Is it spring?

It kind of feels like it.  The days are quite warm, well into the 50’s, even 60… the nights are cooler, but not bitter. It could be a prank and we could be back in the single digits with snow blowing around us next week.  Or it could keep on like this and things could thaw out and it could be an early spring.  Only time will tell, but I am itching to plant flowers and start seeds.

I won’t do it yet. I don’t have a pick ax.

I keep knitting and spinning.  Both are creeping along, as you might expect from big projects, lots of time spent, not a lot of noticeable progress.  My fingers are itching to cast on a new project, anything bright and cheerful and fast. I won’t let them do it, I know that road.  That road leads to projects dragging on for years, even being forgotten.

Instead I just go to my queue on Ravelry and look at all the patterns I plan to make, and the yarn I plan to make them with and I rearrange the order of the queue, maybe add a pair of socks.  But I don’t wind yarn and cast on.  Not yet.

The next few weeks of work are tediously long, BUT I think I did the math properly and I might get a day off mid-week next week.  Here’s hoping.  Sunday we have a fundraising event in the morning, Monday is a tax day, Tuesday I have to take minutes at our board meeting, and pick up the sandwiches, etc for that.  The coworkers who usually do those two chores are going to a conference.  So that will be a late evening home.  And Friday is another tax day.  I certainly feel like I will need a day off to make up for all the extra hours! I wish it could be Friday or Monday, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

There really isn’t anything else new here, and no pictures of knitting that looks the same as it did last week…but maybe next week there will be progress to show?  I am almost to the heel of my sock – woot woot!  Good times.  Exciting times.

How about you?  Are you ready for spring and a change in your daily routine?



56 thoughts on “Is it spring?”

  1. We had two amazingly warm days this week. It was 73 yesterday. People left their houses and were outside walking in short sleeves. Now it’s snowing…
    I hope you get the day off next week:)
    I play with my queue too when I don’t want to cast on anything new but I’m itching to. I also tend to spend time looking at things I’ll never knit.

    1. Yesterday was crazy! I threw my coat in the back of the car and there it stayed all day. No snow today but maybe Sunday.

      I look at loads of thing I will never knit, and I favorite tons! Lol. But no casting on yet. 😉

  2. we had some nice blue skies and sun last week, but forecast for the coming days is bitterly cold, with -15°C from Monday (at night, not day). Hens have got loads of extra straw in the coop in preparation for this new cold spell. Winter isn’t over here just yet ^^

  3. Here in the Greater Boston area, we’re swinging back and forth weather-wise. The (freakish) taste of spring earlier this week has given way to gray, cold snow – perfect for February! I’ve just started my heel flap on Sock #2 – eye of partridge stitch. What stitch do you use for heels?

    1. I hear you – we are cold again today, a shock! And so e weather coming tonight.

      I do short row heels, stockinette. So easy to memorize and do by heart. I think about trying others, but seem to always come back to them.

  4. You’re doing so well not to cast on! I love dreaming of what I’m going to make next:)
    Nature has handed us winter at the last moment. After enjoying mild temperatures are highs are now -2 and we’re expecting a white out tomorrow:(

  5. Bless you with all of that work ahead of you. Anything that takes time away from knitting and spinning should be banned! If only… Spring has sprung here in Houston, but we’re getting day after day of rain. Can’t win.

  6. Warmer weather sounds good. And just about right too. The weather down here has started to cool, we have had good cloudy days, and some rain too. Not nearly enough yet. And not so much in the Cape yet, although the forecasts are starting to look just a little better. Feels a bit like Fall, but no big changes just yet. I hope you dont get big snow storms again, and things defrost a bit soon.
    Have a fab weekend. 🙂

  7. It felt very spring-like here a few days ago–warm temps and sunshine on my face. I LOVED it! But I’m not letting myself hope that it’s really going to stay that way. Already it’s cooled off, although there’s no forecast of real snow. Fingers crossed!!

  8. Tuesday and Wednesday were very warm here – 80F degrees! 40s now and rain, rain, rain. I’m retired now and remember quite easily the work days of meetings, taking minutes, ordering lunches and all that stuff. Enjoy your weekend and any time you get to take for yourself.

  9. I am really feeling the cabin fever this week. Thank goodness for our volunteering at the Barn with the kids. Thank goodness I’m retired. And I truly thank goodness for my bloggy pals and the quiet joys we share!! Sorry work has you swamped. I remember feeling overwhelmed when I had 3 twelve hour shifts ahead of me in a row. Plow through!! Get yourself a treat.

  10. We got to 75 F / 23 C degrees the other day. Now it’s just rainy. I think we may be in for an early spring though the buds on the trees and such don’t indicate that yet. You need to set up special little things you enjoy and do them for yourself each week during tax season as a reward for another week down.

    1. we didn’t get write that warm, but warm enough to open the windows for a bit during the day, and there was loads of melting! I like the idea of a little treat each week. Hmmm, I will have to come up with something fun.

    1. usually that is true but we have had a strange warm spell. it got cooler again this week, but the storm last night must have been warm, we got ice pellets and rain, no snow. I am sorry, butr you can keep that cold weather! 🙂

          1. I’m not sure they’re thinking that up country and I am feeling sorry for the animals. Our robin is so puffed up this morning and the farmer next door has moved his sheep back to the field behind us ready for tomorrow, but I know many live out on the hills whatever and have to take their chances.
            Enjoy your spring warmth.

          2. I hope the animals are OK! Our spring warmth isnt really very warm, compared to other places, but I will take it. It’s about 28 degrees F this morning, just below 0 C. But we will get into the 40’s today. And it is sunny at lst!

          3. Our UK snow is coming in from the east and I haven’t looked at the news yet today. The snow we’re predicted in the South West is coming up from France tomorrow. We’re supposed to hit a high of 1 degree Celsius today – which is cold, especially for the south west. But we’ll probably stay below that since we’re higher up.

          4. Interesting how it all works, we rarely get any weather from the east – mostly west and south. South means more snow (comes in over the ocean), west means colder (Comes across the plains and Great Lakes). It’s really bad when the jet stream swings way down south and pulls the artic Canadian air to us. We don’t want it!

          5. Now that’s confused me, because our weather from the west from the west is warmer. As for the jet stream, that’s what’s causing all our trouble (almost always is) . Most of the time it comes in from the west bringing storms, but at the moment it’s going up over Siberia then curling around and bringing the Siberian weather in to us from the east. Although, as I said before, we in the south west are actually going to get warm wet weather from the south crashing into the cold coming from these east and that’s going to make our snow!

          6. I think when we are done with the cold and storms and ship them over to you they change in nature over the warm waters of the ocean. That jet stream! It can mess things up. Your cold air comes down from Siberia, ours down from arctic Canada!

          7. If you listen to our weather forecasters, the jet stream is to blame for everything 🙂 Definitely got Siberia today. I’ve had to put fresh water out for the birds three time already today, because it keeps icing up.

          8. The jet stream does dictate what we get! Sorry about you being so cold, but glad that you care for the birds so well!

          9. Thank you. I have catching up to do with the birds since I could only do more limited stuff with Hicks around or he’d reach up and eat stuff I put out for them or eat stuff that fell from the feeder.

  11. Dumb question here: Are you a CPA and work for the government? We had some pouring rain today which has been scarce. I was thankful it stopped when I was at Costco. I thought I’d be unloading in it.

    1. Not a dum question at all! I am neither. I work for a community action agency, a private non-profit and I coordinate a program with AARP Tax-Aide to provide free tax help in our area. I have amazing volunteers, but the hours are long during tax season. I am glad it stopped raining before you had to inload, too!

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