Fiber plans for 2018

So many things to jump on board with at this time of year, and they all seem interesting. There’s 9 in 2018, and spin 15 minutes a day and all sorts of fun things to build community and skills and productivity.

It’s almost overwhelming, all the things that sound interesting and fun. But if I try them all it will become definitely overwhelming and a chore.

So, here’s what I plan to do this year, only joining what I have already committed to, unless something comes along that perfectly hits what I am already planning.:

  • Knit Hitofude as part of a KAL we are doing with the Friends of Knitting Sarah. It starts today and I am ready to roll! I am using some yarn I got in Wisconsin.
  • Knit Dhurrow, a challenging shawl project, in yarn Debbie at the Purple Fleece dyed just for me.
  • Finish the big purple spin and knit a sweater from it. I am thinking something simple in design as the yarn is busy.
  • Knit ornaments and hats throughout the year so that getting ready for that one craft fair isn’t so crazy. And to help keep the community caring pile of hats in Stockton Springs busy and active.
  • Knit a shawl using the lovely black and gray yarn from Wisconsin
  • Knit a sock a month ON AVERAGE. I almost did that this year and the speed was about right. I have enough sock yarn in stash to do this.
  • Knit something using my October challenge yarn to finish out the “makers gonna make” challenge at the Purple Fleece, I know what it will be, but it is a secret until reveal day, in April or May.
  • Work on a plan for the lovely Shetland lace-weight yarn Mom brought me from her trip this fall.
  • Keep spinning! I have a small mountain of fiber from which to choose, and a year of roving of the month coming my way!

It seems I have plenty to do without joining in much. And I also seem to have most of the yarn I need to do it. The only yarn I would need to buy for this plan might be more basic white for the ornaments. All else is in house already.

Can I really knit from stash all year and not buy more yarn? Highly unlikely, but I can try!

32 thoughts on “Fiber plans for 2018”

  1. LOL – ummm…you can try Sal, but figuring you’ll get ‘lured’ into the temptation, sometime in 2018, to increase your ‘in stock’ cache – – 😀 But, who cares? cuz your resolution list made my fingers hurt, reading it – BUT, if anyone can do it, you can (and I already placed my margin call that IF you invest n future stocks, it will well be worth it in 2020!) Happy New Year!

  2. This sounds like a great plan – plenty to challenge, but not overwhelming. I’m planning to knit from stash too this year, so we can stick together and be our own support group! Can’t wait to see Dhurrow!

      1. Well that’s an UGH! If you don’t hear from her quickly, send to me and I’ll try to interpret – as good as you are, though, not sure I’d know more!

        1. She answered and thanked me for the question. Instructions were basically right, just needed some clarification on one thing. She hadn’t thought of it, because of course she knew what to do. I was being very literal which usually works on a knitting pattern! So I will try casting on again tonight.

          1. I’m a literal knitter too, so I like things spelled out. It always makes me respect a designer when they are quick to respond – and they should, as good questions improve their patterns! You were smart to question on the second row at the very beginning, rather than set up a bad basis – saved yourself a lot of grief!

          2. Thanks! It was a simple thing, the instructions said to insert the needle between two stitches, and by the end of the row there was only one stitch left. Just have to visualize the invisible stitch, lol

  3. Ha ha! I like that you ask the question can you knit from stash, but don’t don’t set it as a goal – you’re a wise woman.
    Lots of lovely projects, I look forward to seeing them appear!

  4. Seems like enough work for at least two years instead of one. But knowing you not only will you complete everything on the list but you’ll also accomplish plenty of things not on the list. I wish I could be so organized and far seeing.

  5. That’s *all* you’re going to do?? Slacker!! Just kidding, obviously! What a long list you’ve made for yourself! But, knowing you, you’ll achieve it all, and more!

  6. Your knitting plans sounds like a year full of relaxing and enjoyable moments.
    I look forward to your updates and progress on your creations.
    Wishing you and your family a very Safe and Happy New Year.

  7. I love the planning stage! I finally got back to writing a blog post, and it’s all about challenges. I’m trying to temper my natural inclination to immediately say “Yes! That sounds like fun” before understanding that there’s a lot of other things going on at the same time. Good luck with yours!

  8. This time of year is so fun to reflect on what we did in the previous year or didnt’ get to. And making new lists for the new year is so fun. We all have the best intentions. I think it is great that all but one of your “to do’s” you already have the yarn for. I am hoping to also not spend so much this year on my crafts. I already have so much, but it is so hard to resist new patterns and yarns and stamps and dies, LOL. I wish you great success in reaching your goals for 2018. May your New Year be healthy, happy and full of wonderful crafting projects 🙂 I look forward to seeing what you create this year. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Ginny! I start out with good intentions about not buying things, but then as you know, the pretty things just need to come home with me! I hope you have a wonderful 2018 as well, with all the things you want and need and none that you don’t.

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