Wednesday and it isn’t snowing!

And it isn’t even supposed to!  This week’s storm is a bit later than normal, and it is going to be…



wait for it…




On Friday, we are supposed to get RAIN!  I am so thrilled.  Rain will wash away some snow.  Rain doesn’t need to be shoveled. Rain means we can keep to the planned tax schedule.

I love rain.

This week is turning out to be a different one. A few out of the norm things at work and in real life, and I feel like I am not getting my usual crafting time in, which makes me feel a bit out of sorts.  Plus I am coming down with a cold or something.

Monday morning I got to work to find an email from the boss asking if I could help him arrange dinner for the board meeting to be held Tuesday night.  I didn’t have to attend (good, because I couldn’t) but if I could get him on the right track?

Now, of course I could, and did, but here’s the thing.  These meetings happen monthly.  The woman who usually takes care of dinner is on vacation, which we have all known about for months. She missed the last two meetings due to scheduling conflicts. Why he can’t see these things coming ahead of time and plan accordingly is beyond me.  Had he done so, I would have cooked him a nice casserole and gotten him some green salad and cookies so there would be no scramble.  Because he left it until the end, he got frozen lasagna, and he had to cook it himself at the location, which meant he had to be there quite a bit ahead of time. Why his lack of planning is my emergency, I do not know.  Except that he is the boss, so can do it that way.  I will no longer assume that it is taken care of when I learn she is to be away.  From now on, I will volunteer to arrange things ahead of time.  Because even though it is not remotely up to me, and others who DO attend these meetings are perfectly capable of doing this, some how when it is a crisis, it falls to me.  I guess that is good, but it also is annoying.  🙂

So that whole process shot Monday morning for a loop.

Monday we also learned that A’s nephew’s father-in-law passed away.  We did not know him well, but he was a very nice fellow, and we adore his daughter, so that was sad.  Nephew lives in PA, and Dad lived here near us, so there was scrambling and traveling and all manner of things they had to sort out.  The calling hours were last night, and it was pretty special to see all the people he touched over the years gather.  It was overwhelming for his children, but I think in a good way, to see all the people who loved their dad.

When we left there, we went to my second favorite place to eat in Bangor, Elevation Burger. Yum yum, organic local food is delicious!  But that meant we got home way past bed time, so no basketball (we taped Monday’s games) and no knitting.

Before we went up to the calling hours, I met one of our tax volunteers at the home of another volunteer who is going through some tough health issues. Together we prepared his tax return and visited, and I got to meet his lovely wife.  I was sorry to have to dash off, but so glad for the opportunity to see him and his wife.  And see that he is still very much himself! and I feel more confident that he is getting the best possible care and I am hopeful that I can convince him to volunteer one more year when he recovers.  He says no, but I think he misses us.  Maybe even enough to agree to it. 🙂

Today is a regular work day, I think, though I might not stay all day.  And tomorrow is a short day, depending on what I do today.  If I last all day today, I might take tomorrow off and just chill.  Friday will be a long day, and I have to keep my hours to 40 for the week.  So with a little vacation time thrown in, I could get the day off.  I feel like I need to nap, and it is better to do that at home than at work.  🙂

So. Donning my mask and heading off to the office.  Don’t want to share the germs. Wish whoever had shared with me hadn’t.  Sharing is not always as good as Mom led us to believe.





22 thoughts on “Wednesday and it isn’t snowing!”

  1. I don’t envy your schedule during tax time. Glad you find time to chill ( and knit, I bet!). Let’s hope the rain does wash away some snow but oh, won’t our road be a mud pit!

    1. It is a crazy schedule but only a few more weeks! I always find time to knit. 😉. Ugh the mud. You are right. But the sooner it comes the sooner it can dry out!

    1. I wound up taking today off so that has helped. Slept an extra three hours this morning, took a morning nap. It’s pretty wonderful how good sleep feels!

  2. Hopefully knitting will come back along with basketball. You didn’t ask for advice, but I will say – let you boss suffer with frozen lasagne. It’s the only way he’ll learn, and if he doesn’t, well, there’s lots of frozen lasagne.

    1. Lol he did do the frozen lasagna, and no one complained. But maybe it was enough trouble to him that he will pay more attention in the future!

  3. Take care of yourself. I hope you are feeling better. Your schedule is tight and full and didn’t need the extra work of pulling a dinner together. Your boss turns to you because he can count on you making it all work even if it is at the last minute. Make sure to make time for yourself. As for weather, we are in full mud mode here.

    1. Thanks! I took today off, am doing lots of sleeping and binge watching shows I recorded on Create TV. I should be good to go by morning. 😉

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