In which I tell you all the fun things I did for my birthday

This year my birthday fell on a Saturday, hurrah!

And of course I managed to start the celebration early. A little spending money last week at Fiber Frolic, then Friday evening A took me to see Book Club at Reel Pizza in Bar Harbor. Even though I have lived here for more than 20 years, I have never been to this quaint little movie theater/pizza place before. A definite bucket list item. The pizza was quite expensive but delicious.

The movie was good if you didn’t expect Oscar-worthy. It was fun and a little bit predictable. The four main characters seemed to play themselves, but it worked. There were some laugh out loud moments.

I will say that apparently, based on who was in the theater, you have to be female and a certain age to enjoy it, but as I am both, I did!

We stopped for ice cream and still were home by 9! I do love an early movie!

Saturday started with delicious crepes for breakfast, and then my friend Crimson Crow came over so we could go off gallivanting. A wanted to stay home to bake a cake and work on the bookcases. That, and we were going places she didn’t care about.

Our first stop was at Fernwood Nursery and Gardens  in Montville, about 45 minutes away. It’s one of those places like Reel Pizza. Drive by the turn off all the time, but never when we have time to stop. And I read their blog faithfully, love it!!! So this was a definite birthday trip stop.

OMG it was gorgeous! I never knew shade plants could be so colorful and fragrant.

I took a few photos.


They do not do the place justice!

I tried to buy a hollyhock for our front garden, but Denise insisted I take it as a birthday gift! Crimson Crow had let on why were out and about. I will definitely visit there again when we need plants, everything looked so lovely and healthy. maybe after Step brother J comes and spends a few days with my pile of gravel and blackberries?

From there we headed back toward Belfast, and stopped in at a local yarn shop, Heavenly Socks, in the new location. It is a much bigger space and it is SO NICE. I never cared for its little basement location, it was too small and crowded to move or see the yarn. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the new shop is, and how much locally produced or dyed yarn there is.

And I would like it noted that I bought NOTHING there. This time. Not how to support an LYS, but a good way to support my checkbook!

Then we ambled over to Bell the Cat for lunch, also in its new location, and delicious as always.

Our last planned stop was a junk shop in Stockton Springs. I drive past it twice every Saturday on my way to and from Whorls and Purls, and I always wanted to stop and check it out. It was a whole lot of junk and a few treasures. We didn’t get into pricing with the owner, but the few things that were tagged were quite pricey. If I go back to check out any of the things that caught my eye, I will be doing some haggling, for sure.

From there we decided to stop at the grocery store for supper makings and ice cream, and then headed home.

A was done making the cake (no photo but delicious! Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting 🙂 ) so we had that, then visited until supper time.

A lot of eating on my birthday!

Sunday morning my SIL came over for cake and coffee, and gave me one of her adorable handmade bears! She retired last winter, and has been “living the dream,” sewing and crafting to her hearts delight. She has been making great quantities of stuffed bears. Mine is the cutest one.  🙂

After that, life became more mundane. I did some laundry, some weeding, some spinning. I cleaned the porch furniture and moved the plants out of the guest room and out there where they belong. Went to the grocery store for the week’s shopping, and got takeout for supper (more eating!)

I love how the porch looks with the plants on it. Please excuse the wipes , and just focus on the pretty porch and cute cat! Vacuuming is the next thing I need to do out there, and string the lights we got and never put up last summer.  Those things that would be shelves in any one else’s house (wouldn’t they look pretty with candles or plants on them?) are cat perches.  The cats can climb up into the rafters, and they can hop on those and watch the world (chipmunks) go by.  They do that quite often, when they aren’t out there sleeping on the chairs, that is.

And here’s my spinning so far. Nearly done with this bobbin, then need one more just like it. Color has blue tones here that the real thing doesn’t.  It is a gray and brownish gray color, really.

And here’s some knitting to show you, just because. A sock and a hat. Winter is coming, after all! I’d show you the sweater, but I have no recent shots of it.

The sock is actually done now, and its mate is well under way.

So, now I am officially the age that matches my birth year, and that is a little alarming.  No denying I am not young anymore.  Quickly leaving middle age and approaching elderly.  Who could believe it?  And that same number was my order number at the take out stand. I assume that means it will be a good year this year!

50 thoughts on “In which I tell you all the fun things I did for my birthday”

    1. lol It was so much fun! I don’t often just wander into places to see what is what – I am usually going someplace, and not time to stop. And A REALLY doesn’t like antique shops and junk shops – all she sees is clutter. 🙂 She doesn’t mind gardens, but she doesn’t love them, and she can see all she wants in 5 minutes. 🙂 So getting her to stop when we are on our way someplace is tough.

    1. Thank you! And I like how you think. there is still cake and ice cream left, so there will be a few more days of yummy treats at least.

  1. Happy Birthday! Looks to me to be a really fantastic day. And as always, pictures of that porch look so inviting!

  2. Sounds like a great birthday weekend! Your projects are looking wonderful as usual. The spinning looks great! What is it going to be?
    I wish I got more done. Spinning is at a standstill right now. My dogs are taking up a lot of knitting/spinning time with walks and playtime but they’re great company and they keep me moving. My iPad takes up way too much time. Sometimes I have to not allow myself to touch it until things get done.
    It was a great weekend in NH for gardening and the black flies seem to have waned but now the deerflies have started. Lawn mowed, perennials fertilized,etc.
    I would love to have gone to the Squam Lake vendor night on Saturday but didnt want to navigate those unfamiliar country roads. Maybe next year!
    Happy Birthday!

    1. It was a fun birthday weekend! the spinning will be a two ply yarn, but beyond that I do not know for sure. It depends how much I get of it, and it’s mate, which I will spin next.

      I noticed the blackflies aren’t bad this year, but please don’t send the deer flies!

      I dream of Squam. Someday. Wish I lived close enough to go to the vendor night! That would have been fun. But as you say, unfamiliar country roads at night take a lot of energy.

  3. Happy Birthday again and indeed I can see how happy it was! I want to visit all of those places when I’m there, but I suspect we’ll spend a great deal of time knitting on that wonderful porch. Can’t wait!

    1. lol Well, I was scoping out the yarn shop for you guys, so it is in the plans. So is sitting on the porch. Fernwood is not really on the list, as you all have to travel so far, so no plant purchases. But if we happen to be near there we could stop in and say hello. She knits and spins, too. 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday !! Sounds like it was just wonderful. ! I LOVE Your porch. Our screened porch is my haven. I love your cat platforms. I will have to do that here! Your sock came out just amazing. I love the pattern and colorway. Have a wonderful YEAR!

    1. thank you! that screened porch is the best thing we ever spent money on. I would live out there 24/7 if I could. We were talking yesterday about getting a hammock we could easily put up and down so I could sleep out there more easily. 🙂 The cats love it when I do sleep out there, they can stay out all night!

  5. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a really good time. That nursery look fabulous. I could use shade plants that have wonderful scents. Your porch looks wonderfully inviting. I bet you get a lot of knitting done there. Age is something I have worked hard to stop thinking about. At 62 (and believe me I don’t know how I got to this age when it seems like I was just 36 a few years ago) I only invoke age as an excuse when I don’t want to do something such as destashing the yarn vault. My excuse is I am 62 and who knows how long I have left to live. At this age I am not going to spend my time culling my perfect and ever growing stash. Of course I have enough yarn to last me into the next millennium, but I choose to ignore that. Age is a state of mind and my mind tells me I am still 36 until I don’t want to do something.

    1. I like that! And I was 22 last week, so not sure where the heck 59 came from. If you EVER get to Maine, we will go to Fernwood and you can fill the car with plants and yarn to take home with you. Yarn would be good to pack around the plants so that they don’t fall over. 🙂

      1. Gosh I really like that idea. With everything that’s going on behind the scenes here it is so tempting to pack up the car and just go and get some breathing space.

  6. You cannot possibly be 59, for I’m almost sure I taught you that a lady never admits to being older than her bra size. (Or her shoe size if she’s being fun and silly).

    But … whatever age you are – BELATED BIRTHDAY GREETINGS!
    I hope your day left you happy and relaxed. Sounded like a fabulous day.

    Photo’s are brilliant. Love the porch … and the cat. I swear I can hear her saying “You’re doing it again mother!” – taking photos that is. Bless her heart.

    Sending [late] birthday squidges. ~ Cobs.x

      1. See … so that means that when you’re being daft, silly and giggly – like a little girl would be – if you look at yourself from a different view point, and guess what age that child is – you’d see that your inner child is actualy 9 years old!
        Me … I’m 7…. and she (my inner child) is very much alive and puts in an appearance many times a day. I have absolutely no control – over her or me. lol
        ~ C. xxx

  7. happy birthday!
    sounds like a fun time and your porch looks so welcoming!
    Don’t worry about the extra year – we’re all growing one year older with you ^^

  8. Oh, how fun–you got to go to Fernwood Nursery! You took some great photos there and how sweet that Denise gave you the plant! Your birthday week sounds perfect all the way around. I have to admit, I wondered about the little shelves on your (fabulous) porch–I can’t show my cats the photos or they’d demand their own perches!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was very sweet of Denise! She is pretty amazing, and so glad s the place!

      No, don’t let your cats see the perches. Or, the rope wrapped fence post they can also run up to the rafters. Not in that photo but definitely there!

  9. Awww a very Happy Birthday! I’m glad there was cake and lots of eating…. exactly how it should be. Your porch looks like a wonderful place to sit and do something “yarny”.

  10. Happy belated Birthday wishes. What a great time you had. So much to see and do.
    The porch and kitty and plants are all beautiful. So lovely and sunny. 🙂
    Enjoy the last bit of this week and the upcoming weekend.

    1. Thanks! I did have a great time! And I love my porch. I could sit out there knitting and spinning all day. But it isn’t the weekend yet. 🙂

  11. A belated happy birthday to you! It sounds like the perfect weekend! I’m glad it was a good one for you, and I hope it portends for a good year ahead.

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