Still here!

In case you thought I was lost, I am here to tell you I am not!

We had a nice weekend – the usual activities like chores and Whorls and Purls. Plus we went up to Bangor Saturday evening to take A’s niece out to supper for her birthday. Nothing fancy, we took her, her daughter, and niece to Elevation Burger for some delicious burgers. We followed that with a trip to the grocery store after we dropped them off. Very exciting!

I have been really concentrating on getting the hitofude done. I am on the ribbing and expect to get it done this week. I also did some swatching for the next sweater. I am not getting gauge, so I have to decide about how much math I want to do, and what kind of fabric I am looking for.

The top one is 44 stitches on size 4 needles, the bottom one is 44 stitches on size 3 needles. The bottom one is closest to gauge, but a little small. The fabric is pleasantly firm, not tight and stiff. The upper one is way big on gauge, and makes a looser, almost drapey fabric. So I just need to decide which fabric I really want and how much math I want to do!

This yarn is the yarn I made in my big combo spin last year. Been thinking about what sweater it will be for a year now! As soon as hitofude is done, I will cast on.

Durrow has been largely ignored this week, but a bit of spinning did happen Saturday morning.

At work life is improving. Last week was a killer with me being sick and the last week of our busiest tax site. But I got through that and am feeling better. Yesterday was our very last tax day, and now it is all about wrapping up loose ends and gathering data for reports. On to the next big project! There are a few in the pipeline but nothing like tax season!

See? I am still kicking!

29 thoughts on “Still here!”

  1. The combo spin yarn is going to make a great sweater! It looks great in the swatches!
    Glad you’re feeling better!

    1. Thanks! Doc prescribed a vast array of pills, and I did what she said, so the head is clearing out without draining down and causing coughing and bronchitis. Yea!

      I appreciate the kind words about the yarn – I am pretty proud of it!

    1. Thank you – I think it will make a pretty striped one in all my favorite colors. A coat of many colors. 🙂
      I do feel better, but now and then I wonder if it is real or if it is the pill combo? Two more days of antibiotics, and I will start reducing the decongestants and see what happens. Not afraid to go back to the DR to make sure things are moving along as they should. I do think the ear infection is gone, but the sinuses are still draining…

      Spring – yes please! I am tired of brown, or worse, white.

  2. good to see you’re still alive and keeping busy.
    Your current knitting looks gorgeous – lovely shade changes.

    1. Thanks! The stripes won’t be so wide in the garment, of course, because the rows will be longer, but I think they will blend and look pretty. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think it will be OK. I will wear it to death anyway. 🙂

  3. I was hoping with the passing of The Big Day that things would get back to a more normal process for you at work. I love the swatches, they are very pretty. I think what I’ve learned when it comes to large projects with handspun is you have to be flexible and go with where the yarn leads you. Often this means, for me, trying multiple patterns until I find one where the gauge I’ve got TRULY works. What I believe will work in my head with the yarn and what works in reality are often two different things. It’s tough! But naturally pretty rewarding once the “aha!” pattern is found. Good luck!

    1. Oh, I think work will get much better. there are always projects and reports and grants, but when they are laid over taxes is when it becomes really awful. Now it is back to just normal stresses.

      I SUPPOSE I could look at another pattern, but I sort of had my heart set on a sand, and it clearly is closer to Fine than Quick. 🙂 I figure that the only difference between those two is gauge, and I have both patterns, so I can see how the designer handled that difference. Then I can make the changes to match whichever gauge I choose, and call it Maine Sand or something. 🙂 But I will keep your words in mind and not be afraid to choose a different pattern that better matches gauge. Oh my – can I search Ravelry using gauge as a search criteria? Oh heavens…

  4. I really love how your yarn is knitting up – the stripes are great! That gauge conundrum stinks – boo. It’s hard to find that “perfect pattern” when it’s such a special yarn, but I know you’ll find it. Which of the swatches do you like the texture best? Let me know the gauge and maybe I can help find a pattern? Glad you’re feeling better!

  5. The yarn looks lovely, and I’m sure in either form -drapey or more substantial – it’ll be a pleasure to wear. I’m hoping to clear the deck this month of the active projects I currently have going. I’m in that moment where I’m not really in love with any of them; need to get through that part and back to the love.

  6. So, when you use precious handspun yarn to knit samples do you then unravel it and use it in the real project? It seems you use up quite a bit . . . It’s really pretty.

    1. Lol yes, I do unravel it! This has been knit up twice and pulled out twice and the yarn seems fine. A good test for the durability, huh? Yes, a good sized swatch will use up quite a lot of yarn, but the bigger, the more accurate the measurements. I try for at least 6 inches, preferably 8. If it isn’t precious hand spun, I hang onto it in case I run short, but for this yarn, I did it right away.

  7. Good to hear you are feeling better and that tax season has finally come to its end. I love the hand spun yarn. Both swatches look great. If the yarn had a vote, which gauge do you think it would prefer to be knit at? Don’t forget to give the swatches a little bath before you make up your mind.

    1. Thank you! I gave them both a good soaking. I think the yarn was OK in both. The larger needle required fewer alterations to the pattern, even though the smaller needle was closer to gauge, it was a little shy and Would mean me making up a size the designer hadn’t worked on. By using the size 4 needle, I can make a smaller size. I will still need to adjust sleeve circumference, but that is manageable.

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