Friday list rebooted and a swap!

Mom called. J has the flu and she isn’t feeling just right – again! She has been well for two days in 5 weeks. She is quite unhappy about it.

So they aren’t coming today, but a week from Sunday. Can we keep the house tidy for that long? Not sure.

So my amended list includes:

Hardware store for twine and bird seed

PO for swap package

(These two are already done!)

Put up trellises and string to guide plants

Tie up weigela that wants to lean due to snow.

Hop off deck to get those little trees. This is still on the list. But I was looking out there today, and I think I can get around the deck where Mom cleared last summer. No hopping needed.

Scrub the pool.

Knit! I am on the bottom border of the sweater. Two long rows to purl, then bind off. Then pick up and knit the front borders, then lengthen sleeves. That’s it! Can she do it by the time Tour de Fleece starts? It will be close but I think so.

Other odd housekeeping things like laundry. If I must.

So. The swap!!! I participated in a swap run by Kathy of the Compassionate knitter blog. I knew my package was waiting at the po yesterday, but I couldn’t get there in time. As soon as they opened, I was there this morning.

We were to send a skein of sock yarn not from stash, one button, and something red white and blue. Vera from the Threaded Lane blog was my swap partner.

So excited!

A fun bag, a pretty red button, and some new to me sock yarn that is so soft! And has such a nice color range, it will match everything! Diamond Luxury, Soxy Lady. It is superwash wool and alpaca with some nylon.

What a lovely package of squishy mail, thank you, Vera!

26 thoughts on “Friday list rebooted and a swap!”

  1. It’s especially hard being sick during the summer months. I hope J feels better soon. What a terrific swap. The yarn is new to me too so I am going to check it out.

  2. So glad the package arrived safely and that you like things!! I thought it was funny how similar the buttons are that we swapped. Different colors, but similar.

    you’ve got a lot on your plate today – hope you can relax and have some fun too. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks, Vera! I haven’t gotten over to email yet to send you a note, but Ai do love everything. I laughed at the bag, because my first idea for red white and blue was a bag, but when I got to the store they were all out of the ones I wanted, so I went with plan B.

      Yes, a busy day but the pace got a whole lot slower when Mom called this morning.

  3. I hope everyone feels better quickly!
    That’s a great swap package! You were spoiled:)
    I’m glad you’ve got knitting on your to do list. My list is laundry, dishes, mow the lawn (and my neighbors, I’m housesitting.) and knit.

    1. Ugh, rough day to have to mow two lawns. I already got into the roses to get the trees out, it is brutal in the sun. But the roses smelled so good and the job was pretty quick in the end. Now a knitting break.

  4. How cute is that package! Nice!!!

    Sorry the plans fell through, but it looks like you’ll be keeping well occupied anyhow. And, hopefully J will be better quite soon, wishing them all health!

    1. It is very cute! And yes, I will be well occupied today. I do hope they are better soon, the only thing worse than being sick when you have company is being the company and being sick.

  5. So glad your swap was a fun success. Im hoping everyone was happy. Sounds like it so far!! Only Judy and one other are waiting! 🙂 Its still early. Not due till July3!!!!
    I want that bag

  6. Bless their hearts! I know you’ll miss the help, but you surely don’t need to be around them and they surely shouldn’t travel. Worried about Mom, though, with staying sick. Has she had a good checkup lately? Your trade package is delightful! All of the parts were well-chosen, and I agree with others about the bag – VERY cute! Good luck with the chores and keeping the house clean FOR A WHOLE WEEK. The knitting will be fun though – WOWIE, almost finished. WOO HOO!

    1. Yes, Mom has been to doctor a few times this month. She was just feeling fine when her throat got sore again. Ugh. I will see them next week, hopefully all healthy and strong! Finished knitting body, working on picking up umpteen stitches for trim around fronts and neck now. 😉

  7. That yarn will make great autumn socks–such a nice color range! I hope your family members feel better fast and you can get back to your plans for getting together!

        1. lol usually the same is true for me, though Mom went to Scotland last fall, so I got lots of woolly presents. But usually, no yarn. They all think I have enough! Ha!

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