Today at my house

Power came back on – yeah!

SIL is back – I am doing OK with it, I have new rules.

1.) She gets some chores assigned before I go to work in the AM.  We will see how that goes. Today she got to clear out the fridge and write down everything that got thrown away.  Maybe tomorrow she can wash the shelves?  Maybe she already did it? 🙂

2.) We have to go to work.  We get up early.  We don’t need to be quiet.  We won’t be extra loud, but we will live our lives. I was up bright and early, today – yeah, lights!  Hot water!  I ran the dishwasher… and watched the early morning news. I would have started laundry, but I wanted a hot shower instead.  Tomorrow I will do some laundry.

3.) Paper plates.  I am so sick of dirty dishes.

4.) I am not solely responsible for meals.  In point of fact, I heard a rumor which I will check out tonight, that another SIL brought over a few casserole type meals so I won’t have to do more than reheat for several days. Last night (still no power at this point) A picked up a roasted chicken at the store after picking up her sister, so we had warmish chicken for supper.  I didn’t have to think about it.

So basically, our house is not a spa, not a hotel, not a restaurant.  She clearly doesn’t need home health care, she was home alone for a week and did fine until the power went out.  If she insists on coming back, she can be a partner in making things run smoothly. It ain’t a vacation!

That being said… other stuff is happening.

Yesterday I sold a handspun, hand knit hat and cowl set to a woman who knows her textiles.  That makes me very happy.  🙂 She sent me this photo she took when she got home. Isn’t it cute?

handspun hat and cowl

She saw my post about the craft show on Facebook and got in touch as she won’t be able to be at the craft fair.  I am so pleased she likes my work.

I will keep on knitting and getting ready for that show – I’d like to sell a few more things that day!

I’ll try to get you a weekend list tomorrow – it will involve me leaving the house, and alone, too.  🙂


24 thoughts on “Today at my house”

  1. All good news! Love the hat and scarf, and love that the customer loves you – she should! 🙂 Great on the new rules. Standing up for yourself feels good, doesn’t it?! KUDOS all around.

    1. Yes it does! Tonight after supper, I took my plate to the dishwasher and held it open for her, lol. (Had to break the paper plate rule, heating supper up in the microwave, I don’t like heating the paper plates) 😉

  2. good for you, setting down rules and everyone sticking to them – yay!
    and love the hat & cowl. You and your Customer have great taste ^^

  3. I think it’s great you’ve set some ground rules- that’s always so difficult with family! Here’s hoping it all goes well so you have time to knit!!!:)

  4. Yeah, you definitely have to be able to live your normal life in your house. I assume she’s paying for meals? Not a vacation and certainly not an all-inclusive!

    1. She has contributed to grocery buying. and her other sister has brought over some casseroles that we can eat this week. On that score, we are good.

  5. Congratulations on the return of your power. I know it’s been a frustrating time for you all.
    Sounds like a fine set of new rules. Hopefully, your household will run smoother.
    Congratulations on selling your pretty hat and cowl. The lady truly knows quality when she sees it. Her photo prop is so fun.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. You really have to love power and hot water. So glad power is back on. We are spoiled, aren’t we? Happy to hear that you have set some ground rules this time with SIL. Sounds like this time will be different and good for you for sticking to your routine. Having company can be tough, but setting limits and boundaries in the beginning can solve a lot of problems before they start. Congrats on your cowl and hat sale. It is a beautiful set! You do such wonderful work.

  7. Congratulations on the sale. It is a wonderful combo. Setting boundaries is almost always helpful. Hope you have a super fun and relaxing weekend.

  8. Rules and boundaries are good. Sometimes just having the conversation is good enough, other times not. Hopefully things will be nice and easy this time. 🙂

  9. SO, I have to ask–does your s-i-l not read your blog? Would she be offended to know you’re “talking” about her here? Or is your relationship so good you can be this honest? Either way, it sounds like you’ve reached detente! Your knitting looks great–I’m glad you have that outlet . . .

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