April Friday list!

Due to some long hours earlier this week, and my new-found willingness to use a little PTO to top off the timesheet, I have today off. I do love a Friday off. And A will be off visiting a client today, so I have been lying here in bed at my normal wake up time, thinking about what I will do today.

  • I plan on putting up A’s office curtain rod so that I can finish her curtains.
  • Finish said curtains, which just need their rod pocket and then hem.
  • Since we did very little to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday, I thought I would bake her favorite cake while she is gone – angel food cake. There is a special family frosting she likes, not sure I will attempt that one, but certainly I will get some strawberries.
  • That means a trip to the grocery store, so might as well get a few groceries for the week.
  • And stop at the PO while I am out.
  • Head over to the pool supply store and get my spring time chemicals, and also see if they have a replacement hose for the filter. If not, I need to order that online.
  • Spend some time fishing leaves out of the pool. There are fewer than in other years, but still lots.
  • Do a little spinning. After my push to finish hitofude, and then a few hectic weeks, my spinning has been neglected. I have been trying to spin a few minutes a day this week, and this weekend, maybe I can do a little more. I have been contemplating a goal of spinning more fiber than comes in on a monthly basis so I gain on the stash. Since I get one braid a month in the roving of the month club, I think that is feasible, if I pay attention. So I am trying to pay attention before I decide on the goal.
  • I plan to knit on Durrow today. I have been trying to do at least two rows a day and I am finally feeling and seeing movement on this square. As I move closer to the center, it is easier to remember the sequence of stitches in each row, and the rows are shorter so they go faster. Not predicting when I will finish this one, but I think I will finish it, lol. It’s not feeling as endless as the first two.
  • Fine Sand is whizzing right along, and is almost plain stockinette now. Just have to count rows for some shaping. Easy peasy TV knitting, it will surely get some love.

That’s the list! Not sure it will all happen, or if I will get distracted along the way. I’ll let you know! I guess I had better get up and moving.

Hope you all have a good Friday!

24 thoughts on “April Friday list!”

  1. I would think it’s important to fit a little spinning in every day, in order to keep the rhythm going? I find that to be true of hand quilting–I need to keep at it, to keep it looking good. You’ve a busy day ahead! Have fun–it’s spring –wheeeee!

    1. Thank you! I was messing about and will do more messing about sometime, that header is a stock photo. But I thought it would be easier to read.

      And yes, crossing things off the list feels wonderful!

  2. Terrific plans for your day off! I love how you’re thinking of your wife also. I think it’s so sweet how you’ll be working on her curtains and making her favorite cake.

  3. It sounds like a list for an entire week off and not just a day! Yes, start getting the pool ready. Someone told me that on Monday we are getting 80 degree weather. Seeing we’ve been in the high 50s and low 60s that will be quite the shocker. But if we do get it, then you know it’s coming your way. Say a belated Happy Birthday to A for me.

    1. Well, it turns out to be the kind of list that got worked on but nothing really got accomplished!

      I will tell her!

      And please donโ€™t send 80! The pool has a long way to go before it is ready!

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