Keeping you in the loop

Or, what a difference a month or so makes! The real spring is here!

Remember when I posted here about the family heirloom primroses, and how sad they looked in the garden with the rocks and the snow?

Here is what greeted me this morning when I left the house –


I shared them on Instagram with the hashtag #notdeadyet  🙂


I also found this as I was getting into take that photo – some little volunteer violets. I think I will leave them be and hope they spread.


And now I see there are some wee weeds in this photo, I will get them out tonight.


I also saw several volunteer lupines in the garden, and I will leave them be, I adore lupines, even though I know they are technically invasive.  They grow in the gravel we call soil, so I have to love them.  I doubt that these seedlings will bloom this year, but you never know.  And I have some more mature plants that will bloom this year and scatter their seeds to the wind for me.

I also have asparagus up! I counted about 16 stalks this morning.  Of course, seeing no sign of them on Saturday, I bought some asparagus at the grocery store.  We will be well fed on asparagus this week!


26 thoughts on “Keeping you in the loop”

  1. Fabulous photos! A little warm weather, and a lack of rain for a few days, can work wonders with seasonal flowers.
    Our garden is looking so green now, and flowers are out and blooming. I swear to dog that they’re smiles from the earth. So uplifting to see them.

    GREAT post Salpal. Loved it. ~ Cobs. xxx

  2. Beautiful flowers! It must be spring!
    I love lupine! I’ve planted plants and seeds and they just won’t stay.
    Enjoy your asparagus! It’s so good at this time of the year that we tend to eat it every week while it’s fresh/local.

    1. Your soil might be too good for lupine, they thrive in poor soil, which is why I am so lucky with them in this pile of gravel!

      Yes, we love asparagus season around here. And I got more chicken to make your recipe, too.

  3. Yay for Spring! It arrived here as well. Isn’t it funny how you don’t see something until you see the photo?

    I’m jealous of your asparagus. I must do some research to see if it will grow where I live…and in poor soil.

    1. It will grow there, but you might have to amend the soil. I built a deep raised bed on my poor soil and filled it with good soil, and I replenish it with manure and compost in the fall. It is worth it!

    1. I don’t know that answer… but I do know they like poor soil, which I have in spades. You do get cold enough, but maybe you get too hot in the summer?

  4. I’m wondering if we call lupines lupins here in the UK. The names seem too close for that not to be so. Primroses are so beautiful. I’m pleased yours have finally woken up. Looks like you’re going to have a very short springtime.

    1. They might be the same thing, when they bloom, I will take photos for you!

      Yes, we are having a late spring, so it probably will be short. 😢

  5. I’m so excited to see you getting pretty greens and flowers in your yard! They are so pretty and we don’t get anything like those here. WOO HOO for spring!!!

    1. These would die so fast in your heat. I am happy to share the photos with you. Still waiting to see all those amaryllis growing IN THE GROUND!

      1. Did I not post a picture in the group of all of my amaryllis growing? I thought I had. If not, I’ll do that.

  6. Lovely to see all the green in Spring. And your primroses survived. Yay! Strong little plants are they. Lovely violets, I have those too, and they seem to be happy to just spread out.
    Enjoy the weather there. 🙂

    1. It is good to finally be seeing some green – the trees are starting to pop out, too. I see buds on the cherry tree, we might have blossoms on time! Our anniversary is next week, and the trees were just gone by when we got married. So they are a few days behind, but not too much. I hope those violets will spread out, they are so sweet! I might even move that one to a spot where it isn’t crowded by rocks.

      1. Awesome. Lovely to see your anniversary is coming along, and with the trees playing along to, I hope you have blossoms next week.
        Yes, those little violets are so cute and eager. I am sure this one will grow regardless of where it is. 🙂

    1. It is, and I will! We are having another beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies, it goes so well with green grass. And the trees are really starting to open up, I noticed that faint green haze on the distant hills when I drove to work today.

  7. Yes! Primroses are lovely and I adore lupines. I can’t get either to grow here. It seems we lost a number of perennials to the winter season. I hate replanting just to have them expire again.

    1. I am sorry you lost things this winter – it is so hard when we get weather that is unnatural for our zone. The plants we have can’t survive, and if we plant for the “new” zone, then when we get regular weather, they die anyway. Grrr.

      A few people have said they can;t get lupines to grow – I wonder if your summers are too hot? I knwo these primroses came over from England or Scotland, so they like the cooler summers, but I think other varieties can stand the heat. Keep trying!

  8. Spring really moved in all of a sudden, didn’t it? We went from 35 degrees to 83 degrees and within a week everything was green and budding and the grass is so overgrown already. I am so happy that your heirloom flowers have bloomed. They look so beautiful and dainty. I don’t think I have ever seen then in person. I hope that they continue to do well and give you much happiness when you see them. I am pretty sure the violets won’t let you down in spreading their beauty 😉

    1. Isnt; it great? We still are getting cool nights, which I love, but the days are so beautiful! Yes, I imagine that in three or four years I will be bemoaning the multitude of violets! But they are so sweet in the spring time.

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