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Sorry for the low light photo, but wanted to share my shawl progress. This is the Down the Road and Back Again shawl I cast on when the Ravelry ladies were here. It is now about 26 inches long, and the scale tells me I am about a third of the way through the yarn. I think when I hit 30 inches I will begin the “back again” portion. If I have leftover yarn, I will knit up some matching mitts.

Things haven’t been too exciting here. Weekends spent doing household chores and errands, getting cars serviced, etc. With one nice exception, Mom had a picnic last Sunday. Just her kids and families, so it was nice to see everyone. I honestly think Christmas might be the last time we were all together! Not all the nieces made it, but E and the twins B and N were there, with B’s girlfriend C. This is the second time he has brought her to something, and she is very nice. 👍😊

Niece E is in 6th grade now, and after 2 years of homeschooling, she is attending a small private school, and seems to love everything except going to bed early and getting up on time. Sister C is ecstatic at all the time she has now to do all the things she is interested in. She is taking a class, planning to spend more time in her studio, etc. they still are studying music together, piano, violin, and fiddle lessons. Wonderful to see them both so excited about the changes.

Work has been really hectic, board meetings, grants, and strategic plans. This week wrapped up with what has felt inevitable for a long time. My former boss and dear coworker walked out on Friday. He has long struggled with changes that leadership has wanted from him, and a feeling that his knowledge, skills,connections, and experience are not valued by those above. It is a big loss for us as he is quite an amazing person, full of heart and empathy, and able to communicate that to our donors and grantors. So work will now be a bit more stressful and a lot less pleasant. If you are counting, that is two dear people leaving work in three months. Leadership is not agonizing over this like rank and file are.

We bought a couple of lottery tickets this weekend. Hoping for a big win.

27 thoughts on “Still here”

    1. Thanks, Nanacathy! I don’t blame him a bit but I am very sad it came to this. Already checked the lottery tickets and I will be going to work tomorrow. 😢

  1. Maybe leadership needs to take a good look at itself. Hope it settles down soon. Changes in the workplace are always unnerving. Hope whoever they pick to replace your two co-workers are nice people.

    1. Leadership does need to but shows no sign of doing so. Doesn’t see that he did anything wrong. Sigh. Also, there is, of course, another side to this. One I disagree with, but it’s there. Bleh.

      I do hope it will settle down soon.

  2. I am so sad that your friend will not be with you at work anymore. People we care about and can rely on make bad situations bearable. My big prayer is that he finds something quickly and calls you to come along! The shawl is really looking great. Good job with your handspun.

    1. Thanks. Very hard to lose good ones! Today is rough but I have to believe it will get better.

      Thanks, I am enjoying this shawl! Can’t wait to wear it!

      Lottery tickets were a bust.

  3. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your work friend. It’s so hard to be in your position, knowing it’s likely the right decision for him, but really wanting him there for you. Also, the knowledge that the higher ups can’t see what you see is quite demoralizing.

    I am glad there are a few other wonderful things happening to take the sting out of work. I love your down the road and back again shawl! It looks great.

    1. Thank you! You are so right, I missed him at work today, and all the whispers drove me nuts. But they will find something else to talk about soon.

      And demoralizing is the right word. Yikes, it sure is.

      I like the shawl, too. There is a lot of silk in it, when I get a sunlit day I will show you how it shines. 😉

  4. The shawl looks great. Too bad about the work situation; however, management frequently has no idea what actually goes on. For example, we had a strike vote at my university last week, part of which is based on the lack of a willingness to give job security to its adjunct professors. Yay management! Everything’s become a business; hope you win your lottery and can then choose a new adventure (if you so desire).

  5. So sorry that your friend left work. I’m sure the workplace is not the same and there will be an adjustment period. Beautiful shawl! Love the gorgeous fall color and the pattern is beautiful! I finally, just last night, have my first shawl under my belt. Still have to block it yet, but it turned out nice.

    1. It is very different at work. I hired him 17 years ago, and we have worked together in different capacities over that time. We both left the division we started in, and in the end he was my boss, but we worked so well together that the hierarchy did not matter. It is so very different now, and adjusting is hard.

      Thanks for the kind words on the shawl… and how exciting that you have finished one! I can’t wait to see it.

          1. No worries. I haven’t kept up with my social media stuff the last month, but I am trying to get back into it and catch up. I pulled my shawl off of the blocks and pins today and it is so pretty! I will post a finished picture this week 😊

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