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As you know, I don’t do a lot of reposting. But each year I DO repost when the Yarn Harlot starts promoting her big fundraising bike rally, and this year is no exception.

She is raising money for Toronto based group that does amazing work providing support to people who are HIV positive and education to us all.

It’s an important issue, even today with all the progress made in treating this disease, all the knowledge of how to prevent it, new cases are reported each day.

In North America, 25% of those new cases are women. And some are children.

The Yarn Harlot is going to get on her bike and ride from Toronto to Montreal. It is a long way, and not an easy ride. She has had her own issues to deal with this year, so it will be harder than normal.

I am going to support her in this effort, and I hope you will, too. Hop on over to her blog to read about it, and do follow the link she gives to last year’s post. As usual, it is powerful.

I’ll get back to regular programming in a bit.

4 thoughts on “Antivenom”

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Sal. I’ve lost too many friends to this dreaded disease and appreciate you upping the awareness.

    1. Thanks Kendra. Ditto on the losing friends. It’s awful. And the Yarn Harlot does a lot to make a difference. Sharing her post is a small thing.

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