A semblance of order

After the big bang, we have settled down into something of a routine, and we have managed to recapture bits of our old routine that we liked or needed.

The ankles seem to be doing well, a trip to the surgeon on today will confirm this, we all hope.  There is not much pain now, so boredom is setting in – fewer pain pills to help sleep the days and nights away!

A is doing the lion’s share of responding to beck and call, and that is diminishing as time goes on.  But none of the three of us can wait until she can use the walker by herself, so we don’t all need to attend every change of position or room, if you know what I mean.

I did feel like I could and should go to Whorls and Purls on Saturday, it was good for everyone involved, lol.  So I had a long afternoon of knitting and chatting and there was apple pie and chocolate.  Just what the doctor ordered for THIS patient.  🙂

I managed a little spinning early both weekend mornings.  Still plugging away on that 36 ounces of a spin I started in July.  I took about 6 weeks off, but now am back into it. I would like to get this set of bobbins done by Saturday, not sure I will make it, but it will be close.  Then I think I will only need to fill the bobbins one more time and it will be done.

My reason for wanting to clear this section off the wheel is that we are starting a spinning/knitting challenge at the Purple Fleece, and we get our fiber on Saturday, which is a few weeks earlier than I had planned.  🙂 The challenge is to take a 4 ounce braid of Purple Fleece Roving of the month for October, and spin it in a way that is new to us, or that we haven’t done in a while – ie, not our usual spin. Then, bring that yarn in January, and have it pose for a glamour shot. Next step is to then knit something with that yarn, and have that done by April for a big reveal.  There are no prizes, other than a new skill and something pretty all made up.  But we are doing it as a community, and one of the members will see if she can pull it all into an article that gets published.  So it will be sort of fun.  It was the idea of a different member as a challenge to us, and it rapidly grew from there.  It will be fun to see how it all comes out.

But to participate, I need to empty the wheel first.  🙂

Knitting wise, I feel like I have lots going on and not much got done this week.  🙂  I did knit almost all of a pair of booties, but lost at yarn chicken.  So I ripped them out and will start over.  At least now I know exactly the yardage I need for those. 😦  I have a hat and a shawl on the needles as well.  And I started the October sock (which will match the September sock.) I finished the Rainbow Warrior shawl – well, the knitting.  It hasn’t been blocked yet, but when I have time to do that I will, and will share it – it is really bright and cheerful!  But it will take a long time to pin out all the picots on the edge, and I am not sure when I will have that kind of time all in one chunk again. So loads of little projects on the needles to be picked up and dropped as necessary. And it is necessary. That quiet little voice could call for help at any time.


10 thoughts on “A semblance of order”

  1. It sounds like you are all doing well! I’m glad the ankles are getting better:)
    Your spinning challenge sounds like a lot of fun. It’s always nice to do things with a group. Having cheerleaders makes things move along.
    Sorry to hear you lost yarn chicken. Your next time will work out:)

    1. Surgeon visit today. She’s doing well, but far from better or independent.

      I agree, groups make things more fun! I knit the Rainbow Warrior shawl in less than a month and I credit the group knit that I was doing with it. They made it fun!

      Losing at yarn chicken turned out OK – small project! And I learned how much I need next time. 😉

  2. Glad for the SIL update and that she is improving. I know you all look forward to when she can be more on her own – no matter how much we love someone, having them or them having to be with you in your home is difficult. I’m glad you’re keeping some semblance of joy and relaxation for yourself – SO important or you’ll go cray-cray. The spin and then knit project sounds like a blast. We know from our own group how fun it is to urge each other own. I can’t wait to see the results. AND speaking of results, I’m anxious to see your big spin project finished too. You’re amazing!

    P.S. Sorry about the yarn chicken. UGH. At least it was a small project!

    1. Decent report from the doctor today, but still 5 weeks until she is weight bearing on the broken foot. Not sure what that means for us!
      I’ll keep knitting and spinning and being grateful I did not flood!

  3. Boy, those random moments you can grab for yourself and your own pursuits become all the more precious, don’t they? It sounds like you’re maintain good humor, and that will carry you far!

  4. You guys are angels. It is hard to take care of someone and still keep on with your own living. I think it grand that you keep up with your knitting and spinning. For me, my knitting is always the first thing that goes by the wayside when I am pressured with other business.

    1. We aren’t angels, by any means. If there was another option, I would be advocating for it. 😖. Knitting has changed in nature but it still happens. Spinning hasn’t happened since Sunday, sadly. I hope to get to some tomorrow morning. I have to do at least a little or I get even more cranky, and A knows it.

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