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Hi everyone!  Sorry to be so silent lately, but it is that time of year when I feel like I disappear – tax season!  We are in training mode this month.  Last week we had our big regional training.   In theory, after 11 years of this, some of it should get easier.  But it doesn’t seem to, and I quake at the thought of all there will be to learn and teach next year. But that is next year, not to be worried about until the fall.  Glad I am not a programmer for the tax software companies!

Normally during tax training, I get to do lots of knitting.  Before I was tapped to do some teaching, I could count on getting a hat (or more) done each day.  Now that I am responsible for the afternoon sessions, I don’t get as much done on my knitting, lol.  this year I got this much done:


This is my NOVEMBER sock, and the toe had already been completed before Monday.  In fact, I think I had done a couple of repeats of the pattern on the foot.    Sigh.  At least I got something done.  🙂

This year was also different because I had more new volunteers in the group, so I had less time to work on my own tax training (working problems, taking the test) than usual, which meant more time at home in the evenings working on things like that.

But I still found time for some spinning, and I did it – I finished the big spin I started back in July!

I now have MORE than enough to do a sweater in this lovely stuff (2590 yards, to be exact):

You have seen it before, of course, but perhaps you don’t remember.  Here are some close ups for you.  😉

I enjoyed finishing that so much that I immediately dug about in my stash to see what was next.  I needed to spin something light and easy and DIFFERENT COLORS.  It is hard to keep spinning and spinning and having it always look the same. You start to feel like you will never finish.


This is next.  It is superwash merino, dyed by Fiber Optic Yarn.   I got it last September at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, when I remember making a conscious effort to get some different colors.  I am so glad I did, as I need a break from my favorite deep blues, purples, greens, and pink.  This has enough blue in it that I can live with the colors I don’t care for as much (that would be you, orange.)

I divided the braid into three chunks, totally unscientifically, no weighing involved.  I just folded it into thirds and pulled it apart.  I then left one third as is, and divided another third in half the long way.  Also unscientifically, just started pulling and let it go how it wanted to.  Which was pretty evenly, actually.  The third section, I divided in half, and then each piece in half again.  So it is a fractal spin, but I didn’t worry too much about dividing things perfectly.  I am going to spin the divided pieces end to end, and see how the colors come together when plyed in a traditional three ply.

I started with the four section third, and I am surprised at how it is spinning up.  Much more green than I expected.  And more light, as all the white spaces are pulled into the colors.  But I love how the colors come together as I draft, making a marled singles.  It should be very interesting when it is all done.


Yesterday was stormy and nasty, so Whorls and Purls annual non-holiday party got shifted to today.  That meant that A and I were home together on a Saturday which rarely happens.  We puttered about, put more Christmas away. There is always something lingering after you think you got it all. In our case, it was the tree.  🙂  It just had it’s lights on, because we never did finish decorating it, and we were both sad to see it go, but it was time.  So we got rid of that, and cleaned up the ensuing mess.  A tossed it over the bank near the bird feeders, so the birds will have some cover while feeding.  In the spring, I will cart it farther into the woods.

I did some cleaning and puttering in the craft room, putting away Christmas card mess, etc. I did get to do some knitting eventually, and my hitofude sweater appreciated the time.


I do like this yarn and pattern, and so far it is pretty easy. I am making this from yarn I also got in Wisconsin (see, I am being good using up what I got last summer!) and alternating skeins as the dye lots are off the tiniest bit.  It is working well, and I think I will get a lot of wear out of this lightweight sweater.

I haven’t gotten to knit on the Durrow, but I plan to this weekend.  After all, there is a whole extra day, right? In theory, I should be able to get a lot done tomorrow!

The other big exciting thing that happened this week is that A and I decided that it is feasible financially for me to go to Knit Maine 2018 in September.  I had been half planning a trip back to Wisconsin sometime in September, but some of the people I would see there are coming to Maine instead!  I was very excited about that, though I will miss the ones who don’t come.  So instead of driving for days, I will be the hostess at the end of the summer.  I hope we have beautiful weather, so that they can see and enjoy some of what Maine has to offer after Labor Day. In theory, it should still be summery.

In theory.



35 thoughts on “In Theory”

  1. LOVE the green of the sock. Don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of your knitting? 😂 I will forever be agog at that HUGE mass of blue handspun – it is gorgeous and amazing, and the new spin looks so different from the batt – shows what I know about spinning. SOOOOO looking forward to visiting Maine in September!

  2. You mentioned September and summery in the same thought. You’ll have snow for sure:) Maine weather is rarely what you expect;)
    Both yarns you’ve spun are spectacular!! I envy you spinning folks. I’ve tried but at best I stink at it.
    I am looking forward to watching your sweater. I love that pattern.
    Good luck with work. April 15th will be here before you know it:)

    1. Lol you are right about Maine weather! That is end of summer, so will be cool, unless I only bring long sleeves, then it will be boiling hot!

      Thanks for the yarny compliments. I’ll share progress! And spinning- well, it takes lots of practice and a good teacher helps. She had me spin every single day for half an hour or so, and it took months before I felt confident in what I was doing. So never give up on the idea if you want to spin, keep at it!

  3. I do feel bad for all of those that need to do all the tax changes every year. Especially for next year. I hope it all goes well. Love the yarn you are using for the stocking. Such a pretty Aqua – makes me think of mermaids 🙂 You are getting lots of spinning done and I can’t wait to see what you knit with all of that pretty yarn. Your sweater is coming along beautifully! Knit Maine sounds like it will be wonderful. Some day I will get to Maine to see that beautiful state in person.

    1. Next tax season does not bear thinking about! But first, we get through this one. It should be OK once we get going, it is just a bit wild in January getting ready and testing the software.

      It is a pretty aqua, and I like the twisty lace pattern. Someday they will be done!

      I am looking forward to knit maine very much! Some exciting workshops! And when you do get to Maine yourself, I hope you will let me know you are coming!

  4. My partner nixed the idea of taking our holiday decorations down this weekend, so it’ll be next weekend. Thankfully we didn’t have alive tree this year, but I’m tempted to keep our stand-in (basically a bare tree with LED lights on it) up all year, changing decorations with the seasons. Great spinning; looks fantastic!

    1. If you have a bare tree with lights, i also vote for leaving it up year round! You could decorate it for each season! That would be fun and different. 😉

      1. We have settled on the keeping the bare tree up through winter; we have snowflakes to put on it next, and then Easter eggs (for the nonreligious – hah!) that will signal the end of the tree season!

  5. I love your socks and all of your yarn!!! My mom mentioned over the holiday that perhaps I should try spinning, but it looks intimidating. Your yarn for your sweater makes me want to try though!

    1. I resisted spinning for years, but finally yielded. First I tried spindle, thinking I would learn and see if I liked it. I never could get the hang of it. Not coordinated enough! Then about 2 years later, I was given an old wheel, in rough condition. I took lessons and found the wheel (even this one!) much easier to learn on. It’s all been so much fun! If you get a chance to borrow or rent a wheel and take lessons, go for it! I think you will enjoy it. Just remember that it takes a while to master it.

    1. Lol orange is my second least favorite color. Brown/beige is bottom of my list, for sure. Alone they do not make me happy. But they are good foils for colors I love. So I let them exist in my world. 😉

    1. I have so few expectations that I have never been disappointed! I just am amazed at what the colors do, and then it all changes again when it is knit up.

  6. That handspun! Worth doing, right? I love it. But, I can imagine just how thrilled you were to take out something completely different colorwise.

  7. Love the spinning work you are doing. You are so knowledgeable and relaxed with it. My suggestion is to enjoy this tax season. Next year is going to be one big mess and a bunch of unhappy people. I find it dismaying that if you question senators and representatives who voted for this thing they still can’t tell you what is in it. My question is how the hell did you vote for it then?

    1. Yeah, and I bet we lose lots of volunteers over it, but you are right, just enjoy this season. I do usually even though it is a ton of work and I am exhausted by the end of it.

  8. KNIT MAINE WILL BE AWESOME. Now, what size length are those tiny circs? I think I need some for socks. I love your spin up. I need to buy some roving for felting this year if I decide to needle felt ornaments. Which Im still thinking about….

    1. My needles are addi 8 inch circular. I have them in two sizes, and love them. Size 1 and size 2. They are sweet for making socks! But not everyone likes them, they can be awkward. If you can try some first, that would be good.

      And I agree, Knit Maine is going to be amazing!

      Thanks for the spinning compliments. I can’t wait to see your ornaments!

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