ooh la la I am off on Friday!

At least, I think I am.  Worst case scenario is that I have to work for a couple of hours, if the big project doesn’t go as planned.  But if it does, I will use vacation time to cover those few hours and take the day.  Yes, that means I worked a ton of late and long days this week.  Sigh.

Only two more weekends until vacation and the visiting knitters!  So we have lots of chores lined up to do, hopefully getting enough done that Labor Day weekend isn’t spent scrubbing floors.

I have given up the thought that the book cases will be finished, but I do plan to have some of the shelves finished.  There are 5 that should be done tonight, so books can be put on them in a day or two, and there are 5 more that are nearly done getting their first coat of finish paint.  I figured out that each shelf gets worked on 6 times. I can’t do the whole thing in one sitting, so for the primer and two coats of paint, I touch them 6 times.  And then they have to dry thoroughly, get sanded between coats.  No wonder this is taking forever.  I can fit 8 on my painting table at a time. This could take all winter. And there is still the trim to do.

A had me make a list of all that needs doing so that she can help. I wasted no time! So there will be chores amongst the knitting and spinning this weekend. Hope you will be having more fun than this!

14 thoughts on “ooh la la I am off on Friday!”

  1. Handseyecraftstwo.blogspot.com is Kims awesome blog. She hosts the contest yearly with tons of good prizes and so many laughs along the voting way. You nominate 3 hunks you would like to sit and knit with and three Chicks. She tabs all the voting and it all is very organized and fun. IF you say someone sent you to her contest you both get points!! So USE my name. It rarely will get you much, but this time it might!!!!

  2. As one of the visitors, I’m feeling terribly guilty at all of your preparation work! I know there’s no talking you out of it, nor would there be if it were at my house, so enough said. I have visitors from Indiana coming in November and I’m already making lists. God bless ya, though, and God bless A for volunteering to help. When your house is all spiffy and you’re so proud to have gotten so many chores done, I plan to take full credit. 😂 Just don’t work so hard that you’re too tired to enjoy yourself when we’re there!

    1. Lol you are right, no point stopping me! And I plan to be done before Labor Day so we can relax. 😉 A will have to keep everything tidy all alone while we are at Haystack, poor thing! She is a good sport, though, you will see. And yes, take credit!

  3. It sounds like you’ve got a good plan! I’ve decided the house is going to be a wreck until N goes back to school so after Labor Day I’ll wrangle this place back into some sort of order:)

    1. I hear you! I have done random things so far. Painted some shelves, potted some plants. Cleared off the catchall countertop in the kitchen. Sorted some of the living room yarn and fiber to go upstairs. All annoying little things that need doing but don’t show. Except that counter top. That shows!

  4. I have to force myself to invite company once in awhile just so I *have* to really clean the house. Otherwise, I’d never do it. 😛 Fit in as much fun stuff as you can over the weekend!

  5. Even without going to work your very busy. Hope you have a great time with your guests. You’ve earn some serious relaxation time. It’s good of A to lend a hand. She’s the best!

    1. I am almost always crazy busy this time of year. Just too much needs doing, and we have let the house go all summer. Now we pay for it.

      I expect I will have loads of fun and tell you all about it!

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