It’s been so long

I haven’t written in so long that I don’t think I will even try to catch you up.

On the whole life has been boring, when it comes to blogging.  Work is stressful and overwhelming at times, but not unmanageable, given enough time.  Home is fine and restorative,as always.

And fall is upon us!

The colors were so muted for such a long time, then we had a gray week and they all popped out.





The morning glories are struggling to bloom now, the sun is so low they are in shade most of the day. But late in the afternoon, the sun makes it past the house and they seem to glow.

I have been making lots of apple crisp the past few weeks, which I love, and it is so easy to make, yum!

Still need to do the fall yard work – dig up the carrots and plant the garlic, spread a little cow manure and straw about… but the cosmos and zinnias are still blooming, so I can’t bother them, can I?

There was ice on the windshield this morning.  Not frost, but real ice, from the heavy dew and very cold temps.  So this fall is clearly not going to last, and winter will be here before we know it.

So, we ordered our pellets for the winter – 4 tons.  With help from our BIL, we loaded two tons into the cellar yesterday, and will work on them each weekend until they are done.  Left to our own devices, we do about a ton a day, but with help, we were able to double that.  We both notice that this time of year, a bag of pellets seems so heavy (40 pounds) but by spring we think nothing of hauling a couple of bags up the stairs to fill the stove.

I have been knitting and spinning – knitting very focused on two things – the Down the Road and Back Again shawl, which SHOULD get finished this week, and is already sold!  Yea!


And of course, socks. One of the things going on at work this time of year is health fairs.  I knit a lot at them, in between chatting with people about the organization.  One of them was so crowded (free flu shots!) that no one could move, and so I sat knitting and chatting with people – it turns out the knitting was drawing folks to the table. I might start keeping on knitting when people approach, instead of tucking it away.  So I finished one sock and have made a good start on the second.

Spinning has also been happening –

I made this yarn which will join some scraps and leftovers to become a shawl.  It is a two ply, one ply is Tasman Comeback, the other ply is Finn.

Then this yarn flew off the wheel!  It will likely be a hat, as there isn’t much yardage. It’s a bulky 4 ply, in Falkland.

Next up is some yarn that I hope will be for some socks – I haven’t spun for socks in quite a while. This is merino, bamboo, and nylon.

One last photo – leaving Whorls and Purls on Saturday, I looked up and thought that it looked like someone had floated a piece of roving across the sky.


That’s it from around these parts – I hope you have been having a good month so far! What does fall look like in your part of the world?

26 thoughts on “It’s been so long”

  1. Your knitting is amazing. I love it draped on the chair. I made apple crisp last week too. But whenever I put plastic wrap over it, the whole thing goes to much. The topping gets icky. How do you cover yours so that doesnt happen? OR does everyone eat it up all at once.?

    1. That does happen. I let it cool completely before covering. But that batch went to knitting group, so it pretty well got eaten. I made a second one for home that is a little mushy, but put in the microwave and then a dollop of ice cream, it is just fine!

  2. Yum apple crisp!! That really screams fall:)
    Our leaves are still pretty green but the temperature was in the 30’s last night so the colors should pop any minute.
    Your knitting is gorgeous!
    Look at all those pellets! That is a lot of heavy lifting.

    1. Last night was our first really cold night, but we had a gray week and I think the low light made the colors pop.

      Thanks for the compliments on the knitting. This has taken longer than I expected, but it is getting there. 18 rows done today!

      The pellets are heavy, and need to get in before it gets too cold and icy, so we will push on that next weekend, too. Good workout for the legs and core!

    1. You must call it something else, I can’t believe you don’t have it there. It’s apples, peeled and cored and sliced, in a greased baking dish. On top you sprinkle a topping made with oatmeal, flour, brown sugar and butter, then bake at 375 until the apples are tender and the topping is crisp. Eat warm or cold, it’s yummy!

      And yes, the knitting did draw a lot of attention! Lots of people who know someone who knits, a few who knit, and one who told ne how worried he is that these arts are disappearing. He then told me he saw someone spinning, and it was amazing. He was astounded to learn that spinning wheels are still being manufactured and that there are lots of people spinning, knitting, and weaving in the world. 😱

  3. 40 TONS?! WHAT? That’s a lot of pellets! Truly a workout, for sure. I know you will use it, but WOW! Totally makes me appreciate the natural gas we use in this part of the world.

    The new spins are lovely and I’ll be curious to see a sock spin – not sure I’ve seen your handspun turned to socks before and that will be cool. DTR is looking great and I know you’ll be happy to have it off the needles. Several of my Knit Knerds saw me working on mine last night and at least one may give it a try. I love how your colors have blended. It’s been a fun project, but like you, ready for it to be done.

    Mid-50’s here this morning and high of 65, but rainy, so it feels colder. UCK. Glad you’re spreading the knitting joy at your fairs!

    1. Did I write 40 tons? I will fix that! It is 4 tons. 50 40pound bags per ton, so 200 bags, getting handled 2 or 3 times to get into the cellar, once or twice more to get burned. We should be thinner!

      I have only done one sock spin before, it makes thick socks! That was flower harden, in case you care!

      Yes, I love the shawl but am ready to be done. I will make another, to keep, but no immediate plans for that I should work on Durrow…

      1. My mistake, not yours, on the 40 tons! LOL. 4 tons is a lot too, though! I couldn’t find “flower harden” in your project, but would love to see it. BTW, forgot to mention how lovely your photography of the colors is, especially the morning glory.

        1. Lol try flower garden… search for socks. They are green and pink and orange with pink heels and toes.

          And thanks for the compliment on the photography. I try. 😉

          1. I remember them now! They are named “Garden Socks” and I found them searching just your socks. They are so cheerful and I love them. You definitely need to make another handspun pair!

          2. thanks! Well, I expect I will eventually. Haven’t started the actual spinning yet, it was too crazy a week. But the fiber is prepped and ready for me.

  4. The shawl looks fabulous as does the yarn. Our trees here are not yet into fall color. In fact most of the leaves falling off are still green. I love apple crisp but need to stay away from all sugary good things as I am pre-diabetic. Growing old can be such a bummer.

    1. Thank you! I am getting really close to finishing but have late meeting things the next two nights. 😢

      Getting old has its disadvantages, for sure, but it beats the alternative!

  5. I’m seeing more and more Fall colors sprinkled around me here and there 😍
    Kansas had a touch of winter over the weekend (sleet, snow and temps below freezing 😱) so the change should really happen quickly now.
    I love your photos! 😊 You gave me an idea with your delicious looking apple crisp! 💕

  6. It’s good to have you back! You’ve been busy–fall is always busy, isn’t it? So many chores, plus fitting in the things you really want to do! Like making apple crisp–yum. We’ve been eating homemade applesauce and loving it. Your photos just holler “autumn!”–I love the close-ups of the spun yarn and the morning glory.

    1. Thanks, Kerry! Yes, Fall is a busy time, adn I still haven;t planted the garlic! But I will get to it, and soon.

      Thanks for the love of photos. I hope to be knitting something different soon, with that yarn. 🙂

  7. You have been busy. And when we are busy, time gets away from us, doesn’t it? I always look forward to what you are up to whenever you post. Love the shawl. So beautiful! And all that yarn spun and ready to knit! Can’t wait to see your new projects. Your Fall is looking beautiful. We won’t get much of a fall here either. Last night temps were below freezing and the days have only been in the 40’s. I am not looking forward to winter, so I will soak in whatever bit of fall we can get.

    1. Yes, it is true, there aren’t enough hours in a day. If I don’t get home until 7 or 8, I just knit a few rows and head to bed. Then the weekends are packed with chores. GRRR.

      I am also not looking forward to winter, but it is coming, and fast, if today’s wind and temps are anything to go by!

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