After the weekend

Did everyone else dream of lemon ice last night?  It is the coolest, most refreshing thing I know… and I really wanted to swim in some this weekend!

It was a pretty good weekend, actually, except for the heat and oppressive humidity.  After all my big chores (lol) on Friday, I tried to get things done early the rest of the days.

Saturday I went to Whorls and Purls without my sweater.  How odd it felt to have that off the needles! The knitting is DONE, the blocking and weaving in of ends will happen when it isn’t so humid.  Perhaps this coming weekend.  Instead, I worked on my sock and my Durrow shawl.  That seems more interesting and easy now, I guess it just needed a break. I worked on it both days, and finally closed up the center of the center square watching Victoria Monday night. Now only 4 more to go and two triangles before I get a spell of nice easy stockinette!

After Whorls and Purls we went out to the Angler for our annual supper gathering, which is always fun.  That group is always up for a nice meal and a party.  We were missing a few members, but those who were able to make it had fun.

Sunday I got up early and put a coat of paint on the bookshelves.  I discovered one benefit to hot and humid weather.  When painting, you don’t have to hurry to keep a wet edge.  It isn’t going to dry any time soon, take your time laying on the paint carefully! I will likely give it all a second coat on Wednesday, since we will be home and I can do it early.

Then we hung about trying to keep cool before I left to go to Belfast for a blogger meet up.  I have followed Paige at Paige Makes Stuff  for a long time.  Last week she wrote in her blog about her daughter being at camp in Maine and she would stay for the week, rather than spend an extra weekend on the highway between here and home.  I immediately got in touch and said if you want to get together, email me.  Well, she did, and we did.  We met on Sunday afternoon in Belfast at Heavenly Socks.  I was early and the owner, Helen, nicely provided me with a chair at the table of filled with local knitters while I waited.  Somehow the table was situated where there was a cool breeze, and the ladies were so friendly that when Paige arrived, she just sat down and we stayed there for our whole visit. (We did manage to get up long enough to do a tiny bit of shopping.  I got some gray sock yarn that I plan to fiddle about with in my dye pots before I knit socks with it.  Paige got some Quince and Company Owl to make a sweater.)  So, we had a lovely, mostly cool, afternoon knitting and chatting away.  One of the ladies has a friend who is looking for sweet fern to harvest for some soaps she makes.  I have an overabundance of the stuff everywhere, so I hope to hear from them soon about coming over to help themselves.  And Paige told us about a business endeavor she is a part of – OMG.  Trips for Knitters.  You have to check it out.  They put together some really wonderful looking trips to places I want to go.  I need to win the lottery!  I am so glad that Paige said something about her trip on her blog BEFORE she went, so we could meet up.  So often you lovely readers tell about a trip to Maine that you just got home from, and what help is that in having real life get-togethers? Paige, if you are reading this, I hope you have a lovely week by yourself being creative and relaxing before you pick your daughter up and make the long, hot ride home again!

When I got home, I climbed in the pool to scrub and stir, and there was no complaining from me that it was murky and green when I finished (it was) because I was wet and cooler.  A shower had me less murky and green, and we had an early night of it after that.  We both find that this heat really saps our energy… or perhaps it is the lack of oxygen in the air?  Not sure, but it is hateful.

That is it for the weekend, though.  Lots of knitting between small chores, as befits a very hot few days.

This week continues to be hot, and of course there is a holiday in the middle.  Not my favorite structure for a week, but I am not turning down the holiday!  We have no big plans for it, but are open to invitations if anyone in the family comes up with something fun.  Which hopefully will involve swimming in a CLEAN pool!  🙂

22 thoughts on “After the weekend”

  1. This is the drawback to having a holiday on a specific date and not being able to slide it to Monday.
    The heat is crazy here too. My friend in the next town emailed to ask me how I liked the heavy rain. We got no rain here:( The weekend is supposed to be cooler!
    I hope your pool is ready tomorrow. You’re going to need it:)

    1. Driving home I went through at least three very heavy rainstorms. Got home, it hadn’t rained at all! Crazy! It was 97 when I left the office, 77 in those storms, about 85 when I got home. Not loving it. Pool is not ready for anything but more scrubbing, but at least ai am in it for that!

  2. So glad you got to meet up with Paige. I feel like today is Friday because tomorrow is the 4th of July. Must keep telling myself it is only tuesday! A clean refreshing swim in a pool sounds very nice about now. The humidity is settling on the air and I’m grateful for a fan above me

    1. It was fun to meet her, she is so nice! Yes, at work we were laughing. Today is Friday, tomorrow is Sunday, then comes Monday. Then Friday again!

  3. I agree with you about the heat, it just does sap energy. I love that you got to have a meet up, and your yarn shop opens on a Sunday, I wish they did in the UK. How lovely to just pop in and be part of a friendly group. Enjoy your holiday today.

    1. Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised to find them open, but it is summer and we are loaded with tourists. Shops would miss a lot of traffic if they closed on Sundays. I noted that the wonderful fabric store was also open . Next time…

  4. I have had the laziest week EVER and it’s all because of the heat–it has been so awful and my excuse to stay in the one room where we have AC. Your meet-up with Paige and all the knitters sounds like a great time!

  5. I know a little somethin’ about meet-ups, and they can be really special. 😉 Durrow is coming along nicely. Gosh, you chose pretty colors!

  6. The meet up sound like it was great. I have to admit I am always a bit surprised when you mention all your lovely yarn stores. We have none here. I couldn’t even imagine the women here sitting down for a relaxing knit. Everything is a rush even in the heat.

    1. I can’t believe there are no yarn stores near you, when I am sure there are knitters!!! But come visit sometime, I will show them all to you!

  7. Lemon ice does sound refreshing, especially during these hot days of Summer. I wish the weather would cool off soon.
    Your Durrow shawl is going to be magnificent. It’s such an interesting design so far.
    Sounds like you had a great time with an enjoyable gathering of knitters.
    I hope your pool cleaning goes well and you get to cool off in it really soon.

    1. I took a look at the pool this evening, it is better. Not yet appealing, but better! Of course the water is quite warm, but that is to be expected! There is always lemon ice!

      Thanks for the shawl compliments. It is intriguing. This designer has an amazing mind!

      Yes, I had a good knitting community weekend!

  8. Lemon ice sounds wonderful! Your meet-up sounds like it was a great time. I checked out Trips for Knitters and have decided that a big fat lottery win is in order for moi! LOL

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