That’s more like it!

My SIL went home on Tuesday, to everyone’s relief.  We were a bit nervous that she would not be able to handle it, but so far, all is well.  Another ten days and she gets that cast off, and then, we hope, begins rehabbing her ankles with USE.

Since then, we have put the house back together, mostly, washed TONS of sheets, and every pillowcase we own, it seems.  We just have to return her bed to her spare room – it fits in the truck, but it keeps raining (a good thing, really!) so it stays in our spare room, and the regular furniture that goes there remains in our living room.

I learned a lot about myself this month.

It is good I am not a nurse.  It is good I am able to live in a house that provides me with enough space to have my OWN space where I can go be grumpy when people overwhelm me. It is good that knitting calms me.

I don’t like my routines disrupted.

I don’t like worrying about money.  I don’t like when plans get thrown out the window with no plans to replace them. I don’t like coming home to people who expect meals to get made immediately, and I don’t like coming home to tons of dirty dishes.  A tried her best, but it was a losing battle.  It is amazing how one more person in the house can create this chaos in our eating and cleaning routine!

In point of fact, I was quite a cranky bitch a good part of the last month.

Now, as things return to normal, I wonder what I can do to prevent reacting that way should this need for us to care give ever arises again.

I haven’t come up with anything just yet.

But I am extremely appreciative of what I do have.  And I am appreciative of the fact that A is now able to work on her own business as we planned she would a month ago (she had quit her job and was working out her notice when the accident happened.  So we had a few weeks of no income from her as she was not able to do her own work and take care of her sister.) She will have a rough few weeks working to hit some deadlines, but it can be done.

I even made lasagna yesterday, and am THRILLED that it will last for a couple of nights worth of meals!

I finished plying a big batch of the combo spin.  And I knit all sorts of little fiddly things.

That is more like it!


35 thoughts on “That’s more like it!”

  1. Do I spy Arne and Carlos Christmas balls?!?! I should grab my book and do a few.

    All of the things which you identified during this time are things which I, too, have identified about myself in similar situations. And I kind of think they are normal. Like, nurses aren’t the norm. Willingness to deal with the down and dirty of care giving is admirable and amazing, and I don’t know how they do it and I am in constant awe of them. And I am not that person. Can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

    Those statements aren’t really helpful to you in the sense that I don’t really know how to “fix” it. But I do know it’s normal, so there’s that. Meanwhile, despite your grumpiness with lives disrupted in a rather dramatic and fairly long term way, you did a good thing. And I am sure SIL is grateful that she can get back to her own business as well, even if it’s slow at first.

    Your projects look great! Even more so, they look like sanity.

    1. I am glad to hear I might be normal!!! Or at least, that you and I are alike. 😝 I think I do better when I know it’s coming – planning is everything for me. I can prepare my house and myself. This out of the blue nonsense! Ye gods.

      You are right that she is also glad she is home. Power is out everywhere tonight, but she texted that she was fine. So are we, so life is good.

      Yes it’s arne and carlos. I have had the book a while but never tried one. It was a bit fiddly at first but then easy and quick. I really like how it came out, I will do more this week. Add them to my craft fair inventory and christmas gift giving pile. πŸ˜‰

  2. So glad things are getting back to normal at your house. I have to say, that I think I am quite a bit like you. I don’t like my routine messed with, I don’t like people in my space and I can be quite the cranky bitchy when things are out of whack, too. Glad to hear I am not alone ;). Our crafts are calming, but if the crafting space is occupied, that can be a problem, too. Hope your SIL is on the mend and you are back to do fun things πŸ™‚

    1. oh, Ginny – you DO understand! Things are sliding backwards now, with the storm knocking power out for the foreseeable future, she wants to come back. I can’t tell why, she has other options which include power, running water, heat, etc., none of which do we have. Things are up in the air right now. I am right cranky bitchy at the moment!

  3. Even under the best of circumstances, caregiving tends to disrupt a household. With your busy schedule, I don’t blame you for being a bit grumpy.
    Your lasagna looks delicious. Having it ready for a couple meals is a great bonus. Leftover lasagne tends to taste better, in my opinion.
    Your yarn is beautiful. The booties look so soft and comfy. Your knitted ornament is going to be gorgeous.
    I hope you have time to relax this week.

    1. Thanks for all your understanding! No time to relax, though, quite the opposite. Working to run a household with no power now that the storm came on Sunday night. Sigh. SIL wants to come back. Double sigh. Maybe some tears. knitting in the dark. I can do it.

  4. I am with everyone else here, I would have felt just like you did, only without the courage to own up. Can’t quite see why you had to do the cooking though with others at home, maybe the answer if there is a next time is to negotiate harder for more input from others! Like the knitting.

  5. Good to see that things are returning to normal. A change in routine can be annoying and disruptive but should something like that have to happen long term in sure the situation would be better and not just shoe horned into your normal life because it had to be, so don’t worry too much about it and enjoy the peace and quiet you have now

  6. I think it’s only normal to have felt a bit crabby when your home and routine had to cope with an extra person.

  7. Remember “I did not flood… I did not flood… I did not flood…”? Enough said. πŸ˜‚ You know I get it and I reacted the same way, all of the same feelings. Your grumpy is still so much nicer than the average person’s! You guys did what you had to do, as did we. Once again, proof that your mom must have given me up for adoption, an act I’ll never understand, except maybe she knew two of us would be waaaaay too much for her. 😁 Glad things are returning to normal and SIL is truly on the mend!

  8. Glad things are back to “normal” I would totally understand if you got a bit bitchy, having guests is nice, when they stay long, it does not last as long. πŸ˜‰
    Have a fab week and enjoy. Take care if its getting cooler, Fall is probably settling in really good by now.

          1. I think you are very patient. I am annoyed after an hour or two. After the first hour I get agitated, and insist on putting on the generator.
            All the best, I am keeping my fingers crossed here for it to come on sooner rather than later.

          2. lol it came on last night – about 60 hours later. I don’t mind it too much when it happens on a weekend, but when I have to go to work, it is very hard. I had about an hour of daylight each day this week to get everything in order for the night and next day. Glad it didn’t happen next week after we change the clocks – I wouldn’t have that hour of daylight at all.

          3. I am always fascinated by you changing the clocks. It is not something we do here, we just plod along. πŸ™‚ It takes me a while to adjust and remember that the time difference is now even more different. πŸ™‚

          4. I hate changing the clocks! I don’t know why we still do it. It upsets everyone and doesn’t seem to accomplish anything. πŸ™‚

    1. No generator. No estimated time when power will come back on at my house and at SIL… which leads to talk of her returning. I am not dealing well with the prospect.

  9. It’s hard to share your space, but my degree of crankiness with space invaders definitely depends on who is doing the invading. Glad you’re back to normal. Wishing A all the best with her new venture.

  10. I think that having the ability to deal easily with such disruptions in one’s normal life and routine is rare. Just look at your comments! My conclusion is that you are absolutely normal and that you were actually kinda saintly for doing what you did and coping as well as you did. (A few years ago my husband had back surgery, followed by a post-surgical infection. After he came home from the second surgery I was his sole care-giver, and he was not lucid — painkillers! — for a good six weeks. He was not a particularly good patient, either, frequently demanding foot rubs, to have the leg massagers put on and taken off, cold drinks, hot drinks, company, covers straightened, etc., etc., etc. Even though we had been married for 40 years, it was a v-e-r-y tough six weeks; at one point I told him, “We will get through this” even though I was pretty much at the end of my rope. We did get through it, though. I just hope nothing like that ever happens again — he might not be so lucky the next time πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you for sharing this story! Thanks to power outages, she is back. I had a complete meltdown this morning at the thought of it, but I am OK now. I’ll be even better when the power comes back on!!!

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