Is it real?

Ice went out of the pool while I was at work yesterday!

Tulips and day lilies and muscari and garlic are poking up their heads! And I think I saw a lovely red thing in the new rhubarb bed!

Cold be damned, Spring is pushing through.

Though yesterday was lovely and warm, we are having a cold weekend. But I have hope that more warm days will be here soon.

Gotta go start cleaning leaves out of the pool!

20 thoughts on “Is it real?”

  1. Yes, Spring seems to have arrived according to my allergies. Yesterday was a warm 75 degrees. The daffodils don’t look like they are going to immediately die from inhospitable weather. That said, I heard a rumor of 40 degree temperatures and some snow coming. But as of right now my allergies are in full bloom, a sure sign of Spring.

  2. We had a cute little crocus pop its head up on Thursday, and today we’re in some kind of apocalyptic ice/rain wind storm. Batten down the hatches! I’m making beef stew.

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