, but I will!

  1. What a speedy recovery! wow. Im so happy for you both. If her sleep is off for a bit it is just the anesthesia hangover. They never tell you about that . Anesthesia is powerful, right ? TO cut into you and not feel it requires big drugs, for many of us sleep is difficult for a week or so post op. HOPE not , but if it is happening that could by why. Hugs

    1. Oh, good to know! She was uncomfortable the first night, pain drugs helped some but didn’t completely kill it. Since then it’s been getting better. Last night she slept through the night, didn’t need the middle of the night dose. Hopefully we are over that part! I did notice a definite decrease in mental capacity the first few days, but all is well now. I know anesthesia does strange things, but it sure is good to have when you need it!

  2. That’s really very good news about A! All of this adds to your list of responsibilities–I’m glad to hear you’re fitting in some things that help you relax, too!

    1. Thanks! Sunday was low key. I didn’t get to the craft room, but did some knitting. And tonight I was able to do abot of weaving. Still have to do the Christmas sewing though. 😉

    1. We always are busy, but never as busy as you! Thank you for checking in, we appreciate it! She did take it easy yesterday after working Monday. Today she has a long day but tomorrow is a rest day.

  3. I am so glad A is home and everything is going well. Anesthesia has many side effects, not the least of which is temporary decreased mental capacity. That should clear itself up as time goes on. You are very busy. Don’t stress yourself out. You’ve had to shoulder a big burden when someone we love gets seriously sick. It takes it out on the care giver as well. Be gentle and kind with yourself and take time to relax and recover with A.

    1. Thanks, Slippedstitches! You are very right, though this turned out to be easy caregiving. Just track the meds and remind her to rest. I am glad it was so easy in the end. And I can’t wait for vacation next week! I plan to relax and knit and spin and weave and sew!

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