Sunday Suggestion

I am once again sharing something that feels important to me, directly helping someone in a meaningful way. Jen is a designer and blogger who lost her home and possessions in the California fires. But she didn’t lose everything. If you can, won’t you buy one of her patterns?


As I’m sure you are aware the world has been in a lot of turmoil lately. There have been hurricanes, floods, fires and shootings. Helping our fellow man becomes more important during these times. It is heartbreaking to see people suffer and difficult to know the best way to help.

One of our own has suffered a complete loss of all personal possessions in the fires in California. It’s hard to know how to help someone when they are thousands of miles away and really a stranger. Jensaid if anyone felt that they wanted to help her they could purchase one of her patterns on Ravelry. I thought this was a fabulous idea and did just that. I hope Jen is comforted knowing that she’s in my thoughts.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Suggestion”

  1. There really has been so much devastation in the world. I pray for everyone who has been in the path of tragedy. So sorry to hear about Jen’s loss. I went and took a look at some of her patterns and purchased a beautiful cowl pattern. There are a few more that I will purchase in the future. Thanks for sharing and I do wish her all the best.

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