Made it through THAT week!

Like a good chunk of North America, the weather here this week was abominable. Normally I would look forward to work and the AC, but it was a bad week at work, and I dreaded going in. My merry band of coworker friends was reduced by one a week ago and it is sad and unsettling.

Saw a great t shirt the other day, on a fellow being interviewed on the news. “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” That pretty much describes it.

I know things will settle down there a bit, but not yet.

Anyway. At home it was too hot to do anything BUT sit in front of and under a fan and knit, so that’s what I did.

I fixed the cuff on the last pair of socks, and wove in the ends, so they are officially finished.

I finished sock #1 of my current pair, and wove those ends in while I was at it.

Cast on the second sock, so that is going.

They don’t look like a pair, do they? The yarn is a from Knit Circus in Wisconsin, two small balls packaged as a chromatic pair. This one starts as navy and gets gradually lighter, similar to the shading on the first one.

Cast on and knit a few rows of the next Durrow square. Sure looks like a blob right now! But those cable will begin to show soon. Loving using the medium color, can’t wait to see this one in place

And then while in the throes of all that casting on, I cast on the frieze cowl that I have been it hing to do since I saw it come to life on the needles of Nothingbutknit quite some time ago.

Which I already am addicted to! It’s so fun to watch the design evolve.

And this morning it was so much drier that I finally put my cardigan in to soak! It should be able to dry over the next few days.

But knitting must take second fiddle, because today starts the Tour de Fleece (TDF). I have no great ambitions this year, unlike last year when I started my epic sweater spin. This year I just want to try to spin as much as I can each day. So knitting will happen at lunch and on Saturday afternoons and otherwise just here and there.

This is what my bobbin looked like this morning, let’s see what it looks like at the end of the month!

And tomorrow J and his crew of parents return for finishing up the walkway. So not much fiber will be touched then.

Hope your week was better than mine! What are you doing this weekend?

20 thoughts on “Made it through THAT week!”

  1. I love your finished socks! Such pretty colors and the pattern is beautiful. Your starts are looking wonderful, too. I do hope that you find more time to stitch. I am taking an easy weekend this weekend. Laundry and stitching and maybe some scrapbooking. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

    1. Thanks! I did a lot of knitting this afternoon, and some spinning this evening. Tomorrow is some morning cleaning, then yard work. Maybe time early and at the end of the day.

  2. The socks came out great. I’m interested in seeing the pair you are working on the one with the different colors. This appears to be the weekend to work outdoors. We are in the low 70s with a breeze and zero humidity. In fact, the temperatures fell so low last night the heat clicked on and the quilts were pulled out from storage and tossed on the beds. If only it could stay this way.

    1. You know you will see the pair eventually! I could have picked wilder colors, but I thought I should ease into things gradually when it comes to mismatched pairs!

      What a gorgeous day today was! Yes, this is what the weather should be like more often!

  3. Your socks are great! I love the colors for your cowl:) It’s a really fun pattern to knit. Thinking about it makes me want to knit another:)
    Sorry things have changed at work. It’s amazing how big a hole one person can leave. I hope things feel better there soon.
    My weekend has already involved laundry. Next is dishes and then knitting. Tomorrow a couple of quick errands and more knitting!

    1. Thanks! I had a hard time choosing the colors, so many options! I can see myself making lots of these… and adapting it to a hat. Maybe a messy bun hat? Shouldn’t be too tough!

      Glad you are seeing good knitting time on that project! You will amaze yourself how efficient you can be in getting it done on time!

  4. When I was working, I was always taken by surprise how upheaval at work affected my mood. I mean, I spent more time with those folks than with my spouse . . . I hope your work world settles down so you can shift attention to the important things in life–knitting and spinning!

    1. Thanks! It is true, work place gets a huge amount of our energy. It also surprises me how a person leaving can cause such upheaval, but the it settles back so quickly to normal. Like a rock thrown into still water. For some, it was just another day, change the code on the door and move on. But for me, it will have a more lasting impact, she is one of my close work friends. Not a lot of people I trust there.

  5. Love those socks! What pattern(s)?

    Sorry about your upheaval at work…I’m going through one now too with the Lame Duck’s replacement being named. I try to remember that work is not my life…just one small part of it.

    Hope your weather has moderated some. I remember being so surprised EVERY year when we would go to VT that it was always so humid.

    1. It is lazy lace socks by Danielle Romanetti. Very nice easy pattern.

      Some days work feels like so much more, but you are right! I hope you like Lame Duck’s replacement. Change is hard!

      Our weather is like a little roller coaster but I don’t think we have a brutal week like that in the forecast.

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