Glad this week is over!

This was a long week! Tuesday was our annual meeting, and due to staffing changes it fell to me to plan and execute. That meant a couple of crazy days leading up to the afternoon meeting. One of my former helpers is still around, though in a different capacity; she organized the presentation, and did a beautiful job. Although it was a bitterly cold and windy day, we had a nice turnout, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Wednesday morning when the alarm went off, A told me that she needed to go to the ER! She had been up all night in pain, and thought maybe it was a heart attack. That woke me up! We were dressed and at the ER by 4:30, we even remembered the health directive. There was a small bit of conversation about not waiting so long if this ever happened again. She didn’t want to wake me.


They fairly quickly determined it was likely not a heart attack… ekg and blood work normal. A bit of poking gave us the likely culprit, the gallbladder. Then we had to wait 6 hours to have an ultrasound to confirm. (That was because they had to wait until 8 hours after she ate, not due to hospital issues.) So there we sat. She got some lovely drugs for the pain, and went to sleep. I knit. And froze. It was really chilly there! They gave A nice warm blankets, but I wound up wearing all the outdoor clothes I had with me.

The drugs did the trick, and she felt much better when she woke up. Ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis, and we were sent home with a prescription and an appointment with a surgeon. That afternoon was all about naps and warm soup. She felt almost back to normal by evening.

So, back to work Thursday with a million things to do to catch up, and make up some of the hours from Wednesday. I had hoped that the long days Monday and Tuesday would mean a short day Friday, but no such luck. Friday was also a full day, with a trip to the Macias office thrown in for fun.

I am so glad that this week is finally over!!!

There was lots of knitting, a hat order is nearly complete, a sock is more than halfway done, another hat that really was giving me grief is sorted out, and Mom’s reknit sweater is almost to the arm divide. I don’t have pictures of any of it.

I do have photos of a test knit I did recently, though. The pattern was released this week so I can share it. This is Jenjoyce Designs’ Golden Fields Lace. She wrote it for three pieces, in four sizes each! A stole shape, a square shawl shape, and this cowl. It is lace weight yarn, and a pleasant lace pattern, easy to memorize. It only took me a week to knit, and it was not monogamous knitting. I used some of my early handspun, the first yarn I spun consistently thin, and I have enough for another, so this might be a Christmas gift.

I was hoping to finish warping the loom this week, but I think that will happen this morning. A helped me be holding the ends firmly while I wound it onto the back rail, very much easier than the last time without her!

Last week I told you we were heading to a little craft fair. It was quite small, but we found some nice things to buy. A even ASKED ME TO BUY YARN!! A woman she knows was selling some, and so we got three skeins, and A requested mittens.

I found this suncatcher, and am so glad I made the impulse purchase!

It sure brightens our dreary landscape! I love how it makes the candle glow even in the daytime.

Even in a hard week, there are little moments of peace and beauty if we take time to notice them.

Glad I looked at this before I scraped the windshield. Jack Frost is a brilliant artist.

How was your week?

30 thoughts on “Glad this week is over!”

  1. What a crappy week! I’m sure you did have a ‘chat’ with A about not waking her. 😉 Bless her heart – and yours too! It’s often harder on the companion because we can’t do anything – except knit, and gratefully you had yours along. LOVE the cowl, made even more special by your handspun. The suncatcher is divine and love the windshield pic – kudos. Here’s to a quiet weekend!

    1. Thanks, Kendra!!! My sox are always in my bag, so the knitting is always with me. It was a relatively quiet weekend, thankfully! The tree is up and settling in, we will decorate it this week. Time marches on!

  2. Wow, that was some week! Glad it wasn’t too serious for A and that she gets it taken care of soon. The cowl is lovely. Beautiful colors in your yarn.
    That suncatcher is very cheerful and Jack Frost is a world-renowned artist.
    But I do have a question: If you and A got to the hospital by 4:30, what time do you set your alarm to get up?

  3. What a week from hell. Glad it is behind you. A reminds me of my mother who sat up all night long having an actual heart attack but not wanting to wake anybody. Gallbladder issues are quite painful. I hope A understands that waking you up is a must do action when something is wrong no matter what time it is. My mother still doesn’t get that part. I think she has a death wish, I really do and it drives my nerves to the edge. Hope A will feel better soon.

    1. Thanks! She had a bit of a spell Friday might from eating something she knew better but didn’t think about. It’s broth and saltines until we see the surgeon tomorrow. Other than that it has been nice and quiet this weekend.

      As for your mom, she probably has lots of conflicting feelings about what is happening to her. And she doesn’t want to wake you. There is an elderly couple here in town who are getting frail. He got up in the night and fell. She couldn’t get him up. So rather than call family nearby, or 911, they waited until morning and called their grandson.

      I am not that considerate. I would have at least called 911!

  4. What a scare for you and A. My dad has had his taken out and he waited for days; he was in excruciating pain and I think even ended up with a high fever. Love the suncatcher; I recall seeing it on IG.

  5. Poor A, poor you. I hope you both have a relaxing weekend. The sun catcher really is very pretty, and the shawl is wonderful. Isn’t it nice when oved ones request us to make something ( unless it is grey!).

  6. Nobody makes an ice fern like Jack Frost! And no place I’ve been lately has been colder than the emergency room! I had to take my mom not long ago and I FROZE! I actually asked them to bring her a new warm blanket just so I could wrap up in the old one. I’m awfully glad A is going to be okay–that’s a big scare. And I’m glad you had your knitting to keep you company!

    1. Why do they keep them so cold? I didn’t think to get her another blanket so I could have one! Good idea. I hope your mom is doing OK?

      Yes, I love frost paintings!

  7. I hate to say “I am glad it was gallbladder” but….Better than the alternative I suppose. I am glad they were able to rule out heart issues quickly, and I am so sorry you had to go through that midweek on a busy week! The sun catcher is gorgeous, as is the cowl! I hope you have had ample relax time this weekend.

  8. Oh no! A gallbladder attack! So not fun. I remember them well. The one that sent me to Urgent Care felt worse than childbirth! And I was diagnosed with food poisoning! It was months before I was properly diagnosed and then another before having surgery to remove it. Not a fun thing to go through. I do hope that A does not have another one before having surgery. I love the cowl!! It is beautiful and looks like it is so soft and snuggly. The snatcher is beautiful and looks like it is coming from the candle. Very clever. Jack Frost really does do some interesting artwork. I don’t appreciate as much as I should ;). Glad you captured that photo on your windshield. My week was busy, though I didn’t get done what I wanted. So now I am on the computer and I really should be digging out the Christmas tree and decorations. If I don’t do it now, I may not do it at all. Oh and I also tried my hand at tiny crocheted granny squares to make Cherry Heart’s beautiful Battenberg Blanket, but I think I have given up. Me and crochet really don’t get along and I have no idea why I even keep trying. Ugh. On to decorating…I think…. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. I am sorry you had to wait so long to get diagnosed! That must have been painful. I hope things stay calm, too.

      Good luck with the decorating! We have the tree in place, waiting for the branches to settle before we decorate. It will happen eventually!

      1. I’m just glad it’s over. I probably had some attacks up to a year prior, but didn’t know. My husband was in the hospital twice with the excruciating pain and they let him go the first time with no diagnosis. The second time they were going to let him go again. He refused and was admitted. After a day of tests and fever, they finally figured out it was his gallbladder and did emergency surgery. Turns out, his was gangrene and pretty much disintegrated when they tried to grab it. I probably shouldn’t be telling your these things. Don’t tell A! LOL. Everything will be fine. They diagnosed it right away and the surgery is pretty easy these days. I wish her well.

        I only got to decorating the dining room yesterday. Not much, but a start I guess. I will try to tackle the tree today. You are on the ball with your decorating. Enjoy your week and get some stitching in 🙂

        1. The doctor seemed pretty confident all would go well, but warned us if there are surprises, the surgery will be more complex. We will know soon enough, surgery is early Thursday morning!

  9. Holy crap! I hope A gets what she needs to do… done. As for office shenanigans, I always chanted the little mantra, “this too, shall pass” when I worked, and lo! and behold, it did. Glad for you that it has passed and you’re still standing!

  10. Holy moly!!! I had to take my sister to the ER a few years ago for her Gallbladder. I KNOW how much pain she was in and how scared she was that it was a heart attack. I am sorry A didn’t wake you and instead suffered and was scared!

    They take those things out laparoscopicly now. Hope if it has to come out it goes smoothly.

    sending good thoughts.

  11. What a week you had! It can only be better this week, hopefully. Nice shawl. Do you find under stress you knit tighter? I do or else I make more mistakes!

  12. I can only imagine your panic with A; glad that it turned out to be gallbladder although I’m sure that’s not fun either.
    I’d have to say, last week was a doozie! I am also glad that it’s over even if it means that now I’m faced with piles of grading. I’m hoping I can regain some of sense of holiday cheer before the holidays are over!

    1. Are classes and finals done? Just the grading remains? Another one done! I am sure you will figure out how to get it all done in time. 😉

      Yes, we both had a scare, but now feel good about the next steps and how much better she will feel in a few months.

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