Back in control

I am feeling like I am back in control of my life.  Amazing what getting through a busy patch intact can do for one!

Our weekend was busier than normal – second weekend in a row where we did not stay home hibernating on Sunday!  We did travel to see my sister and her family in their brand new-to-them home.  They had just finished emptying and cleaning the old apartment a few days before, so the new home is decorated in beautiful brown corrugated boxes.  But it is possible to see that the place is lovely, and a good space for them.  There is a music room and a dining room and a play room and a craft room and a TV room and an office.  None of them are huge, but there are designated spaces for the things that are important to them.  And a glorious barn, and some not so glorious sheds between it and the house.  And a fabulous back yard with a pool!

We had a nice time visiting them and seeing the whole place and hearing about their plans and dreams for it.  It will take a bit of work but I think it will be a show place when they are finished.  Which, we warned them, might not be for 20 years. We are ten years in our house and still have some boxes stowed away.

Before we did this visiting, though, I went to Whorls and Purls on Saturday, which was good.  I missed it, not going the week before.  I did a whole lot of knitting while chatting with the ladies and eating delicious rhubarb dump, but haven’t much to show for it.

Still plugging away on Durrow (an old photo I happened to have of the first square at the same point I am at with the second square.)


and Hitofude (This is a picture from last week, I have a few more inches done… but many more to go! But perhaps all of these old photos tell the tale of why I feel like I am not getting anywhere – progress is infinitesimal! )


and socks.  Actually, the socks got a lot of love on the drive to my sister’s, and so I am on the home stretch – just over 5 pattern repeats to go before the ribbing.  So almost done, in my book. (new photo!)


I also got the yarn for a scarf for my coworker who is good enough to keep asking me to knit for her, and I cast that on.  It is a pattern she found on pinterest, and is named “quick and easy scarf” or some such.  I wasn’t believing it, but now I am.  It is bulky yarn on size 9 needles, and it zips right along.  I’ll get you a photo of that the next time.

I did some spinning on Saturday and Monday evening. This fiber is cheviot, and it is really easy to spin.  I have a lot more to go, but I feel like I am making progress on it, which helps me get over the blah feeling I had last week that nothing was moving forward in spite of lots of attention. (Another older photo, but you know, with big spinning projects, each bobbin looks like the last!  I am currently working on more of the blue and yellow one.)


Also, picked up my roving of the month on Saturday – my mind is already turning over ideas on how to spin these fun colors! (The option I choose is the multi-colored one at the top left.  Though I am always tempted to also pick up the solid as well when I see them together – and what Debbie at the Purple Fleece uses for inspiration!  Where does she find these things?) The fiber is quite wooly, a blend of churro and Scottish Blackface.  It will make something fun, but not something to wear next to my neck or face. What should it be?

Wyandotte and Passion Pink Composite.jpg

Big snow storm is imminent, but not big enough to get a day off from work, I don’t think… just big enough to mean that commuting is terrifying and tedious all at once.  And to mean that though we are in the office, and the tax volunteers are here, lots of clients will not show up and that makes a slow and boring day for everyone.  But it’s almost Friday!







25 thoughts on “Back in control”

  1. Feeling your pain on the slow-going projects, although, I have finished one of the wedding hats and started the second. Your projects are beautiful, and one day, you’ll wake up and they’ll all be FO’s – we will be calling you “Knit-punzel” – it will be all knit into gold! I love the chicken inspiration – one of my favorite dyers (Spirit Trail Fiberworks) just did a series on the same theme. Having grown up around ordinary chickens, I’m amazed at how beautiful some of them are. Having been through some busy time myself, I’m feeling equally happy with you to have it behind us. AND remember, the antidote to a boring work day is to take your socks along!!!

    1. I know you are right and in a few months I will have completely different things on the needles.

      I just love where Debbie finds color for her roving of the month. She’s amazing!

  2. Oh you have totally got your mojo up and running! Wow . I hit a bump in the road and have some tinking to do on my shawl tonight. That’s ok. I like the project and it will last a bit longer. Please be safe. Slick roads are tough to handle!!!!

    1. I seem to, don’t I? I am sorry about your tinking, but I agree it makes beautiful yarn last longer! I will be careful on the slick roads, for sure.

  3. Great socks, I love the colour, and they are really going pretty fast.
    All the best with the imminent snow storm, may it be a day that you are not expected to go to the office, so you can avoid the commute, it seems dangerous enough with snow and wet roads.
    Take care and happy knitting. 🙂

    1. I agree, but not sure the big boss does, lol. 3 – 4 inches on the ground so far, lots more coming. Should hear shortly if he is doing anything.

      1. Hello again,
        More snow fell? That is awesome, but only awesome if you could get out of there and head on home. I saw video footage of the storm on my local news last night, at it really was coming down pretty hard again. 🙂
        Take it easy there, be warm and safe. Happy crafty weekend.

        1. We got a LOT of snow Weds night and Thursday, and I did get home before it fell, and was able to stay home all day yesterday, which was great. Back to normal today, though. 🙂

  4. These nor’easters just keep slamming you folks! But, if it means you get to stay home and play with fiber, then the snow removal tasks are probably worth it!

    1. Definitely! One more next week, though they aren’t sure if it will come up to us, or like the one last week, head out to sea south of us.

      The weather guys always soun dso sad when they say it will head out to sea and miss us – but for a maritime focused place, that is just as troubling a s a direct hit. We know that there are people out there earning a living on boats, and a storm at sea is a daunting thing.

  5. Good to hear you have your life back. We moved out of our old house after 17 years still with some boxes untouched that we’d move in with. This time I opened them all in the first week of arrival – just to make sure that didn’t happen again 🙂 Spinning looks fab!

    1. lol I am pretty sure I know what is in most of the boxes, but I also know the Christmas Angel has been missing for 10 years, so I hope she is in some random box marked “books” which I think is all we have left. You unpacked everything within a week? THAT is impressive! Pretty sure I couldn’t do that.

          1. You can’t get away without decorating in our house. We once moved in on the 23rd of December and still decorated. Apparently we like moving in December 🙂 And yes, I know, who’s crazy enough to move on 23rd December – hint, we had sold our house and were temporarily living with the in laws while the purchase of the new house went trough. Would love to see your angel when you find her.

          2. As I recall, just fake tree up and decorations on that – probably all the decorations we owned at that time – but extra bonus points please because my hubby worked until the end of Christmas eve and my eldest was only just over a year old at the time, so all on my own and her to deal with too. Although I did have youth on my side 🙂

  6. Im not sure if my response to your question only shows up on my blog or bounces back to you, SO:
    if you do the picot edge bind off yes, you will need more yardage. The original pattern states you need to weigh the yarn to make sure you have enough left for the whole bind off. GOod luck!

    1. Thanks! Your response shows up in my notifications, so I did see it. I appreciate the extra effort, though. Just saw the news, looks like you will have loads of tone for knitting over the next day or so.

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