What spring looks like at my house

I see so many posted photos of early spring flowers, and thought I would share one with you.

These primroses are heirlooms. I got them when Mom divided hers. She got them from her mother, who got them from her mother. We don’t really know how far back that chain goes, but we know it is pretty far. She has moved them with her from house to house over the years. They love to grow for her, so she has shared them with me and my siblings as wanted. I had some in my garden in Cherryfield, and last year had enough garden here to be able to accept some from her. They survived the transplant, and were well established when winter hit.

Now we wait to see if they survived their first winter near my front door. Where all the snow from steps and driveway gets piled.

In the real spring, I will clean out the rocks and refresh the mulch, adding compost to the soil and hope they love it and grow and bloom for me, too.

22 thoughts on “What spring looks like at my house”

  1. I sure hope they make it! I love the plants that are passed down through families, and I have many in my yard. It really is a SMILE when they are up and blooming!

    1. Yes, we do! Just a few more weeks, and flowers will appear, I feel sure of it.

      So many people were posting photos of their spring primroses, I wanted to be part of the gang. And to let them know how lucky they are to have them so early!

  2. I bet they survive! That’s what my primroses look like right now too. Primroses are like the promise of spring. Can’t wait to see them blooming!

  3. I love the idea of passing down flowers like that. It’s April 6 here and it’s snowing. I can’t ever remember having snow this late is the year around here. The crocus have given up. The daffodils are withering without blooming as I write this. The birds, especially the robins, are in really bad moods. The squirrels are just nuts over it all. We are expecting 1 to 3 inches. Winter doesn’t seem to want to move on.

    1. It is snowing here, too. But not as unusual for us! Bulbs just poking up so they should be OK. But it grows old, doesn’t it? Snow. It’s not so pretty right now.

    1. Larger plants are dug up and then broken in pieces, as long as some good roots and leaves go with each bundle, then plant as individual plants.

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