Quick weekend report

The weekend went much as planned. The weather was absolutely perfect for all the things I had on my plate.

Saturday was sunny and very breezy, so I was able to work in the yard in the early morning without being tortured by black flies and mosquitoes. I got lots of weeding done, and planted the last of the seeds I wanted to. Likely too late to be really effective, but better to try than not! I also planted a six pack of zinnias that one of A’s co-workers gave me. She has a green house and is growing flowers to sell. I was hoping she had some tomato plants for sale but she doesn’t. She did suggest where I could get some, though. Maybe this weekend I will track some down. Need to get them in the ground if I am going to. Last year I didn’t even try. The previous year, for the first time here, we had those big ugly caterpillars. I am hoping by not growing them any food last year they went away again. So I am willing to try again.

Anyway, after standing on my head in the yard for a couple of hours, I cleaned up and went off to Whorls and Purls, which was fun and productive as always. Still plugging away on the body of my sweater, and did a few rounds on my sock.

Sunday morning I was back over at the Purple Fleece before 8 to meet a couple of the ladies to head off to Fiber Frolic. We gathered up another along the way, and got there a little after 9.

It was an absolutely perfect day again! Less windy, but sunny and very dry and cool. And the crowds were very small compared to Saturdays in the past, so we were able to walk around and talk to vendors without being crushed. It did feel like there were fewer vendors there, but there were plenty of them, and most of my favorites were there. I only noticed I was missing one in particular.

My budget was just the right size, letting me get a few things here and there, but not going wild and dreaming crazy dreams of future projects.

I got (from the top) some sock yarn from String Theory Hand Dyed on the bluestocking base, which is BFL with a touch of nylon. I usually get her merino cashmere base, but I thought I would branch out. And I need more dark blue socks.

Then some lace weight yarn from PineStar Studio. I love her colors and can never resist a skein of her lace yarn. She also packages up gorgeous kits of yarn for patterns that don’t require full skeins of a few colors, like a linen stitch scarf or a fade style cowl. And this year she had mini skein bundles as well. I could literally spend thousands in her booth. I still haven’t knit up last year’s purchase (a skein of a silk blend destined to be a Reyna shawl) but that didn’t stop me from adding to the collection.

Next is a ball of blended colors on a silk and merino base. Last year I missed a super deal on this stuff by running out of cash before I found her. This year I went there first. 😊 She didn’t have quite the same super deals, but I got 5 ounces of this. It is very similar to some I got in Wisconsin, so I think I will spin them all together, someday, and have enough for something fun like a vest or something.

Last up are some pretty little handmade brass buttons. Not sure what they will go one, but I will think of something. The booth that had these is one I visit every year to drool. It is an LYS shop in the Portland area that I haven’t visited yet, but intend to someday. She always has this lovely camel and silk, yak and silk, merino and silk, blended fiber for sale. It is all gorgeous! I love touching and ogling it. But my wallet has kept me from trying it out. One day I will. I found the button rack and had a hard time choosing among the selections, they were all so beautiful.

So with these purchases, the gate fee, lunch, lemonade, and an ice cream, I came home with 18 cents to get me through the week! Luckily I have a full tank of gas and a pot of chili for lunches. πŸ˜‰

We finished the day at the festival by watching some sheep shearing before heading for home.

When we dropped of one of the ladies, we got out for a visit at her wonderful house. She has a perfectly sized house on a lake, so it was fun to see the place she is always talking about , and see her fiber den. It is very cozy and lovely, complete with a friendly cat.

On the whole it was an excellent fibery weekend!

How was your weekend? Did it go as planned, or were there surprises?

28 thoughts on “Quick weekend report”

  1. I like your purchases very much! Worth the sacrifice for the rest of the week πŸ˜‰
    I also did some shopping, but mostly online and charity (thrift) shops – some pictures for the walls and some yarn πŸ™‚ now budget is also tight… 😁

    1. I did have a nice weekend, and the festival was a GREAT success! It was very low key, nothing frenzied about it, and we all had fun, I think.

    1. that is a shame! I hate hot humidmuggy weather, and we were very fortunate to have just right temps and humidity. Now we are having very cold and rainy, but we do need the rain, so I am not complaining. Just bundling up.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Good for you! You deserve it. You’re going to love the BFL. I love knitting things up in it. It has great stitch definition and remains looking gorgeous for a long time even through repeated wearings.

    1. thanks! It was a great weekend. πŸ™‚ I have heard BFL is good fro socks, so I reluctantly let go of the other sock yarn to pick it up. It felt soft, and actually was $4 cheaper (which let me get my lemonade on the way out) so I thought I would try it.

  3. Sounds like a perfectly fabulous weekend and your purchases are wonderful! BTW, for those tomato hornworms (“big ugly caterpillars”), plant marigolds in with your tomatoes. They hate marigolds and will stay away. I once had a big issue with them – I planted the marigolds (based on info from an organic companion planting book), and the caterpillars disappeared. It’s a great, safe, and pretty solution. Good luck!

    1. ya know, that is what I had always heard, and done, but did not do it the last time. I will do that again, thanks for the reminder!

  4. Love all your new purchases. The yarns are scrumptious and the buttons so pretty. Can’t wait to see what you create with them. Sounds like a wonderful time at the festival. I need to find a fiber festival to go to that is not too far away. My weekend was pretty low key as I am still recovering from knee surgery. I did venture out with hubby and did some quick shopping. Hoping to do a little more this weekend.

    1. I hoe that you are healing well and fast so that you can be more mobile! I am sure there is a festival not TOO far away. They are lots of fun, but I do find I prefer the smaller, more local ones to the big regional ones. I want to go to Rhinebeck and Maryland someday, but I am OK putting those off.

  5. well done with all the gardening and “wow” to your lovely buys. That purple “feathers” yarn is very drool-worthy!

    1. lol If I could think of a good hook, I would let you start my Go Fund Me page! But just supporting a fiber habit doesn’t seem a worthy cause. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Nanacathy! It was a great weekend! I like the buttons because they are different, and not too big. I will find the right thing for them, for sure!

    1. Thanks, Cobs! I can get through the week with 18 cents, if I try. If something unexpected comes along, I can of course, dip into the checking account, but then I will have some explaining to do to A, where did my pocket money for the week go? πŸ™‚

  6. Our weekend went as planned w/Saturday about all about the fifth grader’s upcoming 11th birthday and a lazy Sunday. Great buys you got from a great day of fun.

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