Holiday wrap up

Well, that was fun!

I haven’t written a post about Christmas yet, because I was SO tired after the crazy lead up to it, and then the big day,  I took a few days to rest and relax and digest.

I managed to get all the knitting done, and lots of cards (but not all – I have a half dozen or so still to send out, just waiting for the glitter to dry).

We got all the presents wrapped and delivered.  It was the delivery bit that was more complicated than expected!

But before we get to that…


I have been on vacation since last Wednesday at close of day.  Thank goodness – I don’t know how I would have found the time to work!

Thursday I drove down t Boston to meet up with a Raveler friend from the Knitting Sarah group.  Bonnie had been hoping to go to our in person gathering in September, but for a variety of reasons, was not able to make it.  However!  She had a long vacation planned to visit her sister in the Boston area.  When I heard that, I thought “I can go to Boston…” so I asked her how she felt about it, and she was willing.  So nice and early Thursday I hopped in my trusty Prius and headed south.  I got to her sister’s house easily, and immediately felt at home, like I was visiting an old friend.  Which of course, I was, right?  We chatted a bit and she showed me IN PERSON the things she was working on – how nice to really see and touch, not wonder if the monitor was showing the right colors.  🙂 Then we went off to a yarn store in Natick, the Iron Horse.  It is a small shop, but had a nice selection of yarns and needles and the like.  I was trying VERY hard to be good, but did have to buy a braid of malabrigo nube that had my name on it.  they had lots of other yarn I could easily have walked out with if I weren’t trying so hard to not spend money.  Why is money always an issue?

When we finished there, we asked some of the ladies about where they recommended for lunch.  They pointed us across the street to a very nice sandwich place.  We sat and ate lunch and chatted and chatted for what seemed like 2 minutes but of course was much longer.  Then I dropped her back at her sisters and headed north again.  With the he exception of some traffic going northbound, it was a painless road trip, and a whole lot of fun in between long bouts of driving.  I made it there and back in 13 hours!

Friday began the Christmas prep in earnest cards going out late, packages being mailed late, knitting happening at a furious pace. And a trip to Bangor to get the cars serviced, which included a meal at Ruby Tuesday while we waited for them.

The weather was lousy, rainy, and snowy, and icy, but I skated over to Whorls and Purls on Saturday afternoon.  I was going to be knitting, I might as well be with fellow knitters, right?  One other hardy soul showed up, so the three of us (Deb just has to slide across her yard to open up) had a nice visit and more knitting on the dreaded legwarmers happened.

Sunday I had planned to stay inside and just knit like a fiend, but sister-in-law L called up and invited us over to see her and her “boys” who were home for the holidays.  D from Denver and Z and his wife, EY, from Copenhagen.  We could NOT miss this, so I brought my knitting along,  and A brought a big selection of cookies she has been stockpiling for them, and off we went.  We had such a nice visit – ate a great lunch, played many hands of Rummikube and caught up on what everyone is up to.  And I knit.  those leg warmers passed ten inches!

Old Man Winter wasn’t through with us yet – as predicted, we got a lovely nor’easter on Christmas Day.  A knew there was no point in suggesting we stay home.  Christmas means mom’s house, come hell, high water, or big snow storm.  We got up earlier than we would have preferred, opened our presents to each other, and hit the road.  It was snowing, but hadn’t been for long, so we had no trouble getting there.  My sister had come over the night before, as she has a longer trip.  Apparently, she left a note for Santa, and he was able to find niece E at Gram’s house instead of at home. Brother C and his girl D arrived late morning, but Brother N and his family opted to stay home.  We missed them, but having five fewer people meant there was much less chaos and more capacity for meaningful conversation.  Mom made a delicious meal, and we all got presents galore.  (Mom dragged yarn and a book all the way home from Scotland for me!  Wow!)  We had a fun time with the Yankee Swap – A wound up with a submersion blender, and I got a set of 8 antique blue glasses. I kept knitting on those legwarmers, and around 2, I was able to cast them off and hand them over to the eagerly waiting niece.  No photos of them, I am sorry, but trust me they were long, sparkly, and brightly colored. It was a lovely day all around, and for the most part we ignored the weather happening outside.  But by 3 A was getting antsy to head for home while there was a little daylight.  We shoveled off the car, thinking it wasn’t much snow – maybe three or four inches, and headed up and around Penobscot Bay.  A couple of hours of slow driving later, we drove up our lane, to discover that our driveway was not yet plowed.  A put that Prius into low gear and blasted up the rise into the snow covered driveway.  She made it about halfway, before the Prius informed us she is not a snow plow.  We gave it a couple of tries, but no good, so we walked the last hundred feet up to the house.  And that is when we discovered that we got a whole lot more snow than Mom did.  No wonder the Prius couldn’t plow through it.  It was a good 8 or 10 inches deep!

We made it home safely and were glad to get into our warm home and play with our cats.  🙂

The next day, with the help of our great plow guy, we were able to get the car free and the driveway cleared.

Off we went to Ellsworth to the bank and out for a pizza “lupper” before stopping into exchange presents with some neighbors on the way back home.

Wednesday was the first day in a week that I did not budge from the house.  It was a good choice, because it was the first day of several below zero days!  A good one to sit before the fire and knit and plan knitting!  I swatched some of my Wisconsin yarn for a sweater – hitofude – that I will cast on 1/1/18 for a Knitting Sarah KAL.  Thrilled to find that the yarn works fine for it, as long as I do my usual, down one needle size.  I also worked on the test knit hat I am still working on.  I think I have found a needle size that will work just fine with that.  Hope so!  I don’t really want to knit it again.

I knit up the last ornament of 2017 for my Yankee Swap with A’s family, sometime this weekend.  I think I cleared the decks enough that I can spin!!

Today I also did not budge, but I was more of a puttering person today than a sit in front of the fire and knit person.  Tomorrow I might be warm and rested enough to actually go outside.  The temps will still be below zero, but the wind is supposed to abate, so it might not feel like a suicide mission to go out to the car.  🙂


So how was your week?

35 thoughts on “Holiday wrap up”

    1. Well, we get a lot of it, so we have really wonderful plow truck drivers who work round the clock, and we treat the roads with horrible things that melt ice but rot cars. And we have furnaces and wood stoves and warm clothes and snow tires. Because we get lots of winter here! Down south they really can’t handle it at all, having little of that infrastructure in place.

      1. It’s not so much the cold, but we handle so badly but the snow on the roads. We grind to a complete halt when there’s literally just a couple of centimetres and we do grit roads with horrible things that melt your car.

          1. Actually down here, we’ve had no more than a few snow showers that haven’t settled this year, so I’m actually okay and in Devon we have lots of 4x4s and farmers with tractors, so if I stay local and keep off the only ‘big’ road the others don’t often get jammed up by accidents. I’m really moaning on others behalf and of my past experience up country 🙂

  1. I’m exhausted just having read your adventures! Sounds like a lot of fun, though. I’m disappointed that we did not get to see the niece modelling those leg warmers. We are supposed to have weather in the 20’s for two days next week and I’m dreading it. I don’t know how you stand it all winter!

    1. You won’t ever see niece E on the blog. Her Mom is very careful with her, and no pics of her are on the internet. I promised not to share any a long time ago.

      Well, as I just wrote to Dartmoor Yarns about snow, we have the infrastructure in place for winter, just as you have for summer. You will be OK, wear wool socks and a hat and lots of layers when you go out!

      1. I respect E’s mom for not wanting pics on the internet – I wish we could just see her legs with the warmers on – I just know they’re so cute. As for our 20’s weather next week, I’ll probably not go out at all! You guys do, indeed, have the infrastructure – you’d grind to a halt without it. Stay warm!

  2. Sounds like you had a Magnificent Christmas, very busy and filled with family and friends with hearts all aglow.
    Oh my goodness, you all got severely covered in snow. That deep of snow with frigid temperatures definitely is a good time to stay in where it’s warm.
    I wish you and your family a very Safe and Happy New Year!

  3. you sounds like you’ll need a Holiday to recover from the holidays ^^
    many thanks for your gorgeous card which arrived safely.

    1. Lol I might at that! Launching jnto my busiest time of the year, though, so no more time off until spring.

      I am glad the card made it! And that you like it. 😉

  4. Isn’t this weather awful?? It is SO cold here and we had the snow, too, although we didn’t head out into it! I’m glad all your plans came together and you got almost everything finished–it sounds like a wonderful Christmas!

    1. I can’t believe how long this cold is lasting… I looked at the forecast for next week, and there are some nights that will be double digits below zero! And then a break- a couple of days with highs around 15. It will feel balmy!

  5. What a wonderful time you had! I love the snow and freezing temperatures. It lets me know I’m alive. We don’t have much snow down here. Just an inch or two. For NY it’s cold: 19 F. Wind chill brings it down to about 6 F. Just 2 or 3 minutes outside and your skin gets all tingling and stinging. Perfect knitting weather.

  6. Your snow! What a surprise! Sometimes those smaller cars really do get hung up when there’s just too much snow, I’ve had that happen more than once. They may work well in the snow most of the time, but if there’s something just a little deeper than they can handle, you are done. I am glad your “done” was partway up your drive. (When I lived in upstate NY, often my “done” was on the road almost to my house, rather than in my driveway. So irritating.)

    Sounds like a very lovely and VERY busy holiday. I am glad you got to spend lots of time with important people.

    1. Yes, my little cars with their studded snows do well up to about 6 inches. I used to live most of the way up a hill on an s curve. I spent many a snowy evening backing down the hill to try again. Here our hill is gradual, and all in our driveway. So usually I can get pretty close to home. But I have now put the plow guy’s number in my phone, and will call him before setting out in a storm again!

  7. That was a joyful read for me. I love to hear howothers celebrate. Sometimes a few less at a party is a bonus. We had an open house with 20 some on the 23rd. I barely chatted with some folks. but I was resigned to enjoy those I did chat with. I got the joy o f seeing my great niece play our piano. My own son played guitar privately for us by the tree one night and that just thrills me. Cold here. very cold. Helped at the barn and one poor horses hooves had ice frozen solid under her. My favorite girl Sharon. We helped her out with an ice hoof pick and gave her sugar cubes.

    1. Oh, I worry so about the animals in this weather. Our birds are fed and our cats warm by the fire, but so many aren’t. I am glad you were able to free Sharon!

      There is nothing like Christmas music, is there?

  8. Like you, I was knitting up gifts to the last minute and wrapped my nephews scarf while still on the needles. I was running behind, but I also wanted to see how long he wanted the scarf. He’s going to check the length after my third skein of yarn and decide if he wants me to do the fourth. Need to finish by Jan.9 as he is moving to Brooklyn, NY. Yikes! The pressure!
    The cold snap is quite long. Looks like it’s destined to last until Through a good part of next week. On Thursday I waited until it warmed up to 2 degrees to break out the snow blower and remove what my plow guy didn’t do.
    The yarn and book from Scotland must have been a great treat. I’ve always loved getting a new book for Christmas.
    Happy New Year and stay warm!

    1. Lol glad I am not the only one!!! And relax, usps ships to Brooklyn!! Isn’t this cold crazy??? And when it warms up next week, they say more snow. Ugh.

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