This time the nor’easter arrived as predicted and it is snowing and blowing for all it is worth. Boss sounded downright glum when he called. He knew I was toning down my joy.

A little later I will have to start calling tax clients, but other than that, today is about shoveling and knitting and spinning.

Here’s a quick shot of the scarf I am knitting for my favorite co-worker and customer –

It will get a border and a flower when I finish the center cabled panel.

We are safe and warm and ready for the power to go out, though we hope it won’t. Hope you all are also safe and warm.

PS if you know anyone at CBS News you could let them know that the storm has not yet finished with the east coast as they just implied. Maine is in the US and gets no respect on national weather and news. Just saying.

30 thoughts on “SNOW DAY!”

  1. Yay! No school!!! Makes you feel like when you were a kid! A bonus knitting day! The scarf is working up nicely.
    Still snowing in MA also. The snow and trees are very pretty but it is going to be a lot of work clearing the heavy,wet cement-like precipitation. Hopefully we don’t lose power.
    Enjoy the day!

    1. Yeah, I think it is! On The news lead in they talked about the storm as if it were past tense. Duh. NYC is not the whole world. Hope you have power and heat so you can knit in peace – I presume you also have a snow day?

        1. Go to work early in this storm? Poor guy! But at least he knows you and the kids are safe. Good that your daughter can work from home. A is doing that today, too. She is learning there is good and bad about self employment. 😉

  2. Try being the midwest on the news. Unless there’s a tornado, we don’t exist. I get it! I am glad you are at home safe and warm (so far) and I am glad A got her opportunity for another shoveling session (snort). Anyhow, even if you had to make a few calls, I feel certain you really needed this storm and time off.

    1. I know! You guys aren’t really there, either. Weather goes from California to NY without stopping, and then it disappears. 😖

      Yes, the calls are annoying but not hard. The morning appointment calls are made. I stopped for a while because I was waking people up, so I will do the afternoon calls in a little while. I am thrilled for the extra day off! Lots of Create TV shows are on the DVR, A asked me to watch them while she works, lol.

  3. Ugh, when will this season end, right? We are getting snow again today, too. I heard on my news that Maine is getting snow as well as other eastern states. I do hope it’s over quick, not as much as expected and that your power remains on. Be careful when out there shoveling. I love the pattern in the scarf. Can’t wait to see the finished product with flower and border. Sounds so sweet and elegant. Though I am secretly hoping that your friend doesn’t get to wear it until next year because Spring is coming 😉

    1. I really thought the season was over but no. And another nor’easter in the forecast for next week! Maybe it will be rain…. and yes, I hope she doesn’t need the scarf to keep warm, either!

  4. Good that you are well-kept at home! We seem to be missing all the action, which I can’t say I’m sad about, but if it’s going to snow again, I want it to really snow. No more of this slushy stuff that just ends up being banks of crusty grey snow along the edge of the roads.

    1. I hear you! This is real snow, though not the light fluffy stuff we get in the deep winter. I assume it will be nasty and dirty in a day or two. The ground underneath is not frozen, so mud will be an issue soon. But it is pretty!

    1. It is cold and raw out. Did a bit of shoveling earlier and have some more to do but I am putting it off…

      Thanks, the scarf will be very dramatic. 😉 some of everything in this pattern!

    1. They are good for that! And not much else. 😉. Maybe you should schedule snow days – just block out the day and schedule NOTHING that day. Do not leave the house, lol

  5. Aha, a snow day after all. Just glad you are all home and safe and warm, with time to knit and hibernate.
    lol. Do not know anyone at CBS but here in Johannesburg we do get the lowdown on the storm on our news even, and lots of video footage of it coming down. 🙂 Yes, you can tell, we dont know snow. It fascinates us.
    Enjoy the weekend and I will keep my fingers crossed the power is still on.

    1. We survived just fine, didn’t lose power, did get a whole lot of snow that is HEAVY. That is one trouble with March snow, it is usually wetter than January snow, so heavy.

      I think the scarf will be very cute, and I am sure she will love it.

  6. We got 6 days without power and three without cable or internet. I am slowly recovering from living life like it was the 1800s. Lots of trees went down. My favorite birch took a big hit. I love that scarf. Hope you show more of it. Your design?

    1. Birches are so beautiful and they really suffer in storms. I am sorry yours got hurt. So your power is back? Huzzah! Hang on, charge everything because we might be doing this again next week. Ugh.

      I will share the scarf. Not my pattern, and if I figure out how to link to the pattern, I will. It’s not on Ravelry, and not well written, but luckily has good photos!

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