A bit of progress made

almost as far as I was when I realized it was huge and frogged the whole thing… it’s back to looking like a baby sweater!

I do love working with yarn I made. I should do it more often. 😉

14 thoughts on “A bit of progress made”

    1. Thanks! You will get to see it when you come because it wont; be done in time to go to the shower this weekend, it will have to wait for delivery when the baby arrives in October.

  1. wonderful! I love the way the yarn works with the sweater. What is the name of the pattern? Is you yarn all merino or a mix? It has such a nice shine to it.

    1. thank you! It is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket. It is knit all in one piece, pretty amazing – then a quick fold and two short seams sewn, voila, a sweater.

      The yarn is a combination of two fibers – one colorway is BFL, the other is cheviot. so I made one yarn that is all cheviot, one that is all bfl, and one that is half and half. I am striping them here, with the combo one between the other two. It is hard to see, they are blending so nicely, colorwise. here is a link to the spinning project page if you want to see the fiber source, etc. https://www.ravelry.com/people/salpal1/handspun/bespoke-monkey

      1. Thanks. You’re far ahead of me in spinning knowledge. It is a beautiful yarn. Yours is the first Baby Surprise Jacket I’ve seen that I like.

        1. Thank you! That means a lot.

          As for spinning, you will get there. I love that my roving of the month is often on a new or unusual fiber. I have lots of different ones to spin!

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