Sunday Sunday

No news here on the weather front – it’s cold.  There is a load of snow out there that needs cleaning up.  We are holding out for tomorrow when it might be warmer.  And of course, it will snow tomorrow, but not much.  Not like the foot plus we got last week. On top of the Christmas foot we got. On top of the messy icy thing we got before Christmas.

Where there is news – exciting time at work last week – we had a small fire – got to evacuate and eventually go home.  Lovely!  I used the time to knit. A little bit of damage to the building, especially where they had to chop a hole in the side to be sure the fire wasn’t spreading in the wall.  It was out. No panic, all our fire drills worked well.  I did leave my car keys in the building as I wasn’t in my office when the alarm was sounded, but that worked out well.

Between that and a half day off for snow, it was a very short work week last week.  I used my home time wisely, and got some spinning done, started Durrow, and my Friends of Knitting Sarah KAL, a Hitofude sweater.  That’s two big projects on my needles, but the sweater should go fairly fast.  The Durrow will be slow going, I can tell, but it will be worth doing.  And the spinning – I am so close to done on that spinning project, I can taste it.  I thought I was on my last bobbins, but I think I will have a small amount left over to do, but that should go very fast, too.

Today I am supposed to be working on my test for taxes, but I can’t seem to log into the practice lab, so can’t work the problems.  UGH.  I will assume it is because I tried too many times with an error in the password, and so got locked out.  I’ll try again in a little while. Very frustrating!

There really is not much else new around here this week – but I will leave you with some photos so you feel like it was worth the stop over.  🙂

Here are the last two finishes of 2017 – a test hat and a Chain Mail shawl from my beaded handspun:

Spinning in progress:

New Year Cast ons:

Durrow on the left, Hitofude on the right.

and lastly, some special New Years visitors. And a big snow pile where the garden is.

Happy New Year!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Sunday”

  1. Looks like lots of productivity has gone on. Well done!
    Your reasons for escaping from work sound like everything we used to hope for at school, apart from that we also used to have bomb scares.

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – the unexpected time away, the beautiful knitting with handspun, and the spinning. HATE, HATE, HATE those piles of snow and the poor starving deer. Nature giveth and Nature taketh – but glad you had a short week because of her!

  3. I will be so excited to see your Durrow take shape. I love that pattern! But haven’t convinced myself I’ve got the brain power for it right yet.

  4. Well it seems like you have had an exciting week. Glad everyone was safe from the fire and that not much damage was done. I had heard that the east coast was going to be dumped on with snow. You definitely have more snow that we do. I am glad you found some fun things to take up your time. She shawl is just gorgeous!! I still don’t have a shawl under my belt yet, but seeing all of your gorgeous shawls makes me want to get started on one. Love the slouchy hat too. The cable on it is perfect! Stay warm and be careful with the snow removal.

    1. Thanks, Ginny! Yes the newfangled bombocyclone, formerly just a blizzard or nor’easter dumped a whole lot of snow. We are having an old-fashioned winter for sure!

  5. We did the same thing with our snow–waited until it warmed up, yesterday, then went out to deal with it! It might get as warm as upper-40s here this week–I can’t remember what that feels like! Your handspun is beautiful!

    1. Thank you!

      We got annoying snow the last few nights, I am looking forward to rain on Friday, but more shoveling to do first 🙄. The snow piles are crazy big, not looking forward to some of the digging that has to happen so the gas man can get to the tank!

  6. Oh boy, a real fire. Glad the fire drills helped in a smooth and safe evacuation. Can’t wait to see more of your new WIP’s. The shawl is wonderful, very Pride & Prejudice or a lady of the manor wearing about her shoulders.

  7. Very busy! My WordPress reader hasn’t been working so this is the first time in weeks I’ve gotten a chance to read your blog. Love that chain mail shawl. It really is stunning. Did you spin the yarn and put the beads into it? Is it your own pattern? We have snow here but not nearly the amount you have. The deer are so cute. Fire drills are a good thing even though I’ve always found them annoying. At least when the real thing happens you have some idea of what to do. Glad no one was hurt.

    1. Glad you are catching up! I spun one singles (ply) and strung the beads on some lace-weight commercial yarn, then plied them together. The pattern is from my friend Debbie at the Purple Fleece. I love how it came out!

      Yes firedrills are annoying but necessary!

      Glad you haven’t got this much snow! It’s ridiculous. 🙄

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