A quick update

First off – so many thanks to those of you who bought a mug cozy pattern to support Sam  of Bumble Bee Fiber Farm’s insulin pump.  You blog readers and knitters are amazing people.

I am sort of amazed that I DID get everything made last week that had to be made.  Christmas cards and presents were delivered on Saturday, hat order was delivered on time, though damp.  🙂  I realized I would see the coworker who had ordered it the day after I finished knitting it, so I soaked it and blocked it and delivered it to her in a towel.  I figured it could dry at her house as well as at mine, and then she would have it all ready to ship when it suited her.


The carol sing was so much fun – very different this year – the weather had an impact, but not the one we expected!  Snow was predicted (and arrived exactly when they said it would) so there was talk of postponing the event.  But the farthest flung among us were willing to come, so they did.  The family that lives closer (maybe an hour and a half to three hours away) decided not to come, as they could not stay over night, and would thus be driving home in a snow storm in the dark.  So the folks from Connecticut and Vermont got on the road early, ahead of the storm, and the folks from south of Boston came half way the night before.  And the folks from North Carolina came a few days before.

It was very nice to have a smaller than usual crowd, for visiting purposes, but when it came to singing we quickly realized that we had a sorrowful lack of high voices.  Luckily, Cousin C brought her flute, and when those high notes came, she played them beautifully.  And if it sounded like the page in Good King Wenceslas had a bit of a cold, well, maybe he did.  🙂

Mom will host another similar gathering on our alternate snow date, December 30, and while the far away relatives likely won’t come, I think it will be fun to hear how the music sounds with all the high voices and not so many low ones.

The other piece that turned out oddly was that the three lovely ladies who did not come were bringing the lunch entrees to our potluck gathering.  So the food was snacks and desserts, and we did just fine with that!

Driving home in the snow in the dark was truly not fun, and I completely understand why people opted not to do that, but I am glad that I did it, and that all who travelled made it home safely.

Sunday I played “middle man”, and connected a woman I know who is moving into a new home following a divorce with a friend who is going to be downsizing.  We used A’s truck to move lots of chairs into a new house that needed them, from an comfortable place that didn’t need them any more.  So nice to have a truck when it is needed!  Don’t let on to A that I said that, though.

So now my crafting feels less frenetic, though there is still lots to do.  The cards that seem such a simple design take a long time to piece together – I will have to work on them every evening.  Last night I finished all the parts for 7 cards, and part of 7 more.  A is picking up some more red paper – I seriously did not have enough – duh! And I expect to finish this batch of 14 by tomorrow night.  Slow going!  But if I keep doing batches of them each evening, then I think I can make it.

Knitting right now is the test knit hat, which should get done today or maybe tonight – I am on the decreases.


I went down a needle size, but it still feels huge – I will measure it and get the glamor shots  for the designer when it is done, but then I think I will rip it out and knit the medium size. The yarn is too nice to make into a hat that I can’t wear!  And I do like the pattern – it is simple yet not boring.

The leg warmers.  Well, I got the yarn out and caked, and I wrote to my sister to ask for some measurements, but nothing back yet. If she doesn’t answer by the time I finish the hat, I will wing it.   I think I can make it by Christmas if I want to.

This cold dreary snowy rainy weather is making me want to curl up in front of the fire and knit, but that doesn’t seem to be possible.  Still haven’t won the lottery.  Have to head to work.  I will catch up with you later!



27 thoughts on “A quick update”

  1. Well, no grass grows under your feet, Missy! You have been a seriously busy girl and managed to do both a good deed for friends and gather with family in between. Good for you! I loved hearing about the singing and how interesting that we take voices for granted until they’re not there. You will have to post a pic of one of your Christmas cards when you’re done. Many hugs!

    1. No grass grows under my feet, but I scramble to get it all done. Cleaned the bathroom at 5 am today. Ugh. I usually post the Christmas card “how to” after all cards are sent and presumably received. Don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise!

      1. I gave up scrambling. The things I LOVE to do, get to stay, and the others, well, don’t! If it brings you joy, the scrambling is worth it, but I’d have to be having inlaws stay with me for the very first time to clean the bathroom at 5 AM – have you lost your mind? 😂😂😂

  2. You get so much done! I’m tired just thinking about it.
    The hat looks like a great pattern. The yarn is really pretty.
    I think it worked out fine if you’ll get two more intimate events instead of one big one:) You’ll have to let us know how the singing sounds:)
    Good luck getting everything done! I’m taking things slow and steady but I should have my stuff done by Christmas.

    1. You know a lot of what I get done is done by SITTING right? No getting tired there! And I don’t have any two legged children that need attention, which does make life easier, I know. Glad you will get it all done by Christmas – impressive! I expect to wrap those leg warmers half knit, but maybe a Christmas miracle will happen. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a busy and satisfying week. Even the singing sounds marvellous despite the challenges and lack of distant folks. Go on, snuggle up by the fire – sounds as if you’ve earned it.

  4. You are amazing. How wonderful ppl braved the snow and road conditions for the performances. The flute’s a great instrument; I used to play that 4th grade to 8th. I’ve completely forgotten how of course.

  5. I love the idea of your caroling session with family–I can’t believe how committed people are to traveling long distances in bad weather to get there, though. This must be *very* important to the participants!

    1. It is important, for many reasons – we have been doing it since I was a small child, always before Christmas, because my mom and her sister would alternate years at their folks and in laws – so we never saw my cousins at Christmas time, and the sisters never saw each other. We started doing this around the 22 or 23, at our house, because my mom had the piano and accompanying skills. It stopped for a while when we were all teenagers, but my cousin started it up again probably close to 25 years ago. Now we try hard not to miss it, because often we don’t see the cousins from year to year, and never all together at once except at weddings and funerals. You know how that goes. So we all look forward to it and drive far to make it happen. I am thrilled it moved from my cousin’s to my mom’s, as we used to have the 7 hour drive to get to it. Someday it may relocate again, but I will still go.

  6. Lol. Still haven’t won the lottery. Sounds peaceful and warm and reassuring. Enjoy your time with family and friends, it slips by so fast.

  7. It is such a busy time of year and you are doing great. Caroling…I haven’t done that since I was a kid. Sounds so nice. Those cards…when they get done, they will and if they are late getting out, it is still a lovely surprise when the recipient receives them. I had a friend that sent out her Christmas cards in February one year and it really put a smile on my face when I received it and I never will forget it 😉 I have been trying to take things slow this year and not get overwhelmed. So far it is working. I still have a few things to do, but for the most part, I am happy with how things have gone. Sitting in front of a fire, stitching, sounds wonderful. No fireplace for me, so I have to settle with stitching under a comfy blanket 🙂

    1. Stitching under a cozy blanket sounds good, too! We did a lot of visiting and a little shopping today, I think things are under control. Except those cards, and you are right, as long as they get out, that is good!

  8. Friends indeed are friends who help one another move. And at the busiest time of year. We heard carolers in the park yesterday during an ice art carving fest. It was wonderful I wish they could have kept on singing, but they, like Santa, had other stops to make

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