What I did or didn’t do this weekend

Happy Tuesday that feels like a Monday!

For those of you NOT in Massachusetts or Maine, you might be wondering why today feels like Monday – but we celebrate Patriots Day here, and so yesterday was a holiday.  It has nothing to do with that (in)famous football team, and everything to do with Paul Revere and his famous midnight ride. The one he might not have even made.

I also, being somewhat of a conforming rule-following perfectionist by nature (no, not controlling!), struggle a tiny bit with the fact that we had April 16th off, when everyone knows it was the 18th of April in ’75 that someone somehow made the ride to Lexington and Concord to warn the colonists that the Red Coats were coming.

I don’t care if he did the ride or not, and I can get over the mismatch on dates,  I was happy to have the day off!

What did I do with this wonderful day, you ask? Or not do?

Well first let me tell you that I was in pajamas all day.  A true holiday.  It was cold and rainy out, and I wasn’t going anywhere, so I declared it a pajama holiday.

I did not ride a horse around Boston and environs.

I did finish up the week’s worth of laundry that I started on Sunday.

I did not run in the Boston Marathon.

I did spend several hours in the morning making curtains for A’s office. It’s what she wants for her birthday, and she had chosen the (ugly) fabric years ago.  So, I managed to sew many straight lines to join pieces and hem them.  Just have to get her to hang the curtain rod so I can get the final length on them. Truly, they are not pretty, but they will block the light, which is the goal.  When they are hanging, I will take a photo so you can see what I mean.  I understand why she chose the pattern, but it reinforces my firm rule that we both get veto power on design choices.  Were these hanging anywhere but in her office, I would have rejected them out of hand.

I did not clean the bathroom as I intended.

I did finish a cowl I cast on Saturday.  It is Fisherman’s Gansey by JenJoyceDesigns (I highly recommend this pattern for a few reasons – one is that it is easy to knit and memorize, and doesn’t take much yarn, and two is that it supports a fiber artist who lost her home in the California Fires.) I love the end result, which I knit from yarn I received as a gift from Texas on my trip to Wisconsin last September.  It’s a treasure. It is unblocked in this photo, a theme as you will soon see. Also, the color is bad here, blame Mother Nature, she only sends gray days this year. It is actually a pretty pinky-beige, like granite.

I did not cast on my next sweater.

I did block the Hitofude (after I took this photo), and so have a slight amount more hope that it will fit. I finished the knitting on it Friday and foolishly tried it on.  Very disappointing, it was tight when it shouldn’t be, and cut in unflattering ways across the front of me.  I am hopeful that I stretched the lace out enough to fix all of this, but if not, I am resigned to that fact, and will happily give it to the niece whom it fits, and who wants it.  I am moving on.  And I have enough of the yarn left over to knit a nice lacy shawl, so that is good.

I did not spin.

I did knit a few rows of my Durrow, and have determined that once you get about 8 rows in, the going in squares are easier than the going out squares.  Not sure I will believe this all the way through, but for now, it is easier to manage.  I can see how the whole will look already, very exciting to me.  And when I finish this square, I get to change out the dark purple for the medium purple for the next squares.  Progress!

I think that is about it!  It was a holiday, after all.

Oh wait – one more set.

I did make delicious, scalloped potatoes and ham for my lunch (adapted recipe from William Sonoma cookbook “Cooking for Yourself.”)

I did not eat supper.


I wonder if Longfellow would be able to write a many stanzaed poem about this day in 2018?

16 thoughts on “What I did or didn’t do this weekend”

  1. Sounds damn near perfect! I happened to be in my pajamas until about 3pm, mostly because I just started working and thought, “Why get dressed now when you’re going to yoga later?” So I went from pajamas to yoga gear. Felt like the right progression.

    1. Lol that sounds pretty good, too! I did take a shower in the afternoon, but just put on clean jammies. That’s the joy of doing ALL the laundry at once!

  2. Patriot’s Day is a weird one. My husband sadly had to work yesterday. He’s grumpy today because it’s tax day (the joy of yesterday being a holiday we get an extra day to submit our taxes!) and he’ll have last minute folks banging on his door for 30 minutes after his post office closes.
    Your cowl is lovely! Your sweater looks so pretty. I hope blocking is magic:)

    1. yeah, it isn’t one of the big federal ones that closes to PO. Doesn’t he stay open until midnight for procrastinators? lol. I can’t tell you the number of tax questions I have fielded today, and our last clinic was last week. I think folks want me to say I will help them file their returns today, but I refrain.

      Thanks fro the kind words on the knitting – the cowl was my reward for hanging in there on the sweater, and not casting anything on. But I will cast on my next sweater tonight or tomorrow night. Durrow is good, and I need to devote time to it, but it is not something I can pick up and drop. I am thinking I will try for two rows minimum on it a day until I get the squares done. Even at that rate, it will be months! But in the center of the squares, the rows are shorter thus go faster, so I might be able to make this happen before next winter. Was I crazy doing this??? Argh!

  3. Oh I needed that post. Thank you for saying you stayed in your pajamas all day! etc. Your sweater blocked is just gorgeous. I hav eto get over this expectation to be DOING something all the time.

    1. The sweater isn’t blocked in that photo – but thank you! You will see it blocked very soon. It wasn’t dry yesterday, but it might be tonight. Maybe I will be able to get a nice shot of it soon.

      You are welcome for Pajama Holidays. Sometimes they come on Sunday, too. I still do things, but definitely lower key and nothing outside the house. After a busy several weeks, the down time is very necessary. And as I told Claudia – I actually DID take a shower and then put on clean pajamas. I was doing laundry, and wanted NOTHING in the hamper when the day was done. It was the only way to do it. Plus, what is better than a shower, clean pajamas and clean sheets? 😉 It was all about comfort and relaxing. Puttering, no list and no racing about. A good day.

  4. “Listen, my children, and you shall hear, of the pajama day off of Sarah Dear”. LOL. My hubby was out of town this weekend and I had a pajama day on Saturday. Every now and then, you just need a free day to regroup and it’s SO nice. Now you have me really wanting to see those curtains! From your friend in Texas, I’m so glad you love the yarn! I’m enjoying the one you dyed for me too. YEA, US!!!

      1. I knew you’d appreciate it. 😂 Good for you on the load of laundry and the two curtains. All I got done on my pajama day was to ummmmm, weeeelllll, KNIT!!! There may have been a movie or two in there too.

        1. Lol that is about all I did on Sunday! But the curtains have a deadline, and I wanted to do them when I was home alone, so that was my time.

  5. Good for you. A pj day is needed every now and again. I call them my mental health day but I don’t get nearly as much done as you do. I think the sweater looks wonderful. With all that lace it should block out to be larger than unblocked.

  6. You worked so hard, for so long, on that sweater and now you might not like it?! That would be so disappointing! You sound very “zen” about it, though . . .

    We have friends who ran the Boston–what an AWFUL weather day! You made the right choice not to run . . . 😉

    1. I will have big news on the sweater front in a few days – but I will give you a hint – blocking is my friend!

      As for the Boston Marathon, I have made that same decision every year, and I will continue to not run in it. I am doing the world a favor. 🙂 It was a very crummy day for it, which is a shame. Though, if I were to run it, I would prefer cold to hot where weather is concerned.

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