Thank you all!

You blog land residents are the kindest people!  A is feeling OK, though not great.  Thursday she will have her gallbladder removed and then we hope a speedy recovery.  We had a quiet weekend, though Friday night she had another spell.  So now she is not eating anything but chicken broth and saltines, and losing weight.  Not a bad thing! She was sad to learn that a gallbladder weighs about 33 grams.  She was hoping for more like 50 pounds.   I told her “that’s a third of a skein of sock yarn.”  She was not impressed. 🙂

And because it never rains, but it pours, my dear friend B (and best knitwear customer!) said to me as we ate lunch today “Sarah, I need you to take me to the ER.”  So naturally, I did.  She was having problems with her neck, shoulder, heavy feeling in her chest.  We got to the ER, and didn’t we have the same doctor?  He must think I cruise the streets of town looking for women with funny feelings in their chests!  B is fine, it was some upper back issues, she already is feeling better, knowing that it isn’t a heart attack.

I dropped her back at work, but she was really too tired to stay.  But she was supposed to deliver some clothing to a former coworker who is in the hospital, so I will be headed back over there to deliver that for her before I head home.

When this whole episode is over, I will be OK to not be over there to the very nice Maine Coast Memorial Hospital.  Enough is enough!

Work, is of course, crazy with all this time out of the office, and I don’t quite know how to tame it, without working until midnight, which I won’t do.

Knitting helps calm me down but doesn’t get the work done.  Sigh.


26 thoughts on “Thank you all!”

    1. She wouldn’t have let me do that. She didn’t want anyone else to know. I had her at the ER in less time than it would have taken the ambulance to get to us, hospital is only about 2 miles from the office, and no traffic this time of year. I figured less stress was better. I did remember the aspirin, though. I am improving with every episode!

  1. wow – sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit (with more to come to you and A)!
    Sending hugs and thoughts from my end of the world to yours – Carina.

  2. Holy cow–what you’ve been through! Not to mention what the two others have been though and what A still has to deal with. Why does everything seem to happen at once??

  3. Prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery! My gallbladder bit the dust a while ago so I understand how A feels. It will get better! She is smart to eat a bland diet…those attacks are not fun.

  4. LOL at the gall bladder weighing 1/3 of a skein of yarn!!! That balance between home and office is a bear, especially when you are a person who takes her responsibilities seriously. Family is important, and no, you can’t work 24/7. I used to teach a management course and would ask my students, “How do you eat an elephant?” Answer: One bite at a time! Sounds almost silly, but just pick up the first piece, work it, and keep going – it’s all you can do. You really do have your hands full, my friend, and I’m praying it all settles down and A’s surgery is a rousing success. Just take one bite at a time!

  5. So glad to hear that your friend is ok. What a scare. You are so sweet to take her and make sure she was ok. I know how A feels. You get afraid to eat anything because you just don’t want another attack to come on. I lost quite a bit of weight, living on white rice, green beans and cranberry sauce with a little chicken. My attack that landed me in urgent care was in November. Tests with my doctor in December (she was convinced it was my liver 😦 Ultra sound in January, where finally I was diagnosed properly. Appointment with surgeon in February and finally surgery in April. In that time I lost 30 pounds. Unfortunately I have gained it all back and plus some. A will feel much better after the surgery. Prayers for a quick recovery. Knitting definitely helps. Be sure not to forget to take it with you on Thursday.

    1. I am sorry you had such a bout of it, and they took that long to get you sorted out! We are quite lucky, it was 8 days from first ER visit to surgery.

  6. Prayers and good thoughts being sent to you and A. When it’s done you both deserve a good long rest. Back to back emergency room visits is never a good thing for the nerves or the mind. You are being the strong one here juggling ER visits with work demands. As the main care giver remember you need to take time to give to yourself. A moment to breathe, meditate, knit, or just do nothing but watch the birds outside the window. What gets done at work gets done, what doesn’t doesn’t. They’re understaffed anyway.

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