Friday the 13th

I have a new policy about work. If I work late during the week, I store up the hours and use them to get Friday off, even if I have to add vacation time to make it add up to a whole day.

Last night we had a party to celebrate ten years of one of our programs that is strongly supported by donors, so I had an extra long day. That means with a few hours of vacation time added I have most of today off. I just need to sort out the photos and send some off to the papers with the press release I have ready. 😉

And THAT means that you get a Friday list!

So. I hadn’t given it a whole lot of thought until this morning, but here’s what hits me as things I can do.

  • Get the weekly laundry going.
  • Plant the lemon lilies Mom brought over from her garden last week. They are flowers with a story, once again. Many years ago Mom lived in western Maine, and she found an old abandoned cellarhole with gardens all around, overgrown and forgotten. She used to spend lots of time there, wondering about the people who had built the house and created the pretty garden. She began referring to it as “Susanna’s garden” At some point she did some dividing of the lemon lilies, and put some in her own garden. When she moved from there to eastern Maine, she brought some with her. They continued to flourish and again, when she moved, some came with her. My sister and I have been eagerly awaiting their next division, which came this year, so I got a bucket of Susanna’s lemon lilies delivered last week!
  • Start plying the tree bark polwarth silk. I finished the singles yesterday and got the new jumbo flyer on and adjusted yesterday morning. I went back and forth with whether or not to ply this with itself or wait and ply it with the next spin, which I bought at the same time, to go with it. I finally decided to spin them as two separate yarns and knit them together.
  • Call the bug man to see why we are finding ants in the house, everywhere. First year ever on this one.
  • See if A is willing to take some photos of me in the completed handspun Fine Sand sweater. Before it gets too hot!
  • I suppose I should do a little house cleaning, too. Sigh.

That’s what I’m coming up with for today!

I’ll let you know what I really do. 😉

31 thoughts on “Friday the 13th”

  1. Everything sounds good on your list except that last one. Housework is no fun!
    The flowers and their story sound magical:) I have a few things in my yard that come with a story but nothing with so much mystery.
    Enjoy your extra long weekend:)

  2. I didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th until I saw your title! For once, your list doesn’t sounds completely overwhelming–I think you may just get through the whole thing!

  3. Sounds like a plan on working and getting Fridays off. Cool.
    Flowers with a story, especially about your Mom is always the best flowers to have. I bet Susanna’s lemon lilies are beautiful in bloom.
    Ant invasions are quite daunting, they’re such sneaky little buggers. I hope the bug man can stop their invasion soon.

  4. I didn’t realize it was Friday the 13th either, until reading your post, also. Now it will be on my mind all day as I go along. I hope that the day is a successful one for you and that you easily get everything on your list crossed off and still have time to have some fun. Enjoy your weekend.

  5. I like your plan. 🙂
    You remind me that a farm neighbor invited me to dig up her irises and I have not done so yet.
    We had a ton of rain and it brought the ants in. We use a clear fluid called Terro. You put a spot of it on a piece of cardboard. The ants will go right to it and then go back to the nest and it kills them all really well. You only need a spot the size of a dime .
    In as much as those work celebrations are more WORK time, they are good for us. I am meeting with a bunch of work pals (some of us retired) today and it will be good for all of us!

    1. We haven’t had a lot of rain, so the pesty buggers can leave. My skin crawls at the thought of them on me. Ugh!

      Yes, get the irises! They will be special even when you and the neighbor are gone. 😉

      I bet your work gathering was more fun than ours! Ours was a lot of work so others could enjoy. Which they did.

  6. Good for you, making a plan to have Fridays off – WOO HOO! I love the story of Susanna’s Lemon Lilies. Your mom really could be my mom! How smart of her to spread the wealth of the lilies, so they keep going everywhere. My yard is filled with plants given to me by family and friends, and I cherish them. I get to ‘visit’ my grandmother and friend Pearl, now gone, by walking around in the yard. My giant rubber tree that my grandmother gave me nearly 50 years ago, froze back this year and hasn’t come back out like in years past, so I’m mourning it. The cycle of life. Enjoy your Friday and don’t do too much housework!

  7. Sounds like a plan. I love the way you are handling Fridays at work. Good for you. Flowers with a back story are always so special. Surprisingly we don’t have an ant problem this year. However, we do have a black bear in the neighborhood. The last time I saw a black bear was in Maine. I keep telling my neighbors that black bears aren’t usually aggressive unless it’s a mom with her cubs. They remain freaked out.

    1. How did a black near get so far south??? You are right about them, of course, but hard to tell if cubs are around. I guess ants are easier to deal with, we just squish’em.

      1. This bear must have strayed down into the area from either the Catskills or the Adirondacks. Admittedly that’s a long way for a bear to travel. But there have been bear sightings as far as New Jersey this summer. Something is changing and causing them to migrate into areas where they normally wouldn’t be.

          1. This is entirely possible thought the Adirondacks is a protected park with a ton of land. So there wouldn’t be building projects going on up there. The Catskills are a different matter. We have Harriman State Park that is about an hour or so away from us which is also quite a piece of protected land, though they say they haven’t seen black bears there. New York State doesn’t have an idea of what their black bear population is, but I’m thinking like you are. That whatever they are eating has become scarce either due to environmental conditions or perhaps over population and they are traveling further in search of it.

          2. Yup. And they like what people put out, like bird seed. That’s how I knew we had a bear last spring. Ripped the feeders off the clothes line 7 feet in the air!

          3. That’s interesting. I didn’t know that. We have a number of neighbors who have numerous bird feeders through out their yards. I should probably tell them to take them down for a bit. Thanks for that information.

  8. Love the story of the lemon lilies…please share a picture. Hope your weekend is good and light on the housework! I’m off in a minute to meet up with Dee – visiting a lavender farm and two yarn shops!!

  9. I love your Friday lists. I make lists all the time, my question is, by posting them here does it help you accomplish the list? If so you may see more lists in my blogs. 🙂

    1. It does give me more of a sense of accountability, for sure! And hopefully I cone back at some point and let you know how I did – even more accountability! Which reminds me, I need to do that.

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