Plodding along

I haven’t posted in a while, because it feels like there is nothing new to share.  Work is plodding along, tax season started Monday, so I have to get in the groove of that, but it isn’t what I would call noteworthy.  🙂

A and I have been spending our weekends quietly – Saturday we do chores and errands and I go to Purple Fleece for knitting group, and she either does something with her sister or the cats, or works on organizing the big closet.

Sundays we putter together.  This Sunday we watched the kitten bowl.  Cute but too long.  She fixed snacks for the big game, which we don’t watch, but do have a bet on.  We tape it, speed through the game, watch the ads (LOVED the Giants ad spoofing Dirty Dancing!) and eat snacks.  We go to bed before the half time show.

I had the Patriots, A had the Eagles.  We are both very happy that they won, because I do love an underdog.  🙂 Even if their win means I lose a bet or two!

Knitting and spinning updates:

Still working on

the socks

the Hitofude

the Durrow

the scrap blanket

the blue spin

As you see, they are all slowly growing but look the same.  Nothing exciting!  The spin should get done this weekend.  I hoped to finish it sooner, but I got caught up crocheting (it’s hard to stop doing that) and so it is a little behind.

Durrow is very well designed and well written, but so intricate that I am amazed that anyone ever thought it could be done.  I am near the end of the first square, and it is slow going now.  There are four sides to the squares, and right now I have to alternate between two charts to complete a row.  IE chart one for one side, chart two for the next side, chart one for the third side, chart two for the fourth side.  SO MUCH CONCENTRATION NEEDED.  But it is so worth it, and it isn’t HARD, it’s just slow going and not TV knitting.  🙂

Hitofude is easy knitting, but long rows, so I can’t pick it up and drop it easily.  This is why the crocheting has gotten so much love!

And that is all I have! Getting ready for another snowstorm immediately followed by a couple of tax days. Sunday will be LOW KEY!

49 thoughts on “Plodding along”

  1. I treat the Super Bowl pretty much the way you do, although I did watch the first half. I don’t care much about it so was rooting against the Patriots more than for the Eagles, although it was nice to see a backup QB make such a splash! Wan’t that Dirty Dancing ad a hoot?!

    1. Each year A and I have a bet on the game, but as we have no allegiance to the teams or the games we alternate who pocks first she had the Pats last year so I insisted on getting them this year. Silly me, I thought they were unstoppable. I should have known the Eagles wanted it more.😂 I am happy for the whole city of Philadelphia!

      And yes, I just adore that ad, I have rewatched it several times.

  2. Your projects look great!
    Snacks are the best part of the Super Bowl:) I was a tiny bit disappointed that the Patriots lost but since I don’t care about football I recovered immediately.
    Good luck with tax season. I suppose I should start gathering my stuff…

    1. Lol I was disappointed because it cost me $50 yarn money, and instead of receiving a blue skein, I have to ship off a green skein. Otherwise I don’t really care! Snacks and ads are what it is all about in my world, lol! And yes, you should start gathering your materials. 😉

  3. Happy to see all of your projects progressing so well! I didn’t watch the Super Bowl either, but caught the Dirty Dancing spoof on FB and laughed so hard. Poor Eli, just ain’t got the moves, baby. 😂

  4. I love your Durrow. I just looked at the completed design on Ravelry and it will be truly gorgeous when completed! I love anything with Celtic designs but I don’t think I would have the patience. I used to do a lot of Irish knits but not lately. It’s definitely not for Ravellenics knitting!
    I’m with you on the Super Bowl. I had it on the for the whole game and even missed PBS’ “Victoria”, but it mostly provided background noise. I also enjoyed the Dirty Dancing commercial and there was one early on for Etrade that showed 85 yr olds working in an array of different jobs as they hadn’t planned well enough for their retirement.
    Good that you are having an uneventful week.Sometimes it’s good to slow down from time to time.

    1. Definitely not Ravellenics knitting! But I agree, it will be lovely when done, so I work steadily on it.

      I taped Victoria. 🙂

      That etrade commercial, WAS good – and is my future, sad to say. 🙂 I buy too much yarn.

  5. Your projects look wonderful. It’s nice to have more than one project in progress as it gives you a choice of what you want to work on. Today we have an ice and snow event going on which will be followed, I am told, by heavy rain. Btw, etrade is not your future. Your future is spinning beautiful yarn and making wonderful projects.

    1. Thank you! I do like having fewer things on the needles, but these aren’t do anywhere projects. 😉

      We are having a snowstorm as predicted. I came home at the first flake, because our driveway is glare ice after Sunday’s rain, so I knew it would be ghastly with a skim coat of snow, and I was right. Tomorrow should be fun, as it might be changing over after a foot or so of snow. By midnight! Crazy fast and furious storm.

        1. isn’t it crazy? I know you have more than we do, ice wise, but even what we have makes me wish I didn’t have to go to work. Did you lose power?

          1. No power loss which is pretty amazing seeing that we often lose power without any weather system going on. It finally rained all weekend and except for a few spots here and there most of the ice is gone. But everything is so water logged that ice will return with one cold snap.

          2. Glad the power stayed on and the ice went! We had a warm day and rain but still have snow and ice. But it feels like the end of winter. Hope it’s true!

          3. Yes, I think winter is losing it’s grip and heading toward spring. It just feels different out there.

          4. It does – maybe it is the longer days? Yesterday was 40, today itr was 10, tomorrow 40 again. That means spring in my book. Of course, I know we really have at least a month more, maybe two where snowstorms are possible… but the later we get, the less likely the snow is to stick around.

          5. Supposedly we have 24 hours of snow coming in starting tonight. The day, however, is beautiful and clear so it is a little hard to believe the forecast. Like most storms lately it might just miss us.

          6. That’s a lot of snow! It snowed over night but stopped this morning, just a couple of inches. Not even worth plowing as it will be in the 60’s this week!!! A few nights above freezing, even SPRING!

  6. REALLY like the Hitofude – the colours are just wonderful and remind me of old oil colour evening skys, painted on canvases

    But my favourite of all and the one I want to run off with … is the wonderful scrap blanket. I LOVE that one.
    GREAT makes Salpal ~ Cobs. 🙂

  7. All of your projects look great. Loving that scrap blanket. There is just something about a scrap blanket or scrapghan that is so wonderful. Reminds me of my step Mom I suppose. She always mage great scrap blankets. I don’t watch football, but I love the Superbowl 1/2 time Show. Justin Timberlake was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I loved his tribute to Prince. We are getting big snow starting tongiht. I think it may even be moving your way. Stay safe and warm.

    1. I love the cheerful randomness of the scrap blanket, too. It doesn’t match anything in particular except my socks, lol. It’s OK with me if you DON”T send that snow my way! Actually, tomorrow night we are just getting light snow over night, a couple of inches. Over night is the best time to get a storm, unless we are getting such a big one that everything closes. But these annoying smaller ones need to go away.

  8. Your ‘that’s all I got’ is actually quite a lot, but I know what you mean. It’s that time of year when we’ve seen everyone over Christmas and its cold outside and nicer to stay in, so less does seem to be happening. A puttering time of year 🙂

    1. It is a puttering time of year! And my projects are big, so they seem to creep along. Sigh. But I plied the blue today, so that is in the finish column!

  9. Oh boy do we need storms here in the west coast. They’re saying we are probably going back to drought status. I watched the second half of the game and was happy the 🦅 won. A pic that my mum took of us adults cheering after the fumble happened was the first pic I put up on the blog. I liked that Dirty Dancing spoof too. It was entertaining and fun that they nailed the running lift.

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