Friday list!

That’s right!  Another hellish week of meetings and long days means that I have Friday off again.  So you get a list to wear you out and I get it to keep me organized and on track.

The list is going to be all outdoorsy, as J is coming back for his second day of working.  He is bringing Mom and B with him – Mom is feeling much better, she says, so that will be fun.

While he works on the pathway, and I make sure he has everything he needs, I have a few other chores I want to get done.

I need to put up the trellises for the sweet peas and morning glories to climb – they sprouted and are growing fast.

I need to climb off the deck into the rugosa roses and cut down the little volunteer trees that are growing there.

There is a bench that needs a new wooden brace, which is pretty easy in theory, I might ask B to do it.  We have to have things to keep him occupied. 🙂

Not sure I will do it, but there is weed whacking in the back yard (we don’t mow, we just chop down the weeds when they grow more than a couple of feet tall.  They are sparse in the sand.)

The pool water is looking nice and clear which means I need to get in and stir it all up. 😦 That is a good thing to do on a hot day.  We have had a lot of rain this week, and I think that it helps to clear out the pollen and junk from the water, somehow.  Anyway, it is all on the bottom and I can SEE the bottom, so progress is clearly being made.

I’ll fix them all some lunch in the late morning, and when they finish working, we will get delicious local take out for an early supper to thank them for all their hard work.

I fully intend to take a nice cool shower and a long nap when they leave, just as A did last week.

A has to work, so she will be missing all the fun.

By this time tomorrow, we might have a nice new garden path and a few more chores done around the place.


16 thoughts on “Friday list!”

  1. Plans sound good! My weeds are getting away from me around now. We weed wack them. They are too plentiful under the tall pines to pull. I wont use pesticides on them. So the whack is good and I love whacking them down! I am on the hunt for a sickle. We used to have one and we loved it. THe handle broke and we never replaced……
    hoping for a garage sale find!

  2. Yay for major outdoorsy work! I am sure you’ll get so much accomplished. When we work with people, that accountability does keep us focused!

    1. it really does, doesn’t it? And he gets me jump started. I don’t want to disappoint him, so I keep going on these projects all summer long!

  3. You have a very busy Friday coming up. I do hope that you get it all done easily and then take a dip in that pool! Very hot temps are here starting today and for the next week or so. I hear they are headed to the east cost, so that pool will definitely be refreshing. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Climb down into the rugosas from the deck? You are going to be careful about that. Isn’t there someway of getting to the treelings from the bottom? By the way when I was a kid we had a pool. Dad had the honor of cleaning it up in the spring. I remember him using a long, long, handled thing that both scrubbed and stirred up the green stuff on the bottom while also vacuuming. Though to be honest, I think it stirred up the stuff more than it vacuumed. He stood outside the pool and used it. Albeit day after day, until the water and the pool bottom and sides were clear. Do they make them anymore? I remember it had bristles on it too.

    1. Lol 😂 it sounds more dangerous than it is! The deck is about three feet high there, and there are solid roses from there down the hill, so coming up at it would be really hard. I plan to hop down into the fray. Cut the little guys with my loppers and get back on the deck.

      As for the pool, if I had a nicer system, I could do that. The vacuum only works in the good filters. Mine is more like a giant kiddie pool. No vacuum. And I have been too cheap to buy the fancy scrubber but this year might be the year I cave in. Even though that is yarn money I am spending!

  5. You know, if we came to visit several times a year, you’d get A BUNCH done! 🤣🤣🤣 Give Mom a hug for me!

  6. Sounds like a very busy day!! We have a sickle that Fletch uses occasionally…that is tough work though! You’ll feel so good when everything is finished! Have fun. Hope the package arrived ok.

    1. It looks so graceful but not easy! It’s quiet though which whacking is not.

      Sadly, I missed the PO today but will go first thing in the morning. Can’t wait!

  7. Will she manage it all? Will the family members live to tell the tale? Will she cry “uncle” and just flop down on the grass and breathe? Stay tuned . . . . film at 11:00.

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