Plodding pays off!

(whistles as she strolls along) Well, look at that, some things are finished!  How did that happen?

First up spinning –

This lovely blue yarn (not exciting, I know) is all done and the perfect yarn for A’s mittens.  It is a three ply, traditionally plied, and comes in at a heavy sport weight or light DK weight. I got 180 yards, just over 3 ounces. It is tightly spun, and so should be durable and warm, if the mittens ever get knit. 🙂

There were some leftovers, as always with traditional plying, and so I made a small skein of two ply, which is about 65 yards of fingering weight. There was still more left over, so I added that to my 2018 franken-bobbin.

I finished the first third of the yak/merino spin.  My plan is to divide both braids into thirds, spin one third of each and ply them together, then spin the other two thirds and ply them on themselves.  Essentially making a gradient set.  I have finished the combo part of the spin, and gotten about 100 yards of aran weight yarn that is SO PRETTY!  It is a warm chocolate color with lots of pink and gray in it. I am not deciding what to make with it until I see the whole thing together.  I had vaguely been thinking shawl, but I doubt I will get the yardage for that, so maybe a cowl and hat? This yarn is so soft, it deserves to be touching skin.

Of course, I already have a cowl knit from this same blend, because one of the knitting group ladies gifted one to me that she knit from the yarn she made, so I don’t need it to be for ME.  I am thinking I will pass this forward, but I will decide on that later as well.

Knitting – I have sleeves! Well, one sleeve completely done.  Just need to do the three needle bind off for the other one, as soon as I finish picking up 10,000 stitches from the provisional cast on.

I am so thrilled to be moving past this portion of the knit, though it isn’t hard, the rows are long and there is nothing going on during them.  Next up is some ribbing, which I hate, but which doesn’t last long, and then there will be some thinking as I work on the skirt.

I have one finished square of Durrow, and need to cast on the next one.  Truthfully, this one has been done for a few days, but I decided to focus on finishing up the spinning bits, and get past the sleeves of the Hitofude.  But I don’t want to lose the momentum on Durrow, either, so I will get on that ASAP.

Work has been draining, lots of taxes, unexpectedly in some cases, and regular work as well.   It was a long week, working all day Saturday really made a very short weekend! I took Sunday completely off from everything, A even gave me control of the remote!  WOW!  That meant that I got caught up on Victoria – though now of course, I am behind again as it recorded Sunday night.  And I found Create TV and went through the whole schedule to record anything remotely fiber oriented on that.  Won’t A be surprised when she sees the new shows pop up in the list?

This week feels long, but I am close to getting into my tax season groove, fielding random questions all over the place!  And still getting work done that needs to be done.  But having this weekend be a long one feels like a GOOD thing!  So glad Abe and George had birthdays in February so we get a holiday weekend.

A and I celebrated Valentine’s Day in a very low key way.  Cards, and small treats, and she made her special lasagna dinner for me.  I made her a coffee cake for breakfast, so we ate well (if not healthily!).  It was a bright spot in this long week.

Hope you are all plodding along getting things done and enjoying Valentine’s treats.

38 thoughts on “Plodding pays off!”

    1. Lol I am working, a whole lot last week! The sweater really is easy so far, the lace pattern is relatively easy to memorize. And I expect that you are smaller than I am, so this section won’t be as big. If it fits when I am done, I would make another, with longer sleeves. But yes, you should make one!

  1. If I could make one wish for you, it would be for you to have two extra arms so you could knit and spin at the same time. You could join the circus and be “The Amazing Salpal”! Oh, wait, you’re already that – no circus required. 😁 Such beauties you’re creating. Glad you had a nice Valentine’s Day and that you’re getting a long weekend thrown in.

  2. Lovely spinning, and I adore the blue yarn, 🙂 I love all things blue.
    Sorry to see your week had been so busy and long. Maybe this weekend will make up for it a little bit.
    Great knitting too, that sleeve looks perfect.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. I love the blue yarn; it has a purple-ish tint in your picture. Is that accurate? I happen to love purple.
    Your post amplified all the things I’m going to have to let go accomplishing this month, but it’s okay. I’m going to Mexico next week. That should take the sting out it.

    1. It really isn’t, that is the iPhone camera playing with the color. It is a trie navy with shades a bit lighter tucked in.

      I always have to let go of things and move them back…but Mexico has never been my solace – lucky you!

    1. Yes, the BBC’s Victoria. I am enjoying it but wish I had seen the first season.

      Create TV is a public broadcast channel, I don’t think it is from the UK but a US channel. It is a wide variety of cooking shows with a few crafting shows and some travel shows scattered in. I was disappointed at the selection, bit will watch what is there. 😉

      1. I adore the TV drama Victoria, so know how gutted you must feel about missing out on the first season. (I realised after I pressed send that Victoria is an ITV programme not BBC – doh!).
        You could try You Tube – I know I’ve caught other things I’ve missed out on, there.

        If you like crafty shows – have a search for Create and Craft on your channels there. I’ve found a few details for the programmes in the USA, on this link:
        I hope that the wordpress system lets this comment get to you with a link in it, and doesn’t sent this message straight to spam.

        If you do Facebook – then this might be a bit of help too:

        When you eventually find the USA site, you can find the menu for that day, and for about a weeks programmes, so that you can make yourself a note of what you want to watch. (I know that some folks in the US watch the UK’s Create and Craft, as they email into the shows, and sometimes call the shows.

        If you find a show you think you might be interested in, you can click to view the products on that show – but be aware that they frequently hold back some things until the day of the programme, as they might be a feature thing, with a special price. So double check a couple of hours before the programme begins in the hope of seeing everything. (But even that’s no guarantee – they still add things as the programme airs – so to give everyone chance to buy a product they know will be popular).

        They do a variety of crafts – but at the moment there’s a lot of knitting and crochet programmes.

        I can’t say it’s a brilliant show(s) – but it can be a nice little thing to have on while you’re crafting.
        Hope this is of help to you.

        1. ThAnk you!!!! I am hoping they will re air season one after season two finishes. But I will look for it in on demand. 😉. WordPress made me approve your comment but it didn’t hide it, yeah! I will search for that channel, hope we have it! Even the most basic show can teach something. 😉

  4. Coffee cake is such a treat! Im glad you celebrated!! We had some iced cookies , one a day for 3 days. My favorite. If I eat just one a day which is almost harder than eating none, I stay on my points track with Weight watchers

  5. Love the spinning! They both look wonderful. You’ve gotten quite a bit of knitting done too. Do you every sleep? Valentine’s Day sounded nice, low key, and delicious. Valentine’s Day here was spent in anxiety over Yarn Rascal who ate a jigsaw puzzle piece. We waited all day for him to get sick what with his small sensitive liver. He didn’t disappoint.

    1. I do sleep – 8 hours a night. And work. But not a lot else. 😉 just knitting and spinning. Spring will be here soon when outside work starts up and knitting and spinning get less time. 😉

  6. I’m awfully glad you have your pretty projects to sustain you when your “real” life is so busy! Just a few minutes of spinning or knitting helps, right?

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