A knitting finish!

I am unreasonably proud of this colorful scarf. I dyed the fiber, spun the yarn, and knit the scarf. πŸ‘

I typically will avoid linen stitch but this yarn begged for it. And I found a genius pattern that calls for knitting it in the round and cutting it apart when done. No purl rows!

When I dyed the yarn, I was doing some experimenting with colors. And then drafting created another color experience. The linen stitch created the third surprise, the colors are well and truly blended now. But still bright and cheerful, just not so in your face bright.

And you can’t tell but it is oh-so-soft!

28 thoughts on “A knitting finish!”

  1. I absolutely LOVE this! What an accomplishment to have done all the steps – except, maybe, grow the sheep. I’ll bet A is a little worried that will be next. πŸ™„πŸ˜‚ I know it took courage to steak! Well done.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. How satisfying it must be to have done all the work yourself from dying to spinning to knitting. I wouldn’t wear it. I’d make it a wall hanging that would be preserved forever.

  3. There’s no such thing as being “unreasonably proud” of this! To have made it, from absolute scratch, to the lovely finished scarf–what a great accomplishment!

  4. It turned out great! Steeking is so scary! I’ve never done it.
    The linen stitch really does a great job with the colors.

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