Long Weeks and Bargains

So much to get through before vacation next week, plus a board meeting last night, work is just CRAZY!  Already on my way to 40 hours and it is just Wednesday…

A and I make little deals and bargains all the time – things like “If you take the trash to the transfer station, I will make you french toast for breakfast”  or “I’ll vacuum if you will do the laundry”  Usually there is something in it for the person proposing the deal – something they usually do but just don’t feel like doing this week, or something they want to do that can’t happen without a little wheeling and dealing.

For the past few weekends, I have been puttering away at chores put off all summer, getting things ready for company next week.  A has done some larger and stranger chores than normal, because she knows it will save me stress. Like shoveling all the dirt off the tarp in the front yard so I could finish the pathway.

Imagine my surprise when on Sunday night (after she worked 12 hours at one of her jobs) she said to me “I’ll make a deal with you.” I was intrigued… what kind of deal was coming?

“I’ll clean the whole house.”

Say what?  This was going to require some really odious task on my part, I could see it coming.

“Not all the fussy stuff you want done, but all the floors, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the loft, and my office.”

WHAT is the other half of this deal??? I was getting nervous.

“if you are OK with me taking Thursday and Friday off.”

Seriously?  This is the deal?  I don’t see how I could lose on this one!  Sure, she won’t get paid for the days, so there is some opportunity cost, but she already worked half her hours at one job, so if she works two more days, she will actually get paid more than a regular week. And she has to work on Labor Day, which is a drag.

“OK… is that it?”

“No.  If you make the appointment, I will take your car in to be serviced.”

A deal was struck, and what a good thing, as my week then went to hell.  I will still be doing loads of chores – all the fussy things like dusting and window washing that she doesn’t think is part of cleaning the house, and the yard chores.  But I know that when we are done and the house looks bright and tidy, it will be because of this sweetheart of a deal she struck. And I will be able to go to knitting without feeling like I should be home cleaning.  🙂

24 thoughts on “Long Weeks and Bargains”

  1. I need someone who will make deals…and follow through. I can get my husband to do something like dishes or folding clothes (it’s his chore!) but the big things like floors are all mine. Of course his cleanliness standard is lower than mine:)

    1. Lol as is A’s. Not she doesn’t think dusting is part of cleaning. But everything she does is something I don’t have to do. You can make deals, you just have to find the right second half of the deal! Try saying “what would I have to do to get you to wash the kitchen floor?” In an inquisitive tone, not a whining one. Or you could start out with an offer, like “hey, if you will wash the floor, I will make your favorite supper” and see what happens!

  2. I love deals like that! When I lived at home my mom and I made deals like that- like I’ll cook this if you’ll clean that🤣

  3. Oh I love the deal makers! Fireman never will play that game .His motto has always been if someone needs to do it, just do it. Meh. Not me. I used to suffer in silence before big parties and rush around doing everything. First of all, My friend Madelon would say; Its nobody’s last meal. IN other words if the menu doesnt suit someone…its not their last meal. WE had an extended family that had a heart disease diet, a vegetarian diet, an anorexia recovery diet….it was crazy! I would usually create a meal for 22 of us for my kids big birthday events. It was exhausting.

    Now we have the muchacha: our ilife vacuum . Now if they could make a self cleaning bathroom!
    But I love the deal idea….just MAYBE I can get Fireman to deal…….fingers crossed

    1. I hear you! And that meal has to be served at a pretty table in a spotless house! It’s rough on your own. As for the fireman, you just have to find the thing he either really wants or that he really doesn’t like doing. That’s the start of a deal.

    1. I know we will get it all done, but our goal is to get it all done without taking all weekend! Letting A get a head start is a brilliant plan. 😉. You are right, it doesn’t work everywhere, but when it does it is a good thing!

  4. That’s when you know you have THE BEST spouse and soulmate – someone who helps relieve the stress and is a true partner. I can’t wait to meet her and give her a big ole hug. There may be one coming for you too! 😉

    1. We are still working on it but I think we are at that stage where everything looks worse than it is. Surfaces are clean, floors need doing and then clean tablecloth and it will be as good as it gets. 😉

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