Endless week!

Even though I just had a nice long vacation – or perhaps because of it – I am really struggling to want to be at work these days.  Sigh.  There is so much change going on, and unexpected fallout from our merger last autumn.  Some things I expected, but others just keep hitting me upside the head.

It makes me want to stay home and spin and knit.  I do that in the evenings, and for a little bit each morning.  I have two big knitting projects happening, so even though I work on things faithfully, there isn’t much to show for it.  But the spinning is seeming to move fast! This whole 4 ounces divided across three bobbins thing is really working for me right now, lol.  I am halfway through the singles already, and I have only been spinning this for 6 days.  I might finish it this weekend.  At least the singles, anyway.  I am eager to see how this yarn comes out, so far it looks NOTHING like I expected.  Here I thought I picked a braid that was outside of my comfort zone… so far it seems to have loads of soft greens and some blue.  There is yellow and orange but they are not as dominant as the braid led me to believe they would be.  So far, anyway.  Who knows what the yarn will look like?

The full bobbin

The second (partial) bobbin

We got more snow this week, but it was the soft pretty kind – not a storm like the rest of the country got, no wind, temps cold but not crazy. It just quietly fell from the sky and covered the brown muck that was left after last weeks rain.  It is light and fluffy and very pretty.  I wish I had a camera on my dashboard, this morning my commute to work was just LOVELY – the sky was all pink and that reflected off all the new snow.

It’s almost enough to make me want to get up and go to work each morning.

But not quite.

This too shall pass.

35 thoughts on “Endless week!”

  1. I think you want to hibernate.
    We got a few inches of wet heavy snow, then rain and finally a wee bit of snow. Now we have an ice sandwich. I am looking forward to spring.
    Your singles are gorgeous!! There is just the right amount of orange and yellow to me. The greens and blues will stand out:) Said by the non-spinner who is clueless.

    1. Lol thank you! You know about yarn, so I will trust you on that. 😉

      Yes, I want to hibernate!!! I was a bear in a former life.

      Hope your ice sandwich melts soon!

  2. I’m sorry it hasn’t been ideal at work. I’m glad you have this beautiful fiber and your trusty spinning wheel to let off some steam and gain balance.

      1. The egos are the worst part, along with the “that’s not the way we’ve always done it”. The only thing everyone can do is be cooperative, and if there’s a good reason to NOT make a change – if they are about to make a big mistake with regard to a customer or such – speak up. It’s all you can do!

        1. The trouble is that things are changing from the way we always did them, but that i formation is not being communicated, nor is input requested from both sides. So it feels very one sided, and then the egos get involved and it is very uncomfortable. I was glad when Friday got here this week.

          1. I grew my company by purchasing and merging in. A team spirit with all involved made them successful. When that’s not there, nothing works well. I hate it for you and I wish you had all Fridays!

  3. The yarn looks lovely – what is the the ‘4oz split across 3 bobbins thing’? Direct me to a post if I’ve forgotten/ignored something. Sorry to hear about work. Fingers crossed for your big lottery win this weekend.

    1. I am not sure if I wrote about it in depth. But what I did was fold the long piece of top (or roving) in thirds and pulled them apart. I didn’t weigh them or do any other measurements. One third I left alone, and am just spinning it as it is. One of the remaining thirds, I pulled apart lengthwise into two long strips. I am spinning those end to end. The last third I split in half the long way, and then split those two halves again so there are four long pieces, which I am also spinning end to end. It is called a fractile spin, but I think I am a little bit casual with my dividing, they aren’t perfect thirds or halves or quarters. What should happen is that one ply will have loooong color runs, one will have medium color runs, and one will have short color runs. It makes interesting striping yarn. IN theory. 🙂

      1. Thank you for taking the time to explain. I have heard the term fractile spinning, but not sure when or where. Of course I’m currently just focusing spinning a smooth yarn, but I put the two books you recommended on my Christmas list and was lucky enough to receive them, so will catch up with interesting ideas and terms eventually.

          1. I’d love to know which books you recommended if you don’t mind please. My drop spindle is still brand new in the box and I’d love to be inspired. Your posts are doing a pretty good job at the moment. Your yarns are beautiful!

          2. Thank you!!! The books are The Spinners book of yarn designs by Sarah Anderson, and Yarnitecture by Jillian Moreno. Both are very inspiring! Dust off that spindle!

  4. Work issues can be so draining and stressful. It’s good you have the spinning and knitting to relax with. I’m with you, I thought the roving would spin up in more of the yellow and orange colorway. I’m anxious to see how it turns out when you ply it. Hope you have a weekend full of hibernating and relaxation.

    1. It is very good I have fiber! I can’t wait to see this yarn, too. Yes, a very quiet weekend is planned. Out to breakfast, knitting group, staying home. 😉

  5. Work ebbs and flows. I want to stay tucked in in winter, so I really disliked leaving my house to get to the hospital. once there I did fine, but I really had trouble driving away. Silly.

  6. Your snow sounds lovely like a scene from a winter wonderland.
    Your knitting and spinning probably helps you de-stress during the changes in work. I know you’ll make beautiful creations.
    Take care and keep warm.

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