About that list…

I am happy to report that I touched on everything on my Friday list. But I did not complete the things I intended to.

The curtain rods and I had a major argument, and I did not have the tools available to win. Tools are A’s domain, so she will provide me with a drill bit in the proper size and drill with a charged battery today. Then I will hang it. Then I will finish the curtains. I did press them to open up the last bit of sewing I had done, and finished the raw edge at the top. All ready for the rod pocket.

I did get the hose for the pool, hope to get the filter installed today, now that it has stopped raining. 😢

I did go to the grocery store and did bake the cake. And remembered that I meant to buy a cheap bottle of wine and why… we don’t drink wine and thus have no tall glass bottles on which to hang the angel food cake to cool. I fussed a bit, then wrapped a paper towel around a wooden spoon and stuck it in a pitcher, with water to weight it. Not perfect but it worked.

I did fix the berries and make the second most favorite frosting for the cake.

I did get to spin a tiny bit, and knit, but most of the day turned out to be spent in the kitchen.

Made some delicious chicken with potatoes and asparagus, as first read about on Nothingbutknit’s post Monday Minutiae a few weeks ago (can’t seem to link from the phone), and it was so yummy! Will make it again, as soon as our asparagus pops from the ground.

Forgot to stop at the PO while I was out. Who needs more bills anyway?

Here are some knitting progress photos for you so you know you are in the right place!

34 thoughts on “About that list…”

  1. well done!!!
    I didn’t have an official list (I only keep a TODOs note on my mobile phone), but I managed to get some bits done, so at least it feels that the list doesn’t grow to infinity 😉
    and I knitted a few long rows on the shawl… I stopped at the stitch count (need double checking) and lifeline to be put in place before the next section (lesson learnt: do not venture too far without a safety net…)

    1. It really is yummy! I agree the potatoes should be cooked longer, next time I think I will put them in first, then add the rest. So glad you shared it with me!

  2. That was an impressive list to begin with. Good for accomplishing what you could.
    BTW we have lots of wine bottles…empty and full! I’m sure a local bar or restaurant could supply you with an empty if you asked. Keep it with your cake pan.

  3. The knitting looks fabulous. I never knew about the bottle trick in cooling an angel food cake pan but it makes sense. In the last knit picture the project looks way complicated and beautiful.

    1. Thanks! The last photo is Lucy Hague’s Durrow shawl. It will be an heirloom.

      The bottle trick comes from the back of the cake mix box. I am a knitter not a baker!

  4. You did well, Grasshopper! Much accomplished – more than expected. WOO HOO! LOVING the sweater and Durrow. WOW.

  5. Alighting upon things on your list is sometimes as good as actually doing them (says she who often alights but doesn’t necessarily stay); I managed to make some progress on WIPs this weekend, but it’s never as much as I hope for. Nonetheless, there are always WIPs. Good work on the cake; I’m making a banana cream pie this week!

    1. thanks, Ginny! I crossed things off my list, but not permanently – things that got worked on but not done will rear their ugly heads again next weekend. 🙂

    1. I am still on the phone so can’t figure put how to post the link… but if you google chicken potatoes asparagus one pan, i think you will find it. Only other ingredients are olive oil garlic, salt and pepper. Let me know how you like it!

    1. Argh!!! All we have for those is the plastic upside down ones, but it is a good idea. Mom gave me an empty wine bottle. Of course, it is too wide for the cake pan, so I will still need the tall wooden spoon!

  6. That’s clever idea to use a “tall glass bottle to hang the angel food cake on to cool”. I love angel food cakes, but have never made one. Sounds like a tasty treat.
    Your knitting talents are wonderful. I can’t imagine the patience it takes to make the celtic looking design your making. Whatever it’s going to be, it’s going to be beautiful whenever you finish it.

    1. Lol it would be clever if I can find a bottle that my cake pan fits on! But it is not my original idea, I think all the cookbooks say it, and certainly, the back of the cake mix box says it!

      Thanks for the knitting compliment! That celtic piece is a shawl, the squares will form the border. It is a pattern called Durrow by Lucy Hague. It is incredibly intricate, and thus, slow going! But I will get there eventually.

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