Ye ha! Friday off!

It really has been a crazy couple of weeks at work, but eventually it had to mean a day off – yea! I worked enough hours this week that I am getting Friday off with only an hour or two of vacation time. I can live with that!

So that means you get one of my Friday lists!

There are household chores on it, of course. Last weekend A did them all, so I will be making it up to her this weekend.

There is knitting – bound and determined to finish the Down the Road and Back Again shawl.

And sewing- I started laying out the fabric for a simple dress a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t been able to get back to it. I’d like to finish laying it out and cutting it out.

Spinning. The fiber is prepped. The bobbins are empty. It is time to start it.

Someone needs to start putting the gardens to bed, and planting the garlic. I guess that will be me. But maybe not on Friday.

Another thing I am going to do is stay in bed until 6 am, at the earliest. I am exhausted.

What are you doing to celebrate Friday?

12 thoughts on “Ye ha! Friday off!”

  1. I’m curious about what fabric you’re using and what it looks like. Cool, garlic can grow in the winter? Tomorrow/Friday I will do my workout and knit. Laundry may be started. Maybe I’ll even cut some fabric. By the afternoon I will be at my kid’s school and cheering on the team in their home game. I’ll be happy there are pasta leftovers for dinner for when we come back. And I’ll chillax in peace.

    1. That sounds like a busy day!! I hope the kids play well!

      I am using some cotton that was my grandmother’s. She had 5.5 yards. I am trying two new patterns, thought this would be good fabric for them. No cost if it fails, something pretty to remind me of her if it succeeds. I’ll get you a photo at some point.

      Garlic doesn’t really grow in winter here. Like lots of flower bulbs, it gets planted in the fall, then grows in the spring. And it tastes so much better than store bought!

  2. At least you have a list of a lot of Sarah fun things! I’m trying to finish DTR too, but you’ll probably do so before me. It’s a fun project, but ready to be DONE. Enjoy your day off!

  3. That sounds like a jolly good recipe for day off. Today I am having coffee with some friends, then doing some errands in town, building society, grocery shopping, home for lunch and some gardening, then maybe some knitting or crochet. Being retired is wonderful.

  4. A Friday off is great. But couldn’t you indulge yourself a bit and stay in bed until 8 or 9? Today I am celebrating Friday by getting Yarn Rascal his special food and medicine, grocery shopping, meditating, and spinning a little bit. Pizza (home made of course. We have no pizza shops near us.) for tonight. Oh yes. And fixing The Skippers computer. I don’t know what that man does to it.

    1. Lol 6 is two hours longer than usual! Friday off was wonderful. As always.

      Your day sounds busy and productive! Good luck with the computer. 😂

  5. must have been nice to have Friday off, and thus a long weekend.
    Look forward to seeing your sewing project ^^

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