It’s been a long time!

Sorry to be away so long, I have no excuse.  Just lazy!

Last week I wound up the TDF (tour de fleece, for you non-spinners).  I was pretty sure I was done on Friday, finished all the Three Waters Farm fiber I had, and as I was on their team, what we spun was to be at least 50% their fiber.  But I was having such fun spinning that I just kept going and spun one more braid, not TWF, so not in my official count, but still fun and pretty. I tried a traditional 4 ply.  Never did that before. It is an interesting yarn, quite firm and dense.

So here is all my spinning.  I figured up the yardage, and it is about .9 miles spun in just about three weeks.


And the blue that I finished up on Sunday – sorry for the poorly lit photo – not sure what the phone was doing with colors…the blues are brighter than that, and the counter is gray. Go figure.


I picked out a few more braids to spin up, but haven’t started them, time to get back to knitting.  Durrow has been sadly neglected, so I am plugging away at it.  I love how the medium purple is looking with the navy.  Can’t wait to link it to the squares done with the darker purple.


That is really is for crafting since I have seen you last.  finished but haven’t blocked the frieze cowl.  I missed my window of dry days this week, we are back to the muggies now.

I have been trying to work in the yard a bit here and there, but the weather has been so awful to work with, I just do five minutes some times and can’t see for the sweat pouring off my head.  I did manage to get this to happen, with very little effort on my part – put the plant on the porch and water it now and then, and voila – a bright summery miracle!


I planted sweet peas and morning glories beneath the trellis that you can see, and one on the other side of the porch.  On this side, that gets morning and mid day sun, they are literally 2 inches high and haven’t budged in weeks.  I water them, truly I do.

On the other side of the porch they did the same thing until about a week ago, now they are growing like mad, and have started climbing the trellis.  That side gets afternoon sun.  I am hopeful for some pretty, sweet smelling flowers there soon.

In front, I am working on clearing weeds and putting down soil and mulch along the outside of the new path.  I have literally gotten about 4 feet done. Many more feet to go.  Sigh.

The pool effort comes along.  I feel like I am finally making progress, though there is still al lot of sediment in the bottom that stirs up when ever it is touched, I think the amount is being reduced each time I get in and stir it up, them run the filter. I do that about twice a week, though with the weather so awful and hot again, I might do it more this week. It should be clean by September!  I am definitely getting the bigger, more powerful filter and vacuum for next year.

Other than that, I have been working. A lot again this week, enough that with only 2 hours of vacation time, I have Friday completely off.  I love when that happens, as you know! A is taking classes all week, culminating with a certification test Friday, so she is studying all of her waking hours.  We are not very exciting!

Last weekend we had a visit from nephew D and his wife A, they have recently relocated from Colorado to Vermont, and are taking advantage of the summer good weather to come to Maine fairly often to visit family while the traveling is easy. He is a teacher, so has been enjoying his summer vacation. It was great to see them and hear more about their lives and work.

This weekend looks to be a nice one – Whorls and Purls on Saturday, and then we are meeting Mom and B for supper on Saturday night.  We will go to a local seafood place and they will all have lobster.  I am not sure if I will have crabs or scallops, but I won’t have lobster, that is for sure.  🙂

And with Friday off, you know you get a bit of a list!

  • Laundry  – I will get it rolling, I am sure A will wind up finishing it Sunday.
  • Bathrooms – the darned things need cleaning every week and it is annoying.
  • Grocery shopping – I usually go on Saturday after knitting, but it has been really awful there the past few weeks, so I am hoping that Friday will be better. Maybe the morning?
  • Hair cut if there is no line.
  • Post office – while I am out, what is one more stop?
  • As much front yard gardening as I can get done before the sun is overhead and too hot.

That should be enough chores to get me hot and cranky, so I will jump in the pool to cool off, then come inside for knitting and spinning on the porch for the rest of the day. I want to make good progress on the Durrow square, and then start spinning the next thing. I should go upstairs and start cleaning and organizing in the craft room, but not sure I will have the energy.  Between work and the heat, I find that we are both just drained and don’t have a lot of energy for anything that doesn’t absolutely have to be done.  But maybe I will do as my friend Deb suggests and tackle one small section at a time.

Also, I have to think of something fun and celebratory to do for A after her test. She will be tired, it is 8 hours long, so the celebration can’t require expending energy.  Maybe I will bake her a cake or something.  Got any good ideas?

What are you guys doing to celebrate summer this weekend?



18 thoughts on “It’s been a long time!”

  1. Your yarn is beautiful!! It sounds like TDF was great:)
    That plant is amazing!
    Grocery shopping on the weekend is murder. We tend to go early in the morning on a weekday, by 9:00 if possible. Otherwise the aisles are packed and everyone is cranky.
    I’ve got nothing planned for this weekend other than laundry and knitting. Everyone is still sick (summer colds are the worst!) so we’ll be taking it easy.

    1. TDF was fun, and it was too hot to do anything else!

      I love that plant, I did not know it could bloom so hard!

      I think I will try early tomorrow. My Saturday evenings usually are great but mot this time of year, Saturday is the day all the cottages change weekly tenants, so all the visiting families need to go to the grocery store. Sigh.

      I hope that you all feel better soon. Summer colds ARE the worst! No curling up on the sofa under a warm blanket until you feel better. 😖

  2. I love the yarn you’ve spun up! Sometimes things go like this, you just go on a marathon of whatever activity. Doing that with spinning definitely pays off, doesn’t it?

  3. What is the beautiful blooming plant? I’m totally in love with it! Of course, the spun yarns are beautiful too, and I’m proud of you for trudging away on the Durrow! For A, is there a special meal she likes? You could have it ready and waiting when she gets home. I like the cake idea, but you could bake her a batch of her favorite cookies if that’s simpler. Or, maybe a bit extravagant, but a massage? Yes, Deb is right about one shelf at a time – it’s what I’m doing with uploading my stash. My goal is to complete half by Sunday and I think that’s doable. I hope all of your chores go quickly and you get lots of good ‘sit-down’ time! Oh, and why will you not have lobster with the rest of the family?

    1. It is a clivia minitae, I am told. Had it for years, this is only its second time blooming. I hope it does it more regularly now!

      A said she wants ice cream for supper, I am OK with that. 😉 she also wrote cookies and chips about ten times on the grocery list, so I got an assortment!

      I got a batch done, and am resting to dry off before tackling the next batch. It’s too hot! And humid! Nothing you are familiar with, right?

      I don’t eat lobster, it makes me sick. I’ll have something that suits me better!

      1. Sounds like a great celebration plan – ice cream, cookie, chips – all the food groups. Fingers crossed that she passes the first time around. Lobster? Poor baby, living in Maine, and can’t eat lobster. Jus’ so you know, I WILL be eating it when we’re there!

  4. LOVE the yarn. ❤️❤️❤️ And the flower.
    It’s been raining here most of the week and though not fiery hot, just hot enough with the humidity to make one sweat just by walking out the door. Ahh, this too shall pass.
    I don’t turn on the oven in the summer so I’d suggest a bouquet of flowers or balloons and a nice cold, refreshing drink to celebrate or treat A to a soothing pedicure when you can both enjoy the experience.

  5. Wow! That is a lot of spinning into beautiful yarn! You will be in knit heaven when start using it. The flowers are beautiful! What are they? Can I ask what kind of filter system you have for your pool? I hope that you have been able to swim in it more than clean it. How I do remember those days. We haven’t opened our pool in a few years since the kids left. I do miss it. I think I may ask hubby to consider opening it next year.

    1. The plant is a clivia minitae, according to Mom.

      Yes, I am looking forward to knitting with some of this yarn! Have some things to finish first, though.

      The pool. Sigh. I had the pool guys come and look. The filter is a cartridge type, and isn’t powerful enough for the size of the pool, and can’t operate a vacuum, which is really what I need. We aren’t in a position to replace it with one that will work, so I continue to get in, stir it up, change cartridges once or twice a day. I am making progress but it is really slow and there is still lots of sediment. I haven’t swum in it yet, BUT just standing in it stirring things up does cool me down a lot! I plan to be in it a few times today. 😉 which means I will also spend a lot of time cleaning cartridges! I am committed to a new filter for next season, though. Hopefully things will be better financially by then.

  6. I was hoping you and yours were alright when you didn’t post. Glad to hear it was just taking some time off. What can I say about the yarn you spun other than it is drop dead gorgeous. Sending good thoughts to A on her exam. Eight hours is tough but I’m sure she will ace it. Cookies and chips and ice cream and maybe a mindless and funny movie on the DVD. The Durrow continues to amaze me.

    1. Aww, didn’t mean to worry you! We are fine, just hot! A movie sounds perfect. But maybe at the theater, with AC? I will have to see what is playing.

  7. Best of luck to A, that sounds like a grueling test. The plant is tremendous! Hope the chores don’t make you too cranky and you get lots of nice things done.

    1. I did the chores early, so early I couldn’t get the haircut, she wasn’t open yet! Then knit all the middle of the day, did more chores when the yard got shady again. I don’t think I got cranky – no one was home to tell me either way. 😉

  8. Yikes–this weather! I find myself so overwhelmed and just aching for autumn! You’ve done a lot, considering, and your yarn is beautiful-you’ve really come so far as a spinner! I hope your weekend has been great!

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